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... I want to share my experience of working for Amazon Mechanical Turk with you, I hope it's of some help or interest to you. Amazon Mechanical Turk I found out about this by accident really, this wasn't what I was researching at the time but found myself drawn into reading about it and then ... Read review

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Doing A bit of Work for the Turk Review with images

AdvantagesIt's free and It's easy

DisadvantagesYou couls have hits rejected

"...your money will convert to Amazon vouchers, which I think is great because for me personally, it all goes towards my currently growing Christmas fund of Amazon vouchers. American citizens can have the money they earn paid directly into their bank if they choose. So the amount you can earn per hit is anything from 2 cents to 10 dollars. Well that's all I've come across so far. It doesn't sound much, but the majority of these hits are so easy to complete, ..." Read review

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Community Level 8Collingwoo...


Should You Work For The Turk? Review with images

AdvantagesVaried tasks to chose from, Quick and reliable tracking of work and payments

DisadvantagesUS-centric, Can only cash out via Amazon.com

"...by the internet giant, the Amazon Mechanical Turk was first launched in 2005 as a crowdsourcing marketplace - or to put it more bluntly, a place for people to post jobs they wanted doing, and for other people to do them in return for payment, a bit like a virtual job centre. In case you are wondering where the slightly unusual name of this service comes from, the Mechanical Turk is named after a famous 18th century hoax. The original Mechanical Turk ..." Read review

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Listed on Ciao since 16/06/2009

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