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published 08/10/2011 | Myredpip
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Live for today because tomorrow never comes x
Pro It's free and It's easy
Cons You couls have hits rejected
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"Doing A bit of Work for the Turk"

Amazon Mechanical Turk home page

Amazon Mechanical Turk home page

Over the past few weeks I've been scouring the internet, looking for different ways to make a bit of extra cash online. I must say, I have been rather busy and found some quite interesting things on my travels around the World Wide Web. It feels like I haven't written a review for ages, so please forgive me if my review appears a bit out of practice. I want to share my experience of working for Amazon Mechanical Turk with you, I hope it's of some help or interest to you.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

I found out about this by accident really, this wasn't what I was researching at the time but found myself drawn into reading about it and then things just progressed from there. I don't really know the history of the site, although I think it stared up in 2005, but to be honest, if your anything like me, you're not really bothered about who founded what and in what year, you really just want to know how much money you can make and just exactly what you have to do to get it and indeed if they really do pay up.

So let me begin by telling you a bit about the site. Well it's actually made for real people to do the little things that computers can't. The site compromises of a huge list of hits, these are various jobs that requesters submit onto the Amazon Mechanical Turk in order for people like you and me to complete. These hits are little jobs that you can either choose to accept or once you've read the instructions and maybe decide you don't want to accept the hit after all, you can return it or abandon it. The hits can be anything from evaluating a website to writing a short article. Each hit has an allocated time in which you have to complete the task you have accepted. I've found the time they allocate you is always more than enough time, so there's no need to worry that you wouldn't have enough time to complete it. Once you have completed the hit, you then submit it and wait for the requester to either approve it or reject it. This can take anything up to a few days, sometimes they approve or reject very quickly. I've found I have to wait a day or two for an approval or rejection on average.

So what about the money I earn?

For the first ten days of your membership you don't get paid, although the money you earn, shows as pending payment. You will get it just not until after ten days. Now I guess you want to know how much you can earn, well each hit varies in price, and because the site is American you get paid in dollars and cents not pounds and pence. However, this isn't really a problem because if you are not an American citizen your money will convert to Amazon vouchers, which I think is great because for me personally, it all goes towards my currently growing Christmas fund of Amazon vouchers. American citizens can have the money they earn paid directly into their bank if they choose. So the amount you can earn per hit is anything from 2 cents to 10 dollars. Well that's all I've come across so far. It doesn't sound much, but the majority of these hits are so easy to complete, you'll find, as I have that the money mounts up quite quickly. I joined just a couple of weeks ago and my amount earned to date is $32.00 and I still have payments pending.

At first I was really excited about this new venture and logged in all the time to complete as many hits as possible, but now I log in each day and have a look at what hits are on offer, then maybe just complete a few. The money still mounts up and it's a good feeling knowing the money keeps rolling in even if it is just a few cents here and there. It really does mount up quite quickly. I've found it takes no effort at all to complete a hit. There are various different things on offer to do so it doesn't get boring either.

So how do I join?

Joining up is easy, you just go through the usual, name, password, email address etc. etc. then you will be arrive at your account page. Here it shows you all you need to know. Your total earnings, your hit status and your hit totals.

The total earnings are broken down by the hits that have been approved, the bonus' you've earned and the total money or balance that you have in your Amazon Mechanical Turk account.

Bonus' are earned by individual hits, sometimes a hit will offer a bonus if the hit is completed and is very much to the requesters liking, they do tell you in the instructions before you accept the hit, if a bonus is likely. This then all gets added to your earnings.

The hit status shows you the dates in which you completed the hits, how many were approved, how many were rejected, how many are still pending and the total amount of money you made that day.

Hit totals is just a more detailed break down of everything you have done since joining Amazon Mechanical Turk.

You are issued with a worker ID when you join and this number is displayed at the top of your account page, this number ensures that you get paid. It's up to you when you get your vouchers. When you feel you have earned enough to convert to vouchers, all you need to do is to go onto your settings and click convert to Amazon vouchers and then it's all taken care of. Quite easy really because it's all within the Amazon website there really is nothing to it.

So is there anything I should be careful about?

Now this all sounds well and good, but you must remember to read the instructions of each hit very carefully before submitting a completed hit. I've had 2 rejections through not reading the instructions carefully. It's best to try and get no rejections if you can help it because this all counts for which hits you will end up being able to do, for instance some requesters require you have a 95% average of approved hits and if you get rejections, this is going to bring your approved amount of hits down, so that's something to remember and be careful about. Should you get lots of hits rejected you will probably end up with very little choice of hits overall to complete.

Apart from the chance some of your hits could be rejected, I cant see any other problem with the site as a whole.

My favorite hits

I'll tell you about the hits I've found that I enjoy doing the most. These hits consist of evaluating websites. What I have to do is click on the link which will take me to a website, then I have to have a good look round it clicking on various different links to find out about what the website is all about, then I have to answer several questions, for example I will be asked what the website is all about and how easy did I find it, to navigate around the website, do I think it's a secure website. All questions like that which I find quite interesting because not only am I giving my view but I am also finding out about new websites that I didn't know existed. Most of the websites are English but there are some that are American.

I also like the hits where I have to decide if a review is helpful or not, this would be a great hit for any one of you members of Ciao or Dooyoo because not only do you say yes or no to whether it was helpful or not, but you also have to state your reasons why you chose what you did. All the reviews you read are real Amazon reviews. I find these hits fun.

There are numerous different hits to choose from and remember you do always have the option of returning a hit, if you decide you don't want to do it. I've personally found it a welcome break from sitting day after day writing review after review. It's just something different and I think it's worth a go even if you decide it's not for you, you really don't have anything to lose by having a look. It's free to sign up so you wont be losing any money if it's not your thing, but I think if you give it a go you might find it's a welcome break, it's really easy, no effort required as far as I'm concerned. If I think it's easy then any man and his dog will think so too.

So should you work for Amazon Mechanical Turk?

If you fancy a change from the norm, meaning if you want to give yourself a break from writing reviews day after day and want to do something a lot less time consuming that takes next to no effort, then yes I think you should consider doing some work for the Turk. I have found a lot more positive things about the site than I have negative things, which is always a good sign. There are pros and well, only one con that I can personally think of. I've listed both pros and cons below.


It's free, it's easy, it's different, money mounts up quite quickly.


Your hits could get rejected.

Overall Summary

The site is clear and easy to understand, you can start working from the moment you sign up. The hits you get to choose from are quick and easy to complete and you do get paid for your efforts. So it's really up to you, I've shared with you my own experience of doing some work for the Turk. I know I haven't been a member of the Amazon Mechanical Turk for long, but I think I've learned enough about the way the site works, to be able to share my experience with you.I enjoy my time spent working on the various different hits available, I personally think it's worthwhile, for now at least, till something better comes along. I am forever searching for that perfect online job and hopefully one day I will find it, until then I shall continue doing what I can when I can because we all know every penny counts.

Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.

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  • pgn0 published 21/11/2011
    This merits further investigation... nicely reviewed!
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