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The same Multi-Touch technology first introduced on the revolutionary iPhone comes to the mouse. It's called Magic Mouse, and it's the world's first m...

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published 05/06/2015 | sirodar
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Sad news. I may have gone quiet but ciao got me some much needed extra coins. Such a shame. You ciao folk are legends.
Pro Looks great, lots of features, nicely weighted
Cons Slight question mark over quality of finish, Very expensive
Robustness & durability
Look & feel
Ease of use
Range of extra features / functions

"It's a mouse Jim, but not as we know it."

Alive mouse - click it for a dead mouse

Alive mouse - click it for a dead mouse


Some background information/humour/sarcasm

Many of my things seem to have a habit of breaking. This is of course true with most people because, without sounding old and decrepit, they don't make things like they used to. Recently, my spate of electronic, car and appliance failures have been bordering on ridiculous. This is both annoying and upsetting and causes much pain in the wallet department. One such failure a couple of months ago was my 2008 iMac which despite being utterly bomb proof, has had a very busy life, firstly being used as a full time design tool, and then as my sons educational tool to help teach him world domination and efficient bullying of his brother. Firstly the mac keyboard cable began to fray at the cable to keyboard join, then the mouse cable came within a whisker of snapping due to millions of desk miles and finally, the hard drive, after months of threatening to fail with failed starts and lock ups, finally went pop. However, as this is a mac and far to good to just bin, I decided to give it a new brain and replaced the hard drive to make it as good as the day we bought it. Then I decided that because lazarus had risen, he deserved a new mouse and stupidly I went cheap and bought one from eBay for £4.99. It vaguely looked like an apple mouse, but had a spray painted apple symbol off centre and at a jaunty angle. It is basically as though some one has sent a very blurry fax of an apple mouse to go by, and then that is what the manufacturer crudely made. Basically, it works as a mouse but it was basically a heap of 'badly plagiarised Chinese eBay tat'.

Apple Mice

Which takes me onto the mouse I work with on a daily basis in our studio. This mouse is not a heap of badly plagiarised Chinese eBay tat. This mouse is called a 'Magic Mouse' which has been designed by a 'little known' Californian company by the name of Apple. However, it is still built in China because what isn't frankly.

Traditionally, iMacs, eMacs, MacPros etc all came supplied with beautifully crafted Apple mice. These originally started as track ball variants before moving onto 'laser guided' 21st century mice and they all had fancy professional sounding names names like Pro Mouse and Mighty Mouse. This mouse is different however, because this was Apple's first cordless bluetooth connected mouse hence the name 'Magic Mouse'. Although I still believe this mouse should be called the 'iDont-Understand-Mouse' because Blue-teeth is akin to witchcraft or dark wizardry and it uses air and invisible things to work -Spooky! My work 'Witchcraft Mouse' came with my work iMac as part of the package but it also available in it's own so everyone who owns a Mac or Macbook can experience the expensive and pretentious aluminium world of Apple Mice.

About The Mighty Mouse

Before you consider a Magic Mouse - System Requirements

Unfortunately, those of you with an older mac operating on OS X 10.4, also know as Tiger, will not be able to have one of these mice - so tough! However, if you are lucky enough to own a Mac with OS X 10.5.8, also known as Leopard, and above, good news, as you will be able to use a Magic Mouse. They will operate with iMac, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro and Mac Mini. I also believe that it may be possible to use one of these with a 'god awful' PC but with limited functionality. I am led to believe you will need the addition of extra software though.

The Looks & Overview

Firstly, if I had a pound for every time I had to listen to some unknowledgeable nitwit prattle on about Macs and them only being 'about the looks', I would have an undisclosed sum of money. Firstly, Mr. A. Nitwit is an idiot, because talking about the looks of something without knowing anything about the actual engineering itself is somewhat foolhardy. Judging books by covers is a typical Mac hater issue - it would be like saying Rachel Riley, 'She's dead fit, innit, but that's it'. This is just not the case. Rachel Riley is definitely 'dead fit innit' and also much cleverer than most people - so she is like a Mac. I'm sure I have a point. Apple mice have always been significantly more attractive than regular common garden mice. They are either transparent, or white or both, but this Magic Mouse is different. It doesn't look like a mouse, it looks like a piece of futuristic modern art.

The top section is a single rounded piece of smooth hard transparent polycarbonate sitting over the top of smooth white surface impregnated with the simple Apple logo. This surface features one giant button - but much more than that. (see below) The lower portion of the iRodent is built from 'weapons grade' anodised silver aluminium. (I made the weapons grade up, but it sounds cool). The bottom of the base features some polycarbonate 'skis' for the mouse to skate around on, a battery compartment in which you can place the required AA batteries (either alkaline or rechargeable), and a tiny on off switch coupled with a microscopic green LED to indicate its status. There is also the laser tracking thingy too which looks like a flies eye. The whole mouse measures up at a totally sensible 10cm x 6cm x 1.5cm - the height being the key thing as this is much shallower than a standard mouse - it is like it has been lowered and pimped.

