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Apple iPhone 3G 16GB

Cut, copy, and paste with a tap. Send text, photos, locations, and more. Search across your iPhone. Phone, iPod, and Internet device in one, iPhone 3...

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published 16/09/2008 | cheety555
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"iPhone 3G review."

I had wanted one of these for quite a while before I eventually convinced my Dad to buy me one!

Yes, it is a little pricey, but in my opinion, it is well worth it. It has it's flaws but compared to all of the phones I've ever owned, it really is outstanding.

Starting with the good stuff :)...

The Safari internet browser is excellent. You can view the pages just as you would on a computer - it is very easy to use & you can find an internet connection almost anywhere, although occasionally, when the signal is low, it cannot connect. If a Wifi is nearby, a box comes up asking whether you want to connect which I have found to be very helpful.

The Youtube feature is really handy & I love the simpleness & format of it.

I absolutely love the AppStore. There are so many free applications up for download. Lots of silly but entertaining little games such as Whack A Gopher, iBubbleWrap, PocketHoops, Hanoi, Hangman & others. I have also downloaded, for free, an IM service where I sign in to my hotmail account, a tarot card service, a reading application where I can store full length books on my iPhone, a programme which allows me access to all of the main radiostations & local ones, horoscopes, sudoku, a magic 8 ball, rock paper scissors, fortune cookies & many more useful applications. It really does keep me entertained when on a long journey or in a delay. My personal favourite is iPint, where the iPhone is transformed into a pint glass & a virtual pint is poured. When you tilt the phone, you can drink it & it really is a good bit of fun with friends.

The Contacts system is great, keeping your contacts in alphabetical order. Very easily accessed by just a flick of the finger & lots of options to add in the address, email, a photo & more.

The Maps feature is very, very helpful. It is a very sufficient Satellite Navigation system with several different views & easy accessability. It can find your current location & can give you step by step directions from one place to another, showing the number of miles away it is & approximately how long it will take you to get there. A small circle represents your location & can tell where you are so therefore moves along the map as you travel. If you search for something such as "pizza", followed by the town name, all of the nearby pizza restaurants will pop up, complete with details such as phone number, email address & directions if needed. The Maps feature has proved very handy & it is very easy to use.

I am unaware of the megapixel of the built in camera but I have had no problems with the quality & have found it more than sufficient. The photo album is easy to look through & links you to the camera & other features, such as assigning it to a contact, emailing it, deleting it or playing a slideshow of the current photo album. Moving from one picture to the next requires a simple flick of the finger.

The Calendar feature is great. It can be viewed like an actual calendar or in list form & it is very simple to add events to certain dates. Today's date is displayed clearly in a different colour to the rest & events saved to the dates, are represented by a black dot. When adding events, you can store the time & location & can add an alarm, if necessary.

The Weather feature is extremely handy. You can easily search for any place & even get the weather for specific villages. If they are regular spots for you, just add them to your favourites & they will automatically be shown when you open the App. The current temperature is shown at the top followed by the highest & lowest predicted temperatures for the next week. A small picture is also included to show whether it is going to be cloudy, rainy, sunny etc.

The Notes feature is great when needing to note down a phone number or the name of something. It is a great alternative when you don't have a pen or paper handy when you quickly need to write something down. You can create separate sections for different sets of notes & the time & date of creation is displayed clearly next to the title of the section, on the main menu of the notepad.

The Stocks feature is of no interest to me so unfortunately I can't tell you much about that, as I haven't used it.

Can't tell you the good things about the Email service as I haven't used it.

The Clock feature is very handy, as it has an alarm, a stopwatch & a timer - all of which I have used. There is also a World Clock section where you can save your favourite city time zones. You can create & save numerous alarms, which can be named & personalized, with a choice of different tones available. It is switched on & off with a flick of the finger & when it goes off, you have the option to either "Snooze" or turn the alarm off. If you choose "Snooze", the alarm silences but alerts again in five minutes. The alarm goes off, even if the phone is in silent/vibrate mode. The timer can do anything from 1 minute to 23 hours & 59 minutes & the tone used to sound the end of the timer can be changed. The stopwatch is a simple one, with a Start/Stop & a Lap function.

