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Apple iPad Air 16GB WiFi

The iPad Air is unbelievably thin and light. And yet it's so much more powerful and capable. With the A7 chip, advanced wireless, and great apps for p...

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published 28/01/2017 | catsholiday
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"My iPad Air was a real gift"

Apple iPad Air 16GB WiFi

Apple iPad Air 16GB WiFi


A month or so ago I received a message from my lovely niece asking if I would like her old iPad. He husband works for apple and so they have both got the latest ones and so no longer needed this one. Of course I snatched her hand off as I was thinking of buying one but have only just replaced my laptop so was going to wait a while.

This is a full sized iPad air so is one of the thinner iPads so pretty light and slim. It is wifi only which suits me fine as I would only use it on wifi as I already have my iPhone to use when out and about if needed.

I already had a Samsung galaxy mini and compared to that the iPad is so much quicker and easier to use. As soon as I log in it is on and ready to go with no lag at all. The touch screen is far more sensitive than the Samsung too which used to get me really frustrated and rather put me off tablet computers.

~~~~~~~~ PACKING ~~~~~

Obviously mine was not new but I have seen my daughter opening her new iPad and like iPhones these come in secure strong boxes with the actual ipad in a preformed plastic compartment.There is also an information booklet and the charger. The lid of the box has a foam pad for protection of the device .

~~~~~~~ SETIING THIS UP ~~~~~

Mine was already set up and stripped of all my niece's stuff – he husband being an expert in this. All I had to do was set up my passcode and put it onto our wifi and I was all set. I also had to log into my itunes and icloud account and register it to my name and details which was quite easy and didn't take me long.


Introduced in October 22, 2013 and discontinued in March 21, 2016
Order MD785LL/A* Model A1474
Family iPad Air (Wi-Fi) ID iPad4,1
Storage 16 GB

~~~~~~~~~ DESCRIPTION ~~~~~~~~

This iPad Air model has the same 9.7" Retina display as the earlier iPad 3rd Gen and iPad 4th Gen but the difference is that this one and newer models are20% thinner and 28% lighter.

My iPad is gunmetal grey at the back but you can also get them with a white back or black back. On the front on the screen the 'frame' round the edge of mine is black.Thewhite-trimmed front has a silver aluminum matte back.

The screen is a 9.7" 2048x1536 (264 ppi) LED-backlit IPS touch-sensitive display.

The processor in this is a speedy a dual core 1.4 GHz Apple A7 processor.

My iPad has 1 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of memory storage . It can also be bought with 32GB 64GB 128GB as well.

It also has a dual camera . If you use the rear mounted camera you have a 5 megapixel "iSight" camera which can take both photos and videos. The front mounted camera is a 1.2 megapixel "FaceTime HD" camera which also takes photos or videos but at a less high quality.

The iPad uses a dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi with MIMO capability, and it also has Bluetooth 4.0.

There are also dual microphones and speakers so videos are easy to watch and you can Skype or Facetime as well.

You can also connect the iPad to a computer using the same connection lightening port as the one used to charge the iPad and that way you can get photos or music etc from the iPad onto the laptop or computer. I do believe the iPad can only send to the computer a I have not managed to send anything from the laptop ( not apple) to the iPad.

The lightening port is the same on as I use on my iphone 5S so I can use the same lead which is handy.

The battery is a Lithium Polymer and according to apple' specifications the life of this iPad Air model is said to be 10 hours when use for surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music. I have not actually timed this as I tend not to use it for as long as ten hours but I do notice that I tend to only have to charge it once a week or if I have used it a lot maybe after five days so despite the fact it is not new iPad and has been well used it still has a good battery life.

~~~~~~~ MY EXPERIENCE ~~~~~

Now please bear with me as I am not a teckie person so this is lay persons views.

I really like how this feels when I am using it. It I a bit heavier than my kindle so I wouldn't want to hold it too long in bed but using it on my lap it feels slim and looks good too. I like the larger size as I find it much easier to send text and messages that on my iPhone when I constantly seem to hit the wrong letters.

Using this to play games like Draw or ones where you have to have a level of accuracy is so much easier on this iPad than on my iPhone or the 7” Galaxy tablet.

I love the fact that when I touch or swipe the touch screen is so responsive that I am at the next site or page in seconds. It is also great that as soon as I have put in my passcode the iPad is set and ready to go to my messages or face book or wherever with no lag in time.

The screen is clear and even though it is touch screen doesn't seem to show my finger prints to badly so watching short videos on this is really good both for sound and the way it looks on screen.

Getting apps is easy once you have an iTunes account. You can put your iTunes password in each time or have the iPad remember it which I have chosen. Apps then download with speed and you are ray to use them immediately. I don't have hundreds of apps, just facebook or travel apps mainly.

I use hotmail and so I have linked my emails to come through the hotmail app but you can link to have all your emails come through your apple email account if you want to.

Apart from facebook my favourite app it Tripit which is an app that saves all your trip itinerary when you send it the confirmation booking emails. It puts everything in order from flights to hotel and tours you have booked on line. You can also manually add tours if you have not booked on line but the Trip doing it is so much easier.

I can download films onto the iPad from amazon and take them away with me to watch without having to be online.

With both my iPad and iPhone the photos I take are sent to the i cloud and so I can access photos taken on my phone on my iPad and vice versa without having to send them between them – its like magic!!

The rear camera I find pretty good quality like my iPhone. It does need good light to take the best photos but I don't tend to use it much as a camera, I use my phone more as that is what I carry around. Like my iPhone the camera has a number of modes such as full HD video recording, some other filters for photo editing after you have taken the photo and it can also take photos in panorama mode if you want to take a view . You can also choose square mode which is good for instagram as they use square formats .

