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Appetite For Destruction [PA] - Guns N' Roses

Hard Rock - StudioRecording - 1 CD(s) - Label: Geffen - Distributor: Universal Music - Released: 10/1995, 01/1991 - 8811928629, 720642414828

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Review of "Appetite For Destruction [PA] - Guns N' Roses"

published 15/03/2006 | wargoat
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"The best hard rock record of all time"

In 1987, a band of reckless guys sat down in Rumbo studios in California and recorded Appetite for Destruction. Little did they know that it would become the greatest hard rock album ever. Upon its initial release it didn't go anywhere, at least until the video for Sweet Child O' Mine got massive airplay on MTV. The album would go to #1 a year after its release, driven by such classics as Sweet Child, Welcome to the Jungle, and Paradise City. During this time, hair metal and glam rock was sweeping the country, with bands like Winger, Whitesnake, Poison and Warrant. That would all change.

Guns N' Roses' arrival to the hard rock scene couldn't have come at a better time. While all their peers were singing about love and girls, GNR sang about drugs, sex, murder, rape, everything that was "taboo" at the time. They had a sense of rebellious energy, mixed with a tender, sensitive side, and were led by the ever present frontman W. Axl Rose, whose voice was beautiful and angry at the same time. To this day this record sells anywhere from 6000-10,000 copies weekly, proving that GNR were more than just a flash in the pan and were indeed on to something huge.

1. Welcome to the Jungle. Well, what can I say? A classic, a bonefide head banger of a song. That intro riff is so infectious that it will stick with you long after you are done listening to the album. The chorus is catchy as hell, and the riffs are devastating.

2. It's So Easy. An angry, punch you in the face song. With lyrics like "You get nothing for nothing and that's what you do, turn around bitch I got a use for you," it's easy to see why these guys were indeed the most dangerous band in the world. Many bands have covered this song, which just proves how damn good it is.

3. Nightrain. Ah, that intro riff. So catchy, so mean, so energetic. Ride on the nightrain with GNR as they take you on a trip of booze induced mischef. Apparently Night Train whiskey was the worst alcoholic beverage they had ever had, but they were so poor at the time, that it was all they could afford. Ouch! Great, great song.

4. Out Ta Get Me. Such a mean spirited little number, with Axl ranting about being "fuckin innocent." Naturally a rebellious song, Axl's voice is in perfect shape, even during all the yelling he does. That main riff is just so damn good.

5. Mr. Brownstone. One of my all time favorites, this song kicks you in the balls and never stops. An incredibly catchy main riff propells this song to greatness. The drums are thunderous, and the guitars scream with bite. Axl's lyrics are interesting too. "Now I get up around whenever, I used to get up on time, but that old man he's a real motherfucker, gonna kick him on down the line." Funny, yet so true at the same time.

6. Paradise City. Classic, groundbreaking, a hard rock/metal anthem. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knows this song. The opening clean guitar riff has been immortalized through movies, commercials, TV shows, etc. Truly an outstanding and timeless song. When the drums kick in at the beginning, it is just so heavy. Slash's shred solo at the end is definately some very fast stuff, no doubt. Axl's voice is in top shape here.

7. My Michelle. A clean guitar opens this song, but when it kicks in fully, it never lets you go. It gets pretty fast near the middle. A catchy little number.

8. Think About You. A touching, almost power ballad song, the lyrics are memorable and sensitive, as are the riffs. Axl's other love song on the album. Definately a very underrated song and one that I feel would have been a great single.

9. Sweet Child O' Mine. Anothet immortal opening riff starts this one off. Possibly GNR's staple(next to November Rain), this song is a moving, memorable power ballad, with Axl's lyrics reading like a poem to a lover. GNR showed here that they were not always mean and that they had a loving, caring side to them as well. The solo is awe inspiring, and many many guitarists have been influenced by this song. If you picked up the guitar in 1987, Slash was most likely your biggest reason why.

10. You're Crazy. The electrified version of this song, it is a rocking, punky tune, that is fast and mean. Steven Adler really did a good job on the drums.

11. Anything Goes. A dirty, sleezy song about sex, drugs, and rock n roll. "My way, your way, anything goes tonight." I think that says it all.

12. Rocket Queen. Starts off slow, then gets a little faster by the end, it is a long song, almost as long as Paradise City, but not quite. The part that sticks out most to me is the "I see you standing, standing all alone." The riff underneath that is greatness personified. Hell, the whole second half of the song is brilliant, with awesome riffs and great vocals. A very underrated classic.

All in all, I can see why this album still sells thousands of copies every week. It is just so damn good that any rock fan needs to own this, but I'm sure everyone already does, as who DOESN'T have this album? GNR would later go on to make some great epic ballads i.e. November Rain(my personal favorite song of all time, and IMO, the best ever written), Estranged, but this record stands the test of time and will always be the inspiration of thousands of up start guitarists all over the world. Recommended to EVERYONE!

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  • alx1ndr published 07/09/2009
    i agree with EVERYTHING! this record changed my life it's the reason i play guitar. Every single song blew me away when i first put it on and heard those throaty opening notes on welcome to the jungle. very good review sir. very good.
  • HokaHey published 05/11/2007
    Cool review of a classic album
  • pyro24 published 13/03/2007
    Great review! Great detail!
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