Wireless Connectivity

As described earlier, this mouse operates solely using the magic of wireless Bluetooth technology - so there are no cables to get tangled, or dusty or dirty with that weird black stuff that seems to adhere so well. Once the mouse has it's complement of AA batteries occupying its 'power hole' one turns on the tiny switch and immediately the mouse is discoverable and your Mac will endeavour to connect to the mouse. Usually this is a quick procedure although it can be dependent on any other Bluetooth equipment lying around or anything else interfering, but usually it is a quick process. Of course your Mac needs to have bluetooth or have it turned on for this to work. The range of a Magic Mouse is claimed at around 30 feet (10 metres or so), however after conducting a not very scientific joke on a colleague, the mouse actually works from three times this range (dependent on walls and stuff).
The Main Functions

This is where the Magic Mouse stands on a pedestal blowing raspberries at other mice because it can do clever things. Yes, predominantly it is a cursor controller, but unlike your £4.99 eBay tosh with two buttons and a rubber scroll wheel this does more. You see, the entire top of the mouse is one giant giant playground that operates a little like a laptop touchpad and a little like a iPad screen (other tablets are available) in that it is many buttons - and your fingers are the boss. The mouse can also be set up in whichever ways suits your preference.

Things it can do

* Normal Click - The normal mouse click allows you to click anywhere on the mouse to select whatever you want, so even tiny hands can get on with the mouse.

* Left and Right Click - The mouse can be set up in Mac System Preferences to act like a PC mouse in that you have a left mouse button and a right button but without actually having separate buttons - it knows, in the special way in which you are caressing the left or right side of the mouse, what you are asking it to do. Or you can flip which side does what. Also handy.

* Zooming - In the same way you do on a tablet, you drag your fingers away from each other over the surface of the mouse to zoom in on the screen.

* Scrolling - When you are using your browser and you start typing a comment to a fellow Ciao member complementing them on their epic 7000 word effort of a very complicated Manga review, then stupidly a Ciao bug sends you to the top of the screen and you start typing in the search bar, you can go back to where you were by scrolling using your finger on top of the mouse. Or, if you are browsing through iPhoto, you can flick to the next photo. You can also flick through stuff very quickly like you do with a phone and the faster you flick the quicker the page scrolls.

It is all very clever, however as you must be wondering where is a moan? Well here it comes!

Performance and Observations

I have my mouse set up as follows. One click. No scrolling, no zooming, no right click. Just one big mouse button. Why I probably hear you ask - or was that a yawn? Well, as a graphic designer, or pleb as we refer to ourselves as, I utterly despise having in 'intelligent' mouse top. When I am typesetting and performing complicated actions in my design software or workflow system, it is very easy to accidentally brush over the surface and off goes your job. You then have to go and find it and bring it back to where it was, and then, oh sod! I accidentally click just off centre and hit the right mouse click area and now a menu has opened. I find this monumentally irritating. So I have them all turned off, which confuses anyone else in the studio who touches my mouse - this makes them leave well alone! Don't get me wrong, this is all very clever stuff being touchy-feely with a mouse but for me it is just too impractical for my use. This makes it sound like I don't actually need a Magic Mouse.

However, using the mouse is a lovely experience. It is actually quite weighty at just over 110 grams or so, so you always feel in control - it is nicely weighted and the sensitivity of the scrolling can be adjusted to suit. Compared to our rubbish home eBay mouse which weighs less than a malteser, it feels like a premium mouse - premium mice wear top hats and dinner jackets. The laser tracking thingy works better than most mice too. Sometimes with scummy mice, you find they don't like working on wood with a heavy grain or on paper, or cushions or anything other than a smooth one colour surface. The Magic Mouse works on anything. Concrete, an orange, my son's arm and also a watermelon. This is very handy indeed especially if you live on a watermelon farm. It is very sensitive and allows you to make very small accurate moves with no jerking - this is especially helpful when drawing vector illustrations with a million anchor points. The skis on the base are very smooth and offer little resistance which is good for using on rougher surfaces. The only issue is, is that there is no need to buy a comedy mousemat - shame.

Ergonomically, the mouse is excellent to hold. It is very shallow, so you don't have to arch your hand much - you can sort of rest your hand flat on the top and this also means you don't have bend your wrist as much allowing for less risk of a repetitive strain injury. However, swearing at colleagues may actually RSI anyway.
Power, Batteries, and Eco Waffle

Sorry - some dull stuff. The mouse can be powered by either AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. At 'mill, we use rechargeables - these tend to be wildly expensive compared to standard AA's, but we need a constant supply charged to make sure we don't become stuck with no mouse. Standard alkaline batteries last much longer than the rechargeables, however we have worked out that by buying the rechargeables we have saved money - it is also handier than buying a huge bulk of batteries or popping out to the shops over and over. Luckily, the Magic mouse knows when you are reading a review at work and knows when you are being inactive and can conserve power until you are ready to give a Not Helpful to an idiot reviewing our nemesis PC Specialist. There is also the off switch underneath to save lots of power when its 4.28pm and you are ready for the off. Will many squirrels be saved by this eco-ness? I'm thinking not many. Maybe the odd baby one. The mouse is also clever enough that it will tell you via your mac how many percents of battery pixies remain and that it is either low, or the dreaded 'Your mouse will switch of at any time' message which is when Russian roulette comes in to play and it wise not to have anything dodgy on your screen at work - like a dodgy Ciao manga dvd review for example.


