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Annihilation Of The Wicked - Nile

1 CD(s) - Death Metal - Label: Relapse - Distributor: ADA/Cinram Logistics - Released: 23/05/2005 - 781676663026, 781676668021

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Review of "Annihilation Of The Wicked - Nile"

published 07/01/2006 | mastodonathon
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Pro Brilliant guitarwork, lyrics give a history lesson about egypt!
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"Egyptian Death Metal!!!"

This band has been recognized as one of the best death metal bands in the world at the moment. They combine the basic elements of the death metal genre, combine it with egyptian history and mythology and out comes some of the best music you would have heard in this genre in a while! The band have a very good understanding of their instruments and music in general because some of the music is amazingly well written, and has obviously taken time and care. They are the Beethoven's of Death Metal. They craft a unique sound wich is instantly recognizable that of egyptian sounding chord's and lead passages combined to create a very epic sound. On the album the band use an array of different instruments to gain that egyptian sound.

Dusk Falls Upon the Temple of the Serpent on the Mount of Sunrise (0.51)-Instruemntal, this has a very oriental sound to it and symbolizes the end of the egyptian empire as a setting of the sun. This shows the band's diversity in playing their instruments, and is also a very good introduction to the next song.
Rating: 8/10-a very melodic relaxing tune before the storm!

Cast Down The Heretic (5.45)-This is the one song you believe to be the weak link on this album, but in fact after listening to it over and over you'll realize how amazingly well written it is. It starts with thundering guitar riff's and blasting drums with the vocals being a low pitch growl. The real highlight of the song is the guitar solo's-easily the best on the album, and they last nearly 2 whole minutes! It combines ridiculous time changes with the rhythm and show's how well these people can write songs!
Rating: 9/10

Sacrifice Unto Sebek (3.02)- This is the single release off the album. This has one of the best intro's on the album an egyptian melodic passage combined with a slow tempo crushing guitar, before starting the riot. This song has some of the most immense riff's and fills imaginable and shows how technical the band can be, this is a short song but one you will be humming the tune to for a while!
Rating: 10/10

User-Maat-Re (9.14)-This is the first of the epic songs on the album (one of three). It starts with an egyptian acoustic part before heading into a really memorable opening guitar piece. A slow crushing sound combined with pinch harmonics and double bass pounding really conveys the egyptian feel this band have. The lyrics on this song are very well done also wich talk about Ramses the 2nd or 'Ramses the Great', and it show's the detail the band have gone in researching the history in Egypt.
Rating: 9/10

The Burning Pits of The Duat (3.52)-This is one hell of a fast song. It has some ridiculous time changes and million mph riffing with drums blasting at 256 BPM! It is such a technically brilliant song any guitarist must hear it, its infernal riffing so fast it would inspire anyone to learn guitar. The song also has a cool breakdown/interlude type riff at the end wich I thought was brilliant-this is one of the best!
Rating: 10/10

Chapter of Obeisance Before Giving Breath to the Inert One in the Presence Of The Crecent Shaped Horns (5.21)- Haha talk about a long title for a song! The lyrics for this song are based upon the Egyptian 'Book Of The Dead' and the title of the chapter is apparently so long to fully quote them in the title would have been ridiculous! Anyway this is another great song by the band, combining squealing harmonics and blistering solo's with that touch of egyptianess, the song has some slower chorus type passages wich is very well done inbetween the other super fast riffs and constant double bass.
Rating: 9/10

Lashed To The Slave Stick (4.18)-This has one cool intro! A super fast yet simple guitar part combined with some nice drumming, the end to the intro is the best a really cool egyptian lick before launching into the overly technical verse! The verse has some of the best guitar riffs I've heard in a while and are completely original wich is why I love this band so much. The chorus has a really epic sound to it and fits perfectly with the rest of the song.

Spawn Of Uamenti (1.14)-This is another instrumental, yet it's rather strange all it is, is some french horn piece combined with some animal growls! your guess is as good as mine!
Rating: 4/10 because it's a cool introduction into the next song.

Annihilation Of The Wicked (8.36)-This is the second of the epic songs on the album, and probably my favorite track. It has a fast intro before stopping and creating an eerie feel to the song before launching into the second part. It starts with a crushing opening string guitar build up with the lead guitar playing over the top wich is probably the highlight of the song and a part I always rewind back to! The main verse then combines cool harmonic's with the low growling of the vocalist wich sound's amazing! The next guitar riff is another I love listening to! The band never cease to stop producing such awsome guitar pieces. This was chosen as the title track because it is the best on the album!
Rating:10/10 -CLASSIC!

Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten (9.46)- I love this song, the last of the epic songs on the album, the lyrics are based upon a H.P. Lovecraft book of a german name. The song starts with a pounding toll (those big round metal things used in the middle east) then going into a slow melodic guitar piece again with a bit of an oriental/egyptian feel to it. It then switches between slow crushing riff's and the vocals growling singing. This is a slow song for Nile's standard's, but it really add's to the epic feel surrounding the song. This isnt quite as good as the other two epic songs yet it's still a really good song to listen to.
Rating: 9/10

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  • harmonic_overtones published 13/01/2007
    Yeah! Nile are the best! Egypt and death metal... just cannae beat it!
  • mental_infestation published 10/01/2006
    Very good review there. I'm not a fan of what I've heard of Nile on Scuzz or 120 Metal Minutes, just not my kind of metal. Closest I get to Nile is Opeth or Devildriver.
  • SarkeBeeley published 08/01/2006
    I'm into metal but rarely venture into death metal. The way you've described this (great job by the way) means that I'll feel like I'm missing out if I dont give it a look! Nice one.
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