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A Peckingly Popular game!


Long lasting, great gameplay

can be frustrating if stuck on a level

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Value for Money

Difficulty & ComplexityA difficult game - needs a lot of patience

LongevityVery good longevity

MultiplayerOK multiplayer functions

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What is Angry Birds?

As bizzare as this sounds, it is a game where you catapult vengeful birds at a family of pigs, wiping them out!

It is not as easy as it sounds. There are obstacles and construction causing a barrier between your birds and the targeted pigs!

Who ruffled their feathers??!!

The Angry birds are a protective and nurturing species, only looking out for their young.
I load up the Video clip icon on the game which takes me to a You-Tube video, which explains it all!
"Rovio Presents" shows in a Looney Tunes style, followed by the title 'Angry Birds' and a cartoon sketch of a bird stood sideways in the shadows, a mean glance towards the screen.

A Japanese style animation shows a family of very happy birds boucning up and down, surrounded by love hearts looking at their eggs, laying content in their nest.

From the hill behind they are being watched by 3 green pigs, who are looking hungrily at the eggs. A mosquito lands on the eggs whilst the birds watch. One bird leaps up and knocks the insect to the floor.
Whilst the birds are jumping up and down on the fly to protect their young, they noticed the nest is empty!
The pigs have taken the eggs and are cooking them in a frying pan.
The screen goes dark as the birds turn, the pigs look shocked as they see the menacing birds aproach!
The screen shows the hilltop from afar with an explosion! KABOOM!! Don't mess with the birds!!!!

Who wouldn't be mad?!

The Characters

The Red Bird - This is the only type of bird you have to start with on the early levels.
This bird is the basic one. Even though lacking in any powers, he does the job when shot across the screen on a catapult, knocking over construction and destroying the evil pigs!

The Little Blue one - As small as this one seems, he has big potential in destruction.
Hit this bird when he is in motion and he splits into 3! Yes, 3 times the damage!

The Yellow one - This triangular shaped bird has great speed. It's speed gives it awesome power.
Tap the bird when in flight amd watch it speed up. The faster it goes, the higher it goes. This is something to consider when adjusting the catapult before takeoff!

The White one - The egg bomber!
The moment you tap this one in flight it will release an egg. The egg hits and destroys the target below.
Once he has laid, he is off! Tusk!!!!

The Black one - This one is da Bomb, KABOOM!
Just release from the catapult and within seconds after landing, he explodes!


There are 150 levels of addictive play, each level becomes more complex, having to work out angles of the catapult, in relevance to distance and type of bird used. Also a difficulty in relation to how to get around some of the construction to make your bird somehow hit the target.

Alot of the levels have rocks, that when knocked they roll and can hit more than one pig at a time. Some have exploding boxes to hit, which do alot of damage, unless the pig is behind a metal pillar, which takes alot to detroy.

There is alot of calculation needed in this game, which is great, unless you have been stuck on that particular level for a long time.
Sometimes if your first bird doesn't have the desired hit you require, you feel like you have to restart that level - which I often do.

There is only a small amount of birds per level (usually 3-5). Not alot if you are poor target!
It has great durability. Its not a game to easily tire of because of the 150 levels and the challenges given.
It is very easy to start but quickly becomes more difficult. I like a bit of a challenge, so this does not put me off at all!

The Graphics

I love the style of this game! The amination has a slight japanese style to it. The graphics are extremely smooth looking. The motion is smooth and fluid with no juddering (quick stop and start of animation when game is in play).
The colours are bright and alluring.
Background scenery is nice with a different themes. Very smooth and pleasant to look at.
The foreground graphics are very detailed which makes the gameplay even more fun!

The level I am currently 'stuck' on, is a desert - the background has a yellowy/orange sky, with pinkish sand dunes. The foreground has cacti and rocks, with smaller pebbles on the ground.
As I scroll across the screen I see my target! - 5 pigs under a scaffold construction multibox layout of wood and metal, with 2 tnt boxes surrounded by a metal frame!

There are no constant flashing, bright lights in this game, which is epilepsy friendly. However. I would recommend taking a break after 30 mins anyway as your eyes will tire from concerntration!

The Sound

The sound is great! The homescreen music is very 'Tinkly', very destinctive but in no way annoying.
In game play, there is no music. Just the first sounds of your birds cheering in their birdy type fashion, then lots of birdy yapping and sqeeking noises - This is very funny!
Also a slight background sound of 'normal' tweeting birds and (on this desert style level - Cricket sounds)

Each different colour bird makes its own sound when fired through the air.
Some say "wwweeeeeeeeee", in a nice cute little way,
other have a gruff yell when in motion!


I would say this does become quite difficult. This only makes the game longer lasting and more enjoyable.
The play itself is very simple, just tap on the bird in the catapult and drag in the desired direction, then release!

Game Info

Version V1.3.4 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Copyright 2009-2010 by Rovio Mobile Ltd.
A game developed by Rovio Mobile Ltd.
And published by ClickGamer.
All rights reserved.


Post Date: 24 June 2010

Size: 13.3MB

Rating: 4+

Executive Producers

Niklas Hed
Mikael Hed

Raine Maki
Lead Designer

Jaako Iisalo
Lead Programmer

Tuomo Lehtinen

Mika Virtanen
Antti Laitinen
Lead Graphics Artist

Tuomo Erikoinen
Addtional GFX & SFX

Joonas Makila
Level Developer

Jaakko Ilisalo
Joonas Makila
Tuomas Erikoinen
Tech Support

Mika Virtanen
Marketing Manager

Matt Wilson
Audio and Sound Design

Ari Pulkkinen (Ari Tunes)

Top of their pecking order

This is the Number 1 iPhone paid app in
US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Poland, France, Netherlands, Malta, Greece, Austria, Australia, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium, Norway, Hungary, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, Romania, New Zealand, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Nicaragua, Kazakstan, Argentina, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Mauritius, Chile, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Taiwan, Colombia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Kenya, Macedonia, Croatia, Macau, Paraguay, Peru, Armenia and Malta!

So these birds are pretty pecking popular ALL over the place!!

Available on

This game is available on the iPhone and Nokia N900 (Nokia Ovi store)

Downloading hints and tips

Ensure there is enough memory on the phone. The size is 13.3MB, which isn't a great deal.
Download either from iTunes App Store from phone or on Apple iTunes website.
If using website via laptop or pc, go to my device - where your phone will show, select on phone, press to sync - this will connect to phone to download game.



However, if you want to trial this game, you can get the free lite version which features 12 levels and gives you a good feel of the game! :)


On the Angry Birds site this game was rated 5/5 stars. Seems everyone loves this game! And I am not suprised!

My Rating would also be 5/5.

My Evaluation

This is a great game for only 59p! It is so easy to see why it is so popular!
Take into account the quality of the graphics and details, but the game play too with 150 levels to get through. This game is highly enjoyable and definately worth its value.

Positives and Negatives

I loved this game. However. If I have to list the NEGATIVES, I would say;

* On some levels, not enough birds. It is a challenging game which gets harder (this in itself is a plus) but more birds please!
  • Great Graphics
  • Funny bird sounds
  • 150 levels - get harder which more objects and new birds
  • Scenery

Would I recommend?

I would 100% recommend this to anyone. It is a game suitable for any age.
Get off your perch and purchase this game!

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Angry Birds (iPhone)
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Hishyeness 08.10.2010 08:39

All these great apps make me want to ditch my current phone contract and get an iPhone LOL. Very well reviewed 8^)

daniella2010 28.08.2010 00:09

Back :) x

daniella2010 26.08.2010 13:31

I'll be back with an E tomorrow! x

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