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published 15/04/2008 | RyanC92
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back online more regularly
Pro Fantastic service, easy to use, fees are not too high in my opinion
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very helpful

" Marketplace"

Amazon Marketplace, is, in my opinion, Amazon's answer to eBay.
Amazon Marketplace,is convenience, and the more better choice for those who do not want to be charged the fee's you need to on eBay - trust me, that is why I completely avoided eBay.

I am able to fully review Amazon Marketplace, as I have been on the opposite ends of the spectrum- that being both a buyer, and a seller.

Buying with Amazon Marketplace

Buying with Amazon Marketplace is as easy as 1,2,3.
To begin your buying process, you need to be logged into your Amazon account.If you do not have one, signing up is easy, and free. To find an item for sale, you simply search for it, and in the item description, you will be told exactly how many there are for sale, the condition of the item being sold, and the price it is being sold for, as well as the person selling you it.When buying, there are 5 different conditions that are available to you.
These are :
  • New
  • Used- Like New
  • Used- Very Good
  • Used- Good
  • Used- acceptable.

This is a very clear description, and you also know exactly what condition your purchase is going to be in, and therefore, allows you to make a clearer judgement on whether the price, going by the condition is acceptable.
Delivery rates ( to the UK)
  • Books, inc audio books -£2.75
  • CD's £1.24
  • Videos £2.75
  • DVD's £1.24
  • Games £1.99
  • Electronics and Photo - £4.00 + 0.50 per KG
  • Home and Garden - £4.00 + 0.50p per kg
  • Software - £3.23
  • Toys and Games - £3.00+ 0.50p per kg
    When you purchase with the Marketplace, the money is charged by Direct Debits, and all payments are handled my 'Amazon Payments'
Tips for buying

When buying on Amazon Marketplace, I feel you should
  • ALWAYS check what the seller's positivity is, and have a read at their feedback.Chances are, if you buy an item from someone who is 40%, and someone who is 100%, you are more likely to get the item from the 100% seller, less hassle, than the buyer at 40%. The positivity level is based on previous sales and buyers experiences, so only buy from sellers with considerably high scores.
  • ALWAYS check that the item you are buying is the correct format, and is also the correct region.
  • ALWAYS check the condition that the item is in,and that the item is accurately priced, going by the condition that it is in.

Selling with Amazon Marketplace

Selling with Amazon Marketplace, is again, VERY VERY Easy.
If you already have an account with Amazon, you need to convert your account to a Sellers Account. This requires you to listen to an automated call,and input a code, which then, if correctly entered, converts your account instantly.
To sell your item, you first need to locate your item on the website, by either searching for it, wordedly, or entering the ISBN number for a book, or if it is DVD's or CD's, you enter the ASIN number. Before you list the item, you get to see what the current low price is,and the amount of people also selling the item. The main key here is to be not too competative, as you don't want to loose money in the long run, with making the item too cheap!
When you list the item, you then decide whether you wish to only delivery it to the United Kingdom, or whether you would be happy to dispatch to overseas.
There are a few things you must be aware of though, if you do decide to sell with Amazon Marketplace.

#. In the terms and conditions, it states that all items must be dispatched within 2-3 days of the sale ending. That means, if John Smith bought 'The SimpsonsDVD' on the 3rd March, you would have to dispatch it between 5th-6th March.

# The terms and conditions also state that the item must be sent by first class

A good thing about Amazon Marketplace, is that they do help you with delivery costs, and give you a fixed rate, depending on which type of item you are selling, and about to send out to your buyer

A full list of delivery rates can be viewed on the website.

Once your item has been sent, and your buyer receives there item, they then have the opportunity to give you feedback. This feedback is vital if you wish to continue with future sales, as the feedback counts towards your positivity level.
Good feedback means you have a happy customer, who is also more likely to shop with you again.However, the price that your item closes at , is NOT the amount of money that you will receive., takes
  • a GBP 0.86(GBP 0.75 excl. VAT) per item completion fee
  • a closing fee of 17.25 per cent (15 per cent excl. VAT) of the
    sale price, (resp. 11.5 percent for consumer electronics and
    photo items which is 10 per cent excl. VAT).
  • an administration fee from the buyer's postage charge

So for example, if I decide to sell a PC game, which I listed as £12.49
, the commision would be
and the VAT would be
This would leave me with a total of
However, as it is a PC game, Amazon give you £1.99 to put towards delivery, so the total I would receive from the sale, would be :
Tips for Selling
  1. Maintain a constant communication with your buyer. On the feedback page, the buyer will be asked a question about communication. At least that is one of the boxes ticked.
  2. When listing your item ,be reasonable about exactly how low the item is. Remember to include the postage charge to your item, and then work out the fees by Amazon, to find out exactly how much you would get, and whether it is worth to continue with the sale.

