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published 19/02/2014 | JV1975
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Pro research-based all-in-one combination food supplement, high quality made and registered in Germany
Cons needs to be taken on ongoing basis so the body can repair its joints, costs about £1 / day
very helpful
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"amitamin's arthro360 has really improved my Dad's osteoarthritis"

amitamin® arthro360 is a joint support food supplement with pine park extract, which works!

amitamin® arthro360 is a joint support food supplement with pine park extract, which works!

I’d like to share with you something really important to me: My father, who was 76 on Monday has been suffering from severe Osteoarthritis (OA) in his back and knees for almost 15 years.

When I used to see Dad in such pain barely able to get up from his chair I couldn’t help but try and do something, also because the NHS has no treatment for it! I used to help out in our local pharmacy for a few years when I was at school and decided to research whatever I could find to try and help him relieve symptoms, and hopefully find something to treat the inflammation and find something to repair his joints.

The NHS can only the symptoms with pain killers and give you anti-inflammatory drugs, which tend of have strong side effects. My Dad used to be on one of those drugs called Celecoxib and when I found out that it increased strokes and heart attack related death rates I started to talk him out of it.

What is arthro360

Amitamin arthro360 is a food supplement, which helps reduce the painful inflammation commonly in the feet, knees, hips and back caused by osteoarthritis.

Joint Support food supplements are a fairly new category. They are supposed to reduce inflammation and give you the nutrients for your joints (to fix the cause). You might have seen adverts for Jointace, which is made by Vitabiotics - the biggest supplement brand in the UK. They have a great brand and marketing, but some of their products just lack key nutrients. One other good product for joint support is aminoexpert’s ARTHRO PRO, but I digress - I better review them all separately ☺

Until about 2012 you could only get the usual omega-3s, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements on the high street, i.e. Holland and Barrett. Then, about two years ago it was shown that when you combine the three and add pine bark extract into the mix, this combo really reduces OA symptoms and improves circulation quite dramatically.

Last year I came across arthro360 when I was googleing joint health and pine bark extract. It is manufactured by a company called amitamin in Germany, it includes exactly this glucosamine, chondroitin and omega-3s mix, a few anti-oxidants and amino acids and that much coveted pine bark extract (also sometimes called Pycnogenol).

I read up on the research around pine bark extract and joint health and it showed that in three months "56% of the patients experienced improvement of their general symptoms and 79% of painful feet (in foot OA sufferers) improved"!

Basically, this shows that if you are giving an old, worn out joint the right nutrients it begin to recover over 3-6 months.

I think arthro360 has been produced around this research to help restoration and protection of bones, joint fluid and connective tissue.

So why the NHS does not use pine bark extract to treat all those elderly people, who suffer from it is a mystery to me.. It just shows that we can't wait for the government to look after us!

How do you take it and how long

There are two different capsules. Each day you take three "nutrient" capsules and one "omega-3" capsule, i.e. in total four capsules per day before or with food. In total there are 120 capsules packaged in blisters in a 30-day pack.

Joint support products have to be taken on an ongoing basis so your body can benefit from the nutrients and repair the old joints over the course of months or years.

How much does it cost?

I have now figured out that you get the best deal if you buy four months’ worth. The 30-day pack price drops to £29.95 and shipping is free if your order is over £100. The total order then is 119.80 for four months (= 120 days) or £1.00 per day.

A 30-day supply on its own costs £39.95 + £5.95 shipping = £45.90 or £1.53per day.

How do you buy it

I think the only place you can buy at the moment is directly from the manufacturer The ordering process on the website is straight forward. I always use PayPal so it takes me less than a minute to order.

You get a tracking code and the package arrives in 3-4 days shipped from Germany. In fact, I really like the fact that it comes from Germany. The product is also registered with the central pharma product database over there. That means it actually includes what it says on the box unlike many supplements from outside Europe.

The last two times I have been buying the four month bundles, which is a decent price good for all these nutrients.

You can buy the nutrients separately, but you may be getting different qualities and quantities in each box. I used to find I would run run out of one, have to make sure I reorder in time and so on. With arthro360 you have all the nutrients on a silver platter (so to say), all in one box, good quality from Germany and Dad knows exactly what to do so he can taken them himself and he is happy!

The effect it has had

Dad's been taking it for almost 12 months now and he has actually improved quite a lot, which is why I have decided to write this review.

A year ago he couldn't get up and walk without experiencing quite a lot of pain. He now says he enjoys walking more than he has been for years. I am so pleased, because he does not need to take Celecoxib and more and we have been gradually been reducing his pain killers to less than half of the dose from two years ago.

For anyone out there who either suffers from Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis or who cares for someone who does, I would recommend you give this a try, because you can really improve your or that person's quality of life.

I was convinced by the research and it has worked just fine for Dad.. so much so that he is more mobile and active now that he was 2 years ago.. this makes him happy, which is priceless. Of course the OA is still there, but he can definitely walk better than he did two years ago.

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  • jmallin published 30/06/2015
    hey, I also take arthro360. Was diagnosed with JIA since I was 5. It's helped me take almost no NSAIDs, which had bad side effects eg. mess up girls fertility. Thanks JV for poiting out ARTHO PRO, which is a lot cheaper. I might try and write my own review.
  • JV1975 published 08/06/2015
    I just re-read this and thought I'd send you guys an update: Dad's still takes arthro360 every day and loves what it has done to him. He just takes Celecoxib when he need to (which is rare) and he is down to 1,000-2,000mg of paracetamol per day, i.e. a tiny fraction of what he used to take. I always buy the triple pack and set myself reminders to make sure he doesn't run out. There is another similar and cheaper product called arthro pro by aminoexpert, which is sold in Euros, which I am thinking of trying. Will post back here in a few months.
  • chrisandmark_is_here published 19/02/2014
    Glad to hear they worked for your dad - OA is a horrible disease x
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