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Ant-Man is telling the story of Scott Lang,who's a thief.He's a low life, he has a daughter who cares a lot for but he's just a criminal,who is extremely good at breaking into people's houses and stealing stuff. In one day, Michael Douglas Hank Pym takes note of this and decides to try to recruit him to become his successor as ant-man, because there's some pretty serious business going down and the world of course that needs to be stopped ,it's really hard to believe this ,now because the world we live in with entertainment ,but when I was a kid,I wondered if we ever see as spider-man live-action film,now we're getting Ant-Man ,I mean we're getting the weirdest ,the smallest superhero characters ,that is the way Marvel did again .Ant-Man is a lot of fun is a movie I laughed my ass off consistently throughout this film.Paul Reid nails it as Scott Lang, he is such a likeable addition to the NCU.I love his betrayal character Michael Douglas,the voice of Hank Pym was such a delight, he was fantastic in this movie not just because of Michael Douglas and he's counted and it's so nice to see him in a good movie,but they gave Hank Pym such a good back story. The film's focus on Michael Douglas and his daughter as portrayed in the film by Evangeline Lilly,Lilly added a lot great adaptation in this movie .I thought I really took it in a good direction. Whenever it needed that humor, Michael Pena's every word in this movie is the perfection comedy gold, because he was just rock in it, and he was nailing every line.

Next,the 3d really adds something in this movie, because the sequences shrunk down to size and they blurred out the background so deeply and the focus was on this little
man running for a bathtub erred on a drainage pipe , underneath the ground.The 3d really work for the sequence,that is adding something that I don't think you can actually achieve in 2d , because usually 3ds comes up as a gimmick to me that is an actually necessary for the film .

By far there isn't a single aspect in the CGI in this film.I think a lot of that is due to the realistic style.It really just looks like a small man running along the service, and does a terrific job with that CGI and those sequences.And without spoiling anything, I like the way this film tied in other Marvel movies, they address the thing that people are always asking, why don't they just call the Avengers,because the Avengers are amazing well ,the Avengers can always do everything,sometimes you need a small guy to do a small thing in this movie was knowingly and willingly small-scale ,which is perfect because its hero is also small-scale.I love the fact this movie did need to be some big blow to an extravaganza,that flys all over the place.It was a smaller film it's not a flawless movie though,this movie went through a lot of problems in its production. And one of the biggest issues with the movie is in structure ,the first 20 minutes does feel a little broken, it feels like a couple different movies are happening at once once very funny,once more serious and sometimes that balance isn't always perfect.

This film was really paid off for me, I had a ton of fun watching Ant-Man,paula Reid nailed it as the character .The character Michael Pena was brilliant,Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly were excellent, I love the look in the movie, the action set pieces were really well done.

So I'm gonna give ant-man 4 stars.

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  • euphie published 28/04/2016
    helpful :o)
  • RICHADA published 27/04/2016
    Better, much better! R.
  • Dentolux published 27/04/2016
    It's cool that Marvel Studios can make entertaining flicks out of lesser known heroes such as Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.
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