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American Idiot (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Green Day

Rock & Pop - StudioRecording - 1 CD(s) - Label: Reprise - Distributor: Arvato Services, Forte - Released: 30/05/2005 - 93624939122

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Review of "American Idiot (Parental Advisory) [PA] - Green Day"

published 07/07/2006 | galaxynicole
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"Broken Holiday When September Ended"

Front cover

Front cover

Green Day - American Idiot

I've loved Green Day ever since I heard them back in 1996. Strangely enough, this album that I'm reviewing was bought for my mum's Christmas present (It's great to have a non-musically challenge mum lol) I paid £ 9.99 for it in Virgin but now you can buy it for £4.97 on Amazon. Now that's a bargain!

+ A lil bit of history about Green Day +

The members of Green Day are Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Jason Freese and Tré Cool. In their younger years, Tré Cool belonged to a group called The Lookouts and Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt had formed their own band called Sweet Children. Green Day formed in the late 80s.
Tré Cool has actually as a temporary replacement for Al Sobrante. So he only joined in the mid 90s and is still there. All the boys are originally from California where they found and revived mainstream punk.
In late 1989, they recorded their first EP, 1000 hours. They have changed their record label three times. First off, they started on the road to success with Lookout! Records (1989-1994) and one year on Skene! Records in 1990. It's only when they joined forces with Reprise Records in 1994, that they hit it big. On this label, they released such great hits like "Basket Case", "Good Riddance (Times of your life)", "Minority" and their latest hits "American Idiots" and "Wake Me Up When September Ends".

Now the extras. Jason White and Jason Freese. Jason White is non-official member of the band, sometimes play the guitar and sings backing vocals (he does appear in the videos)
Jason Freese only joined in 2005, originally he was just a backing member but now he's official part of the band.

So now you know a bit of their history but who does what in the band?
Well, Billie Joe Armstrong is on guitar and lead vocal, Mike Dirnt plays bass, Tré Cool plays the drums, and Jason Freese plays keyboard/piano and loads of other instruments. Three sing vocals as well but not as much as Billie.

+ The Album +

Onto the Album. When I first picked in it up, I didn't think much to the front cover but only because I couldn't see what it really was because the price was plastered on the front of the most important part of the cover. It's a hand holding what first looks like a grenade but it's actually shaped like a heart and it's bleeding. Inside the CD case, the pull out booklet has the lyrics displayed in an interesting manner. It looks like a notebook with lots of things crossed out. The back cover of course gives you the tracklisting.

Onto the music. It starts off with the song the album is named after. "American Idiot" The intro has a raunchy guitar riff, which is repeated throughout the song. It has a brilliant drumbeat to go with it and with in your face lyrics, it's perfect opener for this album. It reminds me of "Basket Case" their first massive hit.

"Jesus of Suburbia" plays as one track but it's actually split into five different track pieces. You can't really tell where one ends and another begins unless you listen carefully to the track. It's a slight change in the tone of the music. It's a bit like a rock opera. All different acts telling us different things in one piece. The lyrics have an anti-American slant to them. It's 9 minutes long.

"Homecoming" is another 9 minute masterpiece. Again split into 5 parts. It's not as good as "Jesus of Suburbia" because it's slightly more pop like in its sound but it's brilliant to hear Tre Cool singing on the Rock and Roll Girlfriend. It's my favourite part of this song because that part of the song is so upbeat and lyrics like "I got a rock and roll girlfriend, And another ex-wife" I just think it's funny.

"Holiday" is a song for you if you don't like George W. Bush. It's a song that was written about the second Gulf war. Lyrically, it is excellent. Showing the world that not all Americans are afraid to say what they feel about this war. This song actually makes you think about how the world is and where we stand. Also musically, it stands out from the rest. It's phenomenal melody that is unforgettable.

"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" is great song but I can understand why Green Day fans didn't like it as much. It's quite a slow song and musically it's lovely but combined with the lyrics and Billie's voice, it sounds a bit too much like an Oasis/The Verve song.

"Are We The Waiting" is a slow song. In the intro, you can just hear the drums in the foreground and then just a slight bit of guitar in but after 1.30 minutes of this song, it gets a boring and repetitive. It's like a very long intro for the next song "St. Jimmy"

"St. Jimmy" is for all the old fans out there. This song is pure punk and it's got some brilliant guitar. It makes you want to jump up and down.

"Wake Me Up When September Ends" is a beautiful acoustic power ballad. I'd say this is the song where you can see if Green Day have grown up from their previous album.

"Extraordinary Girl" This song reminds me quite a lot of "Good Riddance (Times of Your Life) It has the same repetitive guitar and also the same kind of lyrics. It's Green Day getting in touch with their feminine side. It's quite a sad song when you hear words like dying, crying or maybe it just rhymed really well. "She's a Rebel" also very similar song to this one which is before this song. In a way, it's like they were trying to tell a story in which order they placed their songs.

"Letterbomb" has the best opening line ever. "Where have all the bastards gone?" It's a classic. It's also got a great bass and guitar intro, which gets carried through the song. It's one of my favourites on the album.

"Whatsername" is a song that I just can't quite get used to. It's one of those songs that you think "that's music to commit suicide to". It's the tone of the song is so dreary and sad that it makes me sad. I feel that the album should of end on "Homecoming" and not this song. Though, it does get better towards the end of the song.

+ CD Extras +
This wasn't worth paying an extra £2 for when I was out in the shops. The extras are just boring adds on. 2 videos that you've probably seen a million times on such music channels like VH1 and MTV and how they made the video to these 2 songs, which probably will be shown on another music channel.

+ Overall opinion +

Green Day have gone a bit too commercialised on this album. Songs like "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Extraordinary Girl" but then there's songs like "LetterBomb" and "Holiday" that absolutely break the mould and then there's a few song for the old Green Day fans like "St. Jimmy" and "Homecoming". There's something for the pop fan, the rock fans and the punk fans. Overall, this album is lyrically and musically outstanding with a few hiccups. Though I would lose the extras as they aren't worth the extra money.

+ Tracklisting +

1. American Idiot
2. Jesus Of Suburbia
I. Jesus Of Suburbia
II. City of the Damned
III. I Don't Care
IV. Dearly Beloved
V. Tales of Another Broken Home
3. Holiday
4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
5. Are We The Waiting
6. St Jimmy
7. Give Me Novacaine
8. She's A Rebel
9. Extraordinary Girl
10. Letterbomb
11. Wake Me Up When September Ends
12. Homecoming
I. The Death Of St. Jimmy
II. East 12st ST.
III. Nobody likes you
IV. Rock and Roll Girlfriend
V. We're Coming Home Again
13. Whatsername

CD Extras (Disc 2)
The making of Boulevard of Broken Dreams & Holiday videos
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (video)
Holiday (video)

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  • gizmogizmo published 09/01/2007
    great review!!!
  • wellibelli published 03/01/2007
    i actually love this album! fab review! xx
  • ktk3438 published 02/10/2006
    Glad to know that you don't think us Americans are idiots!
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