This iPad , like my iPhone uses the ios7 format so on the iPad the icons look exactly like on the phone. This is great as going from one gadget to the other I don't need to rethink how to do things. Everything is where it should be and Safari and email work on both gadgets the same way.

The apple message system imessage is found on iphones and allows you to text message through the app and you can put this app on your iPad. I tend to use facetime or whatsapp as well as the messaging system on my iphone as I never use my allowance on my phone for texts anyway.

Like my iPhone 5S this ipad air has siri which is a voice operated command feature available only on apple ios systems. I tend to only use siri if my hands are busy . You can ask her to find places on line or send a message to one of your contacts or even call a contact.

There is headphone outlet at the to and volume controls on the side of the gadget as well as the on/off switch.

These are now discontinued but you can still buy them reconditioned or on ebay and the prices vary so you need to look round really. I would say that if you are looking for an iPad expect to pay in excess of £200 . There are some on ebay or around £50 but unless you know the person I would not buy second hand one.

IPads range in price depending on the specs and age and all sorts of things so my advice is go and ask the experts in an apple store, do lots of research and then decide on what you want to pay then do a price comparison.

~~~~~~~ PIMPING YOUR IPAD ~~~~~

I always get a screen saver for my gadgets and so I checked with my niece and she said that this already had a screen protector on it. You can buy a good one from amazon for around £6 or £7 but I think it is well worth it to protect your gadget.

A cover is also a good idea as it does keep the screen safe but doesn't add much weight to the iPad. I like the cover as when you flip the cover over the screen the iPad it switches itself off which saves the battery . These you can buy from amazon for around £4 to around £16 depending on the quality you want. I like the covers that flip over as you can bend them to become a stand as well and if you don't want to use it as a stand it fold right back onto the back of the iPad almost disappearing. They are held on by magnets and they are pretty secure too.

Keyboards can also be bought if you want to use the iPad with one rather than using the onscreen keypad. The keypads are usually blue tooth and prices can vary from around £20 upwards to ridiculous amounts. I shall not bother as I have laptops an netbooks that will do that job.

~~~~~~~ RECOMMENDED? ~~~~~~

Yes indeed I love mine. I was pt off tablets by the Samsung galaxy but since having this iPad air I am a convert. I still prefer writing reviews and blogs on the lap top but I find the iPad great for face book or browsing the new and other online sites while eating my breakfast I also love watching videos and listening to music on it. It is perfect for using in the kitchen for recipes on line too.

Thanks for reading and hope this has been useful.


28th January 2017

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  • NBCMad92 published 05/02/2017
    Great review. E from me.
  • 1st2thebar published 03/02/2017
    Very good. However, unsure of this product's marketing worth, as it's been discontinued.
  • beautybuff published 02/02/2017
    fab review x
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Product Information : Apple iPad Air 16GB WiFi

Manufacturer's product description

The iPad Air is unbelievably thin and light. And yet it's so much more powerful and capable. With the A7 chip, advanced wireless, and great apps for productivity and creativity - all beautifully integrated with iOS 7 - iPad Air lets you do more than you ever imagined. In more places than you ever imagined. iPad Air is impossibly thin but incredibly solid thanks to its aluminum unibody design. It dropped almost a quarter of the volume of the previous-generation iPad. So it weighs just one gravity-defying pound. But what makes iPad Air truly remarkable is that it packs so much more power and capability into its sleek enclosure. So you can do even more with it, while carrying even less with you. iPad has always been about the display. And that's even truer with iPad Air. Because Apple reduced the width of the device, along with the bezels on the sides of the display. But the size of the stunning Retina display is exactly the same. So your content fills your view more than ever. The Apple-designed A7 chip brings 64-bit desktop-class architecture to iPad. That means up to twice the CPU speed and graphics performance for everything you do. And still long hour of battery life to study, play, build, and create whatever you want, all you want. The A7 chip takes iPad to heights of power and speed. Thanks to the A7 chip, apps run faster. Games are more responsive. And everything you do with iPad Air feels quicker, because it is quicker. Up to twice as quick, in fact. And the A7 chip features 64-bit architecture, opening the door for even more robust and powerful apps. Which means even more possibilities for what you can do with iPad Air. iPad Air was designed to be on the move. That's why the M7 coprocessor makes so much sense. It measures motion from your iPad Air by pulling data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. So your apps can give you a better experience based on the movement of your iPad Air. It's a task that would normally fall to the A7 chip. But M7 is more efficient at it, which saves on power. iPad Air is powerful, but not power hungry. Even though it's 20 percent thinner and up to twice as fast as the previous-generation iPad, it still gives you the same incredible long-hour battery life. That's because the A7 chip isn't just more powerful, it's also more efficient. So no matter where you go with iPad Air, you'll have the battery power to go even further. iPad Air gives you up to twice the Wi-Fi performance thanks to two antennas and MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) technology. With dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi and MIMO, download speeds can reach up to 300 Mbps - double the data rate of the previous-generation iPad. So now when you want to download a movie, share photos or documents with AirDrop, or just browse the web, your connection is even faster than before.

Product Details

Display / Diagonal Size: 9.7

Flash Memory / Installed Size: 16

OS Provided / Type: Apple iOS 7

Processor / Type: A7

Display / Native Resolution: 2048 x 1536

Manufacturer: Apple

EAN: 0885909773008; 0888462098656


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