Some issues have arisen with my work mouse. Issue one is that either I work my mouse so hard, or that I excrete a strong hydrochloric acid from my fingers as both sides of the mouse's silver finish has completely worn away. This makes the mouse look terrible. Maybe I work so hard that the friction from my speed has worn the anodising off. Or maybe not. see pictures for the evidence.

Another minor issue is, that because the mouse is Bluetooth connected, sometimes periods of disconnection occur and you have to sit and wait for the mouse to connect again. This is also the case if you accidentally hit it too hard or drop it from an inch or so. Lately it has been fine and better than usual, but I wonder if this is due to a change in the quality of the batteries we are using at work.

The other issue, which I never understood and cannot be rectified now, is why did Apple not design the Magic Mouse with a charging station that you can sit the mouse on and it keeps it charged over night? It would be so much less annoying than having to place basic AAs in it. Plus you could pretend to be a spaceman at the end of the day and say, 'Docking, mouse. scchhzzzzz, Over - Docking complete - Roger'. Apple have now designed an AA recharging station but its just not the same.


The Magic Mouse is very very expensive. It has a lot of features on it that I don't use because they actually interfere with my day to day job. However, because of it's accuracy, smoothness, and the perfect way in which it is weighted, I wouldn't trade it for any other mouse. My wrist also hurts less from too much hard work. (OK - Skiving on Ciao - Happy now!) Having tried many of the mice at work, they are all hopeless to use. The Magic Mouse just isn't. It is just a shame that the sides of the mouse have tarnished so badly because it now looks rubbish and tatty. Why do I not have one at home you ask? Well, I just cannot justify the cost for a mouse. I would like to, but there are bigger fish to fry. That is why at home I will stick with a rubbish eBay rat and let my boss fork out for the good stuff.

4 Stars for the apple mouse - it could just be a little bit better value for money and less easy to fall out with

Apple mice are everywhere on the internet. A bit like a technological infestation if you will, so they can be bought from lots of places. The main pedlars of the Magic Mouse include Apple themselves for £59. However, if you shop around it can be bought for around £42 from places like amazon if you are lucky. If you are really silly and want to throw money away, some places are charging £79 for one - I think this is referred to as 'Dick-Turpinism'. All Magic Mice come with a standard 1 year warranty.

© sirodar 2015 - and don't you be forgetting it!

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  • jb0077 published 27/08/2015
  • RICHADA published 20/06/2015
    Knew I'd missed one somewhere! It's amazing the difference in quality required in something used professionally - such as this - and that of the devices most of us buy as "eBay tat" for home use. The truth is that you actually get batter value out of the quality product, buying the best you can afford pays dividends.......unless, in my case, it comes with the word "Samsung" attached. R.
  • hiker published 19/06/2015
    A most excellent review - don't use a Mac and wouldn't want all the supermouse stuff anyway, so would never buy one - but I still enjoyed the read.
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Product Information : Apple Magic Mouse

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The same Multi-Touch technology first introduced on the revolutionary iPhone comes to the mouse. It's called Magic Mouse, and it's the world's first multi-touch mouse. Click anywhere, scroll in any direction, and swipe through images on its smooth, seamless top shell. It works wirelessly using Bluetooth, so you don't have to worry about cables or adapters cluttering your workspace.

Product Details

Long Name: Magic Mouse, MB829Z/A Magic, Magic Laser Mouse


EAN: 0885909270392

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Input Device / Type: Mouse

Device Type: Mouse

Designed For: iMac; MacBook Pro

Product Description: Apple Magic Mouse - mouse

Battery: 2 x AA type

Movement Detection Technology: Laser

Connectivity Technology: Wireless - Bluetooth

Orientation: Right and left-handed

Features: Multi-touch mouse surface

OS Required: Apple MacOS X 10.5.8 or later

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Designed For: Apple iMac ¦ Apple MacBook Pro


Installed Qty: 2

Type: AA type

Input Device

Movement Detection Technology: Laser

Interface: Bluetooth

Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Features: Multi-touch mouse surface

Max Operating Distance: Up to 10 m


Orientation: Right and left-handed

Device Type: Mouse

MPN: MB829Z/A, MB829ZM/A, MB829LL/A

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OS Required: Apple MacOS X 10.5.8 or later


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