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published 04/09/2002 | mbmb11
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"I Got Paid Loads For Sex Tips"

My quest for online earnings has never been more eager, and apart from all of the online surveys for points/vouchers/cash, research panel and mystery shopping sites that I now make regular sums of money from, my favourite pastime has to be selling and auctioning stuff online. Nothing compares to the satisfaction I derive from this.

Already a regular seller and buyer on the auction site, an avid 'avoider' of, due to its (in my opinion) rip off charges and discriminatory credit card limitations, I felt the need to further my potential selling base. After the closure of Yahoo auctions, my choices were pretty limited.

Indeed there are plenty of online auction sites around, but after checking some of these out via a 'Google' search on the Internet, none seemed to come anywhere close to the organisation, layout, cost effectiveness or number of users compared to the two big sites (Ebay and QXL).

I had considered looking into selling on, a site that complements the daily newspaper title of the same name, but this deals purely with straight sales, dealing with purchasers on the phone and in person, with no direct or online payment facilities. Nope, involved too much people contact and too many cash transactions for my liking!

Now, either I am lucky, or perhaps those kind folks over at had secretly employed a psychic to read the minds of online sellers like me.

For this site has started up a service which is quite unique. Unique in the sense that they offer a service which is unlike an online auction, and basically deals with straight sales, but comes with the full benefits of an online auction site.

Let me not keep you in suspense any longer.....

How Amazon Marketplace Works:

Amazon Marketplace allows you to sell and purchase Books, CDs, DVDs, Videos, Games and other items; basically anything amazon would sell itself brand new. The items you sell can be in any condition, new or used. You can specify how much you wish to charge for an item you sell, regardless of its original selling cost on amazon, and this item is then listed on the amazon site alongside the same brand new item they sell themselves.

In the same way as an online auction is conducted, a buyer then chooses the product you have offered for sale, amazon ensures collection of their payment for the item, instructs you by email to deliver the item to the buyer, and then sends you the payment they have received. Simply magnificent!


As with almost every website these days, registration onto the site is required. Click register, input your details and in about 3 minutes, you are registered.
No silly questions here, just the standard name, address, username and password bumf!
At this stage you are registered onto itself, but in order to buy and sell in the actual amazon marketplace, you need to sign up for an amazon run facility called 'amazon payments'.
Registering here will entail having to enter your bank details, and debit/credit card details, which is all done over a secure server and again takes only a couple of minutes.
The reason for needing your bank details is so that you can pay and receive money when buys/sales take place. After this process is complete, amazon send you out a pin number which you will need to input to complete the set up of your amazon payments account. This is done to ensure noone is misusing your bank or card details.
If at any time you move house or change bank or credit/debit card, you can log onto the site and change your details in the area called 'my account'.

Amazon Payments:

The Amazon Payments system is a very basic concept, which is both practical and easy to use for buyers and sellers alike. With this system, there is no risk of encountering 'timewasters'; that is those who bid/buy your item but then never respond to your emails or send you any money. There is also no risk of sending your money to someone, only for your goods never to arrive and end up out of pocket. (Both of these scenarios occur frequently on auction sites).
Amazon Payments acts as the middleman. They collect payment immediately from the buyer from their credit/debit card and hold onto it. They notify the seller with instructions and contact details to deliver the good(s) they are selling. After 14 days, Amazon then transfer the money they collected from the buyer into the sellers specified bank account (as long as there hasn't been any complaint by the buyer!). And there's the purchase completed, all with no risk being run, and all being administered by someone else!
So where's the catch? No catch, just a simple to understand fee charged for any sale that is completed successfully - 75p closing fee plus 15% of the sales value.