My Thoughts and Opinions on '''BUYING'''

When I originally joined, I used the Marketplace, simply for buying items, as I did not really understand the processes of selling e.t.c. When I placed my first order with the Marketplace, I was slightly worried, and anxious to say the least, as I was not sure exactly what would happen, as it was my first ever online purchase. I was however, not baffled at all by the pricing on the marketplace, as it is all neatly laid out, and all presented in a very understandable manner. When I placed my first order, I went few a few screens, which I had to clickCONFIRM, just to make sure I was 100% positive that I wanted to go through with the purchase. The first purchase was fantastic. Within 20 minutes, I personally received an email from the seller, and was assured the item would be dispatched the following day, by first class. I ordered on the Saturday, and the item was at my door for Monday morning, which I felt was FANTASTIC service. I rated the seller 5 stars out of 5, as the service they provided me with was of top standard. Ever since, I have bought more DVD's, games and items from the Amazon Marketplace, and will continue to do so in the future, as the prices are relatively cheap for some items, and although the items are, most of the time, second hand, the main thing is they work - isnt it?

My Thoughts and Opinions on '''SELLING'''

So, I was a member with for a few years, and decided to take the next hurdle - that's to sell by the way !
The biggest struggle was to actually find something decent to sell, as most of the stuff I have is probably worthless... but anyway, I did , eventually manage to find something to sell, and that was my ' The Movies : Stunts and Effects PC game " . So, when I found the item on the Amazon Marketplace, I decided to go for it, and list my item. I was guided through a series of screens, which instructed me to enter the condition of the item, as well as which price I wanted e.t.c ... but that part isnt too exciting- right? So with that, I will move on to when the item was listed.
It seemed like days and days and days - and Nothing... no interest in my product. Things began to look dull - until a SOLD: Dispatch now email came through.
So, there was me that night ,rushing around, preparing the item to be sent out by first class the following day. I decided to send my buyer, a little email to let them know I had received their order. The next day came, and the item was sent. Once it was sent out, I did send the buyer an email to let them know, and they replied to me, once they received the item. With that sale, I received a great 5 stars out of 5, which is great for a beginner in the world of online selling . I had a great experience with selling. I feel that selling items on Marketplace has been great in the fact I have got a little extra money laying arond, simply for selling a few items. My only major problem with the Amazon Marketplace selIling ascpect, is the fixed delivery rates. Although they are good, sometimes, the price to send an item exceeds the amount you receive, so you are loosing some money, which is not good at all! do plan to sell some mor e in the future.... must go and look after this review is completed


I think that Amazon Marketplace is a wonderful place to buy, and even sell items. The fact that you can find discontinued items on there, is great aswell , so you always know that they are available. The website is very informative, and clear on both the buying aspect - for buyers, and the selling aspect- for sellers respectively. For the fact that I have experienced both elements of buying and selling, I can definately vouch for just how fantastic the service really is. Definately have a go with Amazon Marketplace, and if you want to go that little step further, do go and sell something - trust me, it is painless, and really easy to undertake.
The fact that Marketplace, is not too big on the fees, it means that you get much more money back, from selling your items, so that in its entirity, should be a major reason for choosing markeplace, as your source of buying, and selling for that matter. Do however, when selling , make sure that you at least make a profit, and if possible, check with your Post office before listing the item , to see how much it would cost to dispatch, to make suer you do no loose money. Marketplace is great, for your more cheaper way to buy, and sell

And thus ,concludes my review of Amazon Marketplace.
A definate thumbs up from me, and a 5 star... a definate recommendation.

Finally... ( just incase you didnt know already :P )

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