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Animal Tales - Michael Morpurgo

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Animal Tales (3 books in 1): Bananas - Bind Up: Three Stories in One (Banana Books) - Mich ...

Animal Tales (3 books in 1): Bananas - Bind Up: Three Stories in One (Banana Books) - Mich ...

Includes three animal stories - 'Jo-Jo the Melon Donkey'; 'Conker'; and, 'Colly's Barn'.

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Three fantastic animal stories in one volume! "Jo-Jo the Melon Donkey" - Jo-Jo is a donkey, and he does not like it, not one bit. Every day, he works hard selling melons on the streets of Venice.

Product details

EAN 9781405237352
Publisher Egmont Books
Type Fiction
Genre Children's
Subgenre Animal stories
Title Animal Tales
All Authors Michael Morpurgo, M.B.E.
Author Michael Morpurgo
ISBN 140523735X


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