Buying at Amazon Marketplace:

Buying at amazon marketplace is simplicity in itself, and in fact is pretty much identical to buying on
You search the amazon site itself for the items you are intending to purchase. The amazon site then shows you the item, along with a picture of the item, ratings that previous buyers have thought of the item, and occasionally there are also buyer reviews of the item.
Alongside the item description appears the price of the item, its ISBN number and relevant product details.
However, to the right of the page there is a box which indicates that this item is also for sale in the 'Marketplace', and the lowest price that is being charged in the Marketplace. This price is usually at least £3 lower than the brand new price amazon are charging, but occasionally the price may be the same. It is still worth checking out the marketplace product as sometimes the marketplace items are limited editions, autographed and the like (collectible).
Simply click the link for the marketplace item, click 'buy this item from seller', and enter your payment details and shipping address.
You then receive an email confirming your purchase, and await your goods!!!
Delivery times expected for UK transactions are 1-2 working days, for International deliveries amazon advise you to allow up to 7 working days.

Selling at Amazon Marketplace:

Again, as a seller on Amazon Marketplace, Amazon does all the hard work for you! There is no need to sit and type out a fancy product description, upload photos or spend an age deciding a price to sell your items for. Oh no - you see all you need do is search for the item on Amazon, and then click the 'Sell this Item' button.
You are then taken to a page to confirm the item you have selected matches the item you're selling.

Once this is confirmed you are offered a space to add any relevant info about the item you are selling, and choose a item quality category from a drop down menu, such as new, as new-used etc down to poor condition.
You also need to fill out the amount you wish to sell your item for - amazon suggest a selling price by comparing the new price on site, and the price other sellers have/are selling the same item for. You can however, choose whatever price you like.
Once you have confirmed your selling price, you will be shown a list that breaks down the price you are charging, the commission charged, the closing fee charged and the postage charges the buyer has to pay you. Yes that's right, amazon charge the buyer for postage at a fixed rate and give this to you along with your payment!!!
The last figure shows the full amount less commissions etc that you will receive from amazon should you sell the item.

Confirm these details and that's it! Your item is immediately listed on amazon alongside the same new product on the site, and there it will stay for a whopping 60 days unless it is sold sooner.

OK, so someone HAS decided to buy your item - and theres a really good probability of this given amazon's popularity!!!

You receive an email from amazon telling you so, along with the buyers postal details and email address. They confirm in the email that the payment has been made for the item, and that you must send the item to the buyer within 3 days. It also recommends emailing the buyer, notifying them of you posting the item, which is common sense and courtesy anyway really.

If you don't manage to sell your item, no charges are levied, you can simply list it for sale again!

Record Keeping:

So once you've been bitten by the Amazon Marketplace bug, you'll want to ensure that you can keep track of all your wonga that you've been earning thanks to Amazon.
Again, easy peasy. Simply log on, click 'my account' and choose from the vast array of 'your account' options which are all broken down into intricate details such as sales history, purchase history, live sales, past sales, change user details, change bank details. All of these are self-explanatory. Should you have difficulty understanding anything or navigating round the site, every single page you visit has a clear help button at the top right of each page.

Seller Ratings:

As with most other online auction sites, once a product has been purchased from the Marketplace, the buyer can then rate the seller as to how efficiently the transaction was conducted, if the item arrived well packaged, as described, how they communicated with the buyer etc.

There is no facility to rate buyers, as they pay up-front and immediately whether they like it or not - and are 'forced' to be star buyers anyway!!

So that's my run down of Amazon marketplace.
The unique way of selling online, without bids but with all the effectiveness and thrills of holding an online auction.

I would thoroughly recommend this method of online selling to anyone, with a site like Amazon, their reputation is exceptional, and their items and pages are viewed millions of times a day, so your chances of selling items are very high.
The facilities available to members to manage their sales/buys and accounts out-does any other online sales/auction site, and to top it all its fees are comparatively low and they take all the hard work out of buying and selling leaving you to do the enjoyable part!

This site has to rate top of my list out of all the other online sales sites I currently use!

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  • SweetTooth93 published 13/04/2009
    Congrats on the diamond xx
  • catsholiday published 03/08/2008
    Great review- I love buying and selling on Amazon but think they may have to up their postage as sometimes it only just covers what I get for the item. They do take a big cut but of course only after you sell so it cost nothing to list I guess - don't have to put money up front!! Sue
  • s_ach_22 published 09/06/2006
    Never know so much bout that stuff.. Thanx a lot....S
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