The Calculator has a neat, little trick, which I only realized was there after having the phone for almost 4 months. At first glance, it is simply a calculator - easy to use & perfectly sufficient - but when you turn the phone on it's side, the wonderful motion sensors kick in & the calculator swivels around, now with double the amount of buttons - it's a scientific calculator! It includes all of the scientific buttons, such as π, x² & x³.

Settings are easily accessible & simple to use. Have found no problems with this.

You can access iTunes store on your iPhone so you don't have to wait until you reach your computer which is very handy. Easy to use.

I love the way the SMS (Text) feature is set out. When you enter the feature, all of the contacts (or numbers) that you have contacted via text are in a list & you simply tap the name or number to view your entire conversation history in order, with times & dates, like an instant messenger. At the top of your conversation, you have the option to call the number or add it to your contacts, if they are not already. If they are, you can view the contact's info. There is a box at the bottom where you can type a new message - simply tap it & the qwerty keyboard pops up. To send a text to a new name or number, you just tap the icon in the top corner of the main menu. I love how it is set out all in one conversation. It makes things much less confusing without having to hop between an Inbox & a Sentbox.

The iPod is fantastic. I have got approximately 1000 songs on it at the moment & 4 feature length films (plus 300 photos) & have had no problems as of yet. It is set up very well, with all the features of the traditional iPod (artists, albums, alphabetical etc.) & the wide screen view for watching videos is awesome. The motion sensors work well when using the album art view & maneuvering through the tracks is very easy.

When in a call the motion sensors work very well. When the phone is held up to your ear, the screen goes black but when you bring it back down in front of you, the in-call screen is displayed giving you the options to mute, bring up the numerical keypad, put it on speaker, add in a call (up to 5), put the caller on hold, bring up your contact list or end the call. The home key can be pressed at any time & all of the features can be used whilst in a call, excluding Safari & Youtube.

One of my favourite things about it is the headphones. There is a clicker situated on the wire, which is an excellent asset. Whilst listening to music, if the iPhone is locked or in your pocket, you can simply double click the clicker to skip to the next song or click it once to pause & play. This is very handy, so that you don't need to fuss unlocking or retrieving the phone. Also, if you are listening to music & you recieve an incoming call, the music fades out & your ringtone plays in your ears, as well as the phone vibrating. You simply click the clicker to answer. You can hear the caller through your headphones & there is a built in microphone in the clicker so that they can hear you. Simply click it again to end the call & the music will fade back in, right where you left off. This feature can be used during any call & I love it! It is great for when I am doing activies where two hands are required - typing on my laptop, for example.

The look of the phone is very futuristic & stylish & in my opinion, is the perfect size. Volume is easily accessed & you can determine whether the sound is on or the phone is on silent/vibrate by simply flicking a switch on the side. The sleep/wake button is excellent for locking your phone quickly & easily before putting it in your pocket or bag. The SIM card tray is pulled out at the top of the phone, by using a small key which comes with the iPhone but if you don't have it on a hand, something like a paperclip or an earring will do. This way, there is no need to take the back of the phone, which is great & it keeps the SIM card securely in place. The headphone jack is the normal 3mm so will fit your own personal headphones if need be. The microphone is good quality & so is the speaker but it could be a lot louder; the volume does not go very high.

The QWERTY keyboard that comes up everytime you need to type something is surprisingly easy to use & within a few weeks, I began using my thumbs to type. The keyboard can also be changed to suit other languages.

I have stuck on an InvisibleShield to prevent it from getting scratched, without having to keep it in a case, as it is quite delicate. I have been very careful with it & it has worked very well for me.

Now for the the flaws....

With the Youtube feature, sometimes it does not connect to the internet even when Safari browser is in working order. The 3G symbol must be apparant for it to connect whereas with Safari, only the signal must be sufficient. This is quite annoying, as the 3G symbol is unapparant quite often.

Can't really fault the AppStore, only that some of the applications that look really good are quite pricey :(

Maps can't always connect to the internet, but this is very rare. It usually connects very quickly & sufficiently.

One of the main flaws of the phone is the fact that you cannot send picture messages. You can email your photos but cannot send them to another phone.

