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Appetite For Destruction [PA] - Guns N' Roses

Hard Rock - StudioRecording - 1 CD(s) - Label: Geffen - Distributor: Universal Music - Released: 10/1995, 01/1991 - 8811928629, 720642414828

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Review of "Appetite For Destruction [PA] - Guns N' Roses"

published 14/07/2002 | Glorificus1
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"Let yourself feast on this"


Released in 1987 (30th November) on Geffen Records with the GN’R label Uzi Suicide, this is often thought of as the first GN’R offering due to the rarity of the Live Like a Suicide EP from the previous year that had already secured the band a cult following thanks to gigs at Whiskey a Go-Go. Those who are interested can note that the material was re-released on GN’R Lies in 1989.

Now onto Appetite for Destruction. The cover features the GN’R cross a design made by Mr. Slash himself. Recorded at Rumbo Studios in California, this CD (although I still have my original cassette!) is a mixed bag of sex drugs and rock and roll. Certainly not one for the faint of heart.

1. Welcome to the Jungle 10/10

‘If you’ve got the money honey we got your disease’

Opens with a legendary guitar rift, rumbles as Axl roars. Drums kick you in the face. Very paced vocals, but somewhat staggered as Axl becomes almost animalistic. The feel my serpentine line is always greeted by a smile as he used to grind his pelvis at this bit. The guitar slows down, with gentle picks, just then you are launched into Axl screeching once more. I really like the bass bit where the maracas can be heard and there is a cacophony of multi layered screaming guitar. ‘It’s going to bring you down’

2. It’s so easy (co written with West Arkeen) 8/10

‘Besides you ain’t got nothing better to do and I’m bored’

Much racier, with guitar very reminscient of Use Your Illusion. This is a vile song. Vile in the fact that it is full of Axl’s boasts. Slows down into a nice little harmonized break. Used to be quoted a lot during moments of hormonal anger ‘ I see you standing there, you think you’re so cool why don’t you just Fuck off?’ This is not as musically angry as some GN’R songs but still positively reeks with rage. Class.

3. Nightrain 9/10

‘ Said I’m a mean machine been drinking gasoline and honey you can make my motor run’

I adore this song. The pace is contagious and the sense of wild abandonment fills the air. This always reminds me of a time where I went a little crazy. In addition, it makes me smile because I so wanted to that when I listened to this cassette years ago. I can never work out if Axl is her pimp or her boyfriend or maybe both. Standard guitar and drums with a bit of cymbal work.

4. Out ta get me 9/10

‘ Some people got a chip on their shoulder and some would say it was me’

Much heavier guitar opens this song. Almost guttural. That chunky GNR sound. Ah, this song reminds me of when my Dad used to really piss me off. Persecution and determination fills the lyrics. My dad used to be violent at times and the adrenaline of this song saw me through many an encounter.

5. Mr. Brownstone 9/10

‘ I used to do a little but a little wasn’t doing so the little got more and more’

Addiction based song. He wrote this with Stevie in mind. From the rough and ready first chord combined with some excellent descending guitar. You can get the impression that Axl is somewhat aware of his own addictions as well. I like the little Yowser and guitar at the end.

6. Paradise City 9.5/10 (I think it’s a bit too long for a 10)

From the first note to that moment the drums begin, you realize that this is indeed a standout song. My parents really liked this song, which was a bit uncool really. The whistle sounds and the guitar darken. The chorus is decidedly a chant that no doubt has been shouted my many a drunk. Guitar swoops lead to an all out mosh pit classic. A bit of an epic though!

7. My Michelle 8/10

‘Your Daddy works in porno/Now that Mommy's not around/She used to love her heroin/ But now she’s under ground’

If legend is to be believed this is about a friend of Axl’s who was a prostitute. Slower guitar, bordering on mellow leads to a stomping guitar that almost struts as Axl sings of a nightmarish domestic setup. This idea of it being a real story is give credence by a “My Michelle” Young dedication on the sleeve notes.

8. Think about you 7/10

‘Deep inside I love you best’

A love song with an edge. Quite nostalgic but not overtly sentimental. Not a standout track, but I still like it a lot. Quite formulaic though.

9. Sweet child o’ mine 10/10

‘She's got a smile that it seems to me/Reminds me of childhood memories/
Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky.’

Blows me away every time. Those opening chords make me shiver. Suddenly I am a gauche teenager and this man with fine red hair is tugging at my heart. Fantastically mellow guitar, steady baseline, harmonies work well, but it is the melody together with the repetition of certain chords that glue themselves into my ear. Much speculation over the source of inspiration for these very strong lyrics, but I would point the finger at his long term on off lover Erin Everly and not his mother Sharon. Soaring guitar, which is almost joyful, but still is tinged with melancholy.

10. You’re crazy 9.5/10 (Preference for GN’R Lies version)

‘I got your satisfaction’

Your head is still swimming from the last track, but the band really is taking no prisoners here. This track is relentless and even though I prefer the original version, I do love this. With its almost insane speed and manic laughter. I have died and gone to a noisy guitar heaven. Raw and stabs you in the chest and stands there laughing.

11. Anything goes (Co written with Chris Webber) 8/10

Always hungry for somethin'/That I haven't had yet/Maybe baby you got somethin' to lose/Well I got somethin'/I got somethin' for you’

Sex. To a then virginal pink princess this was deliciously wicked. The guitar sounds much more retro here. The lyrics made my mind explode and my knickers moist. Sorry! Erm yes I can’t believe I said that either. But bugger it that was my response. Drums sound like some one having sex up against a wall.

12. Rocket Queen. 8/10

‘ I might be a little young but honey I ain’t naïve.’

Bass very cool. This starts as a quite pervy little song. Extremely arrogant sounding guitar. Ok listen to it and you will see what I mean. Sexual bravado, panting women, choppy guitar and strong bass. Pace changes and guitar becomes very Bon Jovi. Suddenly the mood changes and the guitar become more weaved and Axl speaks of friendship and love. One cannot help but think this is inspired from the same source as My Michelle ‘ All I ever I wanted was for you to know that I care’


Although some of the guitar work can at times sound a little dated, the Big Mac and fries chunkiness of the GN’R Sound prevails and remains to be musically valid.
Some songs are not as sharp as others are, but maybe this is as I have spent a serious amount of time listening to the slightly more polished later offerings. All in all this is a great ‘first’ album and standout tracks such as Sweet Child O Mine and Welcome to the Jungle alone make it an essential part of any GN’R fan’s collection.

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  • zedavies published 28/12/2004
    the best debut album of all time
  • Soho_Black published 15/09/2002
    I know what you mean about those opening chords to "Sweet Child..." You'd know them anywhere!
  • paulc20001 published 21/08/2002
    This will live forever, one of the few vinyl records I have left and will never part with it.....a rock classic! Great review, keep on rockin', Paul!x
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