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Anbesol liquid contains lidocaine hydrochloride Ph Eur, a local anaesthetic which works by stopping the sensation of pain. Also chlorocresol Ph Eur an...

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published 15/01/2003 | averagepunter
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Pro Fast pain relief, easy to carry around.
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Pain Relief
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"No more pain - Thank You"

If I was a good little boy, I would probably go to the dentist every six months, brush twice a day and have perfect teeth. Unfortunately, I am not. My experience of trips to the dentist tells me that I am quite likely to be in more pain when I leave the chair than I was when I got into it. As such, my attitude now is that I need to be in severe pain before I go to the dentist – that way, there is at least some chance that I will feel better afterwards. It is probably as a result of this attitude that I discovered Anbesol.

A few weeks before Christmas, I began to experience a dull, toothache pain. No problem, I thought, I’ve had these before – it’ll go away in few days. Except this time it didn’t go away. I became aware of a lump on my gum, and the pain grew in intensity until one morning I had to make the dreaded call to the dentist. Explaining my pain, I was advised that they could fit me in at 10am the next day. Aaaargh – that’s 23 hours away. I graciously accepted their kind offer, and went off in search of pain relief.

By early afternoon, the pain was quite intense and Nurofen just was not doing the job. So off to Boots in search of a magic cure. I begged the assistant for a suitable product, and after a quick word with the pharmacist, a little box of Anbesol appeared. ‘This should help’ she cheerfully announced. I handed over my £3 (ish) and hurried back to the car.

Opening the box, I found a small(approx 2.5inches high) bottle and an instruction leaflet. The bottle contains a clear, yellowish liquid that for want of a better description looks a bit like urine. Ummm, tasty?! Read instructions – Apply undiluted to the affected area with a clean fingertip. Hmmm, nowhere to wash my hands, so I’ll just have to make do. I apply some of the liquid to my fingertip and try to locate the painful area. Ouch!! Not convinced I managed to apply enough to the right area, I repeat the process. Within seconds, the numbing effect of the anaesthetic brings much needed relief. Thank you!!!! I can't tell you how good it felt. For the rest of the day, I needed to re-apply Anbesol about every two hours to keep pain at bay – but I was able to enjoy the rest of the day relatively pain free.

So what is Anbesol?

According to the box, it is an antiseptic and anaesthetic for rapid relief of mouth ulcers, teething pains and denture irritation. (It turned out I had a dental abcess, so I can confirm that it provides rapid relief from the pain they cause too!). I bought the 6.5ml liquid, but it also comes in a gel form, which I would imagine is probably a little easier to apply. Rumour has it that you can also buy a larger 15ml bottle just in case you become addicted to numbing your mouth.

What does it taste like?

Well, difficult to describe. It has a antiseptic type taste. I know that isn’t a real description, but if you have ever had any of the antiseptic throat lozenges you will know what I mean. Fortunately it does not taste as bad as TCP though. In any event, it is not an unpleasant taste, but it is not so nice that you are in any danger of becoming addicted to it.

Who is for?

Anyone, subject to usual disclaimers about allergic reactions to any of the ingredients. It can be applied up to eight times per day. It can even be applied to Babies gums to help relieve teething pain.

Amusing observation

I couldn’t help but be amused by the following warning....’Anbesol liquid can sometimes cause side effects. Some people have reported suffering from mouth ulcers after using oral medicines containing Cetylpyridinium Chloride.’ So a product designed to relieve pain from mouth ulcers could actually cause mouth ulcers. Sounds like a vicious circle for those poor souls who are affected by this.

That aside – I think this is a fantastic product, and one I would never have discovered if I had not asked the pharmacist – therefore, remember, it pays to ask. Moreover, it comes in a great little bottle that you can easily fit in your pocket. And for those who care, I did go to the dentist – the abcess was duly removed and I felt a whole lot better afterwards.

Moral of the story.....£75 at the dentist saves you £3 at the chemist and a lot of pain.

Eh? No that can’t be it – but perhaps regular £25 dentist visits might just save the more expensive visits when you can least afford them (and a whole lot of pain!!)

Failing that – get yourself some Anbesol, and numb the pain.

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Comments on this review

  • sally1978 published 22/04/2004
    Just came across your review and to be quite honest it made me laugh and forget about my pain for a while. Have just sent the other half out to get some for me as i can now feel the painkillers waring off and i need some pain relief quick. Will let you know if teh product worked when he gets back
  • hermione1968 published 21/04/2004
    Witty, honest, informative. I'm off to buy some now, cos my tooth abcess is killing me and the antibiotics haven't kicked in yet. Overdosed on Ibuprofen and paracetamol and have picked the pliers up a number of times! If it don't work I'm going to cry
  • siso published 19/05/2003
    good op
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Anbesol liquid contains lidocaine hydrochloride Ph Eur, a local anaesthetic which works by stopping the sensation of pain. Also chlorocresol Ph Eur and cetylpyridinium chloride Ph Eur which have antiseptic properties.

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Long Name: Liquid, Liquid Antiseptic and Anaesthetic

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