Another big flaw, is the fact that the camera is quite simply a camera. No special features. And it can only take photos - there is no video option. The quality is decent enough but can blur quite easily. I'm sure this is something Apple will improve for the third generation iPhone.

Was quite disappointed at the email feature. As I mentioned earlier, I haven't used it. The reason for this is because I use Hotmail & unfortunately, it doesn't support this. You can only use this feature on a Microsoft Exchange, mobileme, Google Mail or Yahoo Mail account. There is an Other option at the bottom, which worked temporarily using IzyMail until my free trial ended & I found out I had to pay a yearly fee.

Because of the way the texts are set out in conversations, you can't forward messages. For me personally, this hasn't really been much of a problem but I am aware that it may be for others.

As you can see, the qualities of the phone outweigh the flaws by a mile & I am seriously impressed with it. I am on an 18 month contract, which is £45 a month for 1200 minutes & 500 texts, which I am very happy with. On this tariff, the handset was a very reasonable £60.

I think I am going to stick with this phone for a very long time. It is miles ahead of the rest of the market & there is nothing out there even comparable to it & it's wonderful features. Would deeply recommend it.

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Product Information : Apple iPhone 3G 16GB

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Product Type: Smartphone

Mobile Broadband Generation: 3G

Smartphone Memory: 16 GB

Service Provider: O2, Not specified

Form Factor: Touch

Dimensions (WxDxH): 62 mm x 12 mm x 116 mm

Weight: 133 g

Colour: Black, White

Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM

Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900

Integrated Components: Digital camera, digital player, GPS receiver, voice recorder

Rear-facing Camera Resolution: 2 Megapixel

Wireless Interface: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Display: LCD display - colour - 3.5" - TFT

Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen (multi-touch)

Operating System: OS X

Playback Digital Standards: WAV, AAC, AIFF, MP3, Apple Lossless

Talk Time: Up to 600 minutes

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Cellular / Phone Design: Candybar

Display Type: TFT; 16M colours; 320 x 480 pixels

Communications / Wireless Interface: Wifi; Bluetooth

Cellular / Technology: UMTS; HSDPA; GSM; EDGE

Cellular / Band: Quad Band

Phone Design: Classic

Cellular / Combined with: 2 MP digital camera; digital player

Battery / Standby Time: 300

Cellular / Integrated Components: Digital camera; Digital player

Length: 114 mm

Width: 61 mm

Height: 12 mm

Cellular / Phone Form Factor: Classic

Cellular / Mobile Broadband Generation: 3G

Cellular / Type: Smartphone

Manufacturer: Apple


MPN: MB496B/A, MB500B/A, MB496T/A

Product Type: Smartphone

Form Factor: Touch

Integrated Components: Digital camera, digital player, GPS receiver, voice recorder

Aerial: Internal

Width: 62 mm

Depth: 12 mm

Height: 116 mm

Weight: 133 g

Body Colour: Black, White


Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM

Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900

Mobile Broadband Generation: 3G

Service Provider: O2, Not specified

Operating System: OS X

SIM Card Type: Mini SIM

Input Device(s): Multi-touch

Messaging & Internet

Cellular Messaging Services: MMS, SMS

Supported Email Protocols: POP3, IMAP4

Messaging & Data Features: PDF support, Microsoft Word support, Microsoft Excel support


Data Transmission: GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA

Wireless Interface: IEEE 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR

Communication Features: Mobile Email client, Internet browser

Phone Features

Phone Functions: Speakerphone, call timer, conference call

Polyphonic Ringer: Yes


Personal Information Management: Calculator

Media Player

Supported Digital Audio Standards: WAV, AAC, AIFF, MP3, Apple Lossless


User Memory: 16 GB

Digital Camera

Rear-facing Camera Resolution: 2 Megapixel

Navigation System

Navigation: A-GPS receiver


Type: LCD display - colour

Technology: TFT

Diagonal Size: 3.5"

Display Resolution: 320 x 480 pixels

Display Illumination Colour: White


Connector Type: 1 x headset jack - mini-phone 3.5mm ¦ 1 x dock connector - 30 pin dock connector


Run Time Details: Talk - up to 600 min ¦ Standby - up to 300 hrs


Included Accessories: Hands-free headset, cleaning cloth, USB cable, power adapter


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