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iPhone combines three products - a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications devic...

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published 11/02/2008 | jaygami1986
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"Apple IPhone"

Ok well im going to be giving a review on the Apple IPhone, ive had it for about two months now, and feel its about appropriate time to give my views on the product, as ive had enough time to play around and get use to it. The IPhone was given to me as a present, a few months back, I was at first not sure whether I wanted the IPhone, it seemed too expensive and full of applications and tools I really didn't want. I already had an Ipod and a Phone. so my thinking was why would I in principle want to get another one. However, being the kind person I am I accepted the gift and went to the shops with my dad were we purchased the phone.
Now before you buy your phone you must decide whether you want to purchase the 8GB phone of the 16GB phone. What's the difference, well the smaller one only costs £269, whilst opting for the larger one will cost an extra £100 (£369), second of all you have to oblige to a 18 month contract, compared to the standard option of either going for 12 or 18, why well because it's a way for both Apple and O2 to make some money. We then had to choose a price plan that suited me, I was always a texter, I could never finish my limits and so wanted something that would suit me, I got the £35 a month contract that included 600 minutes and 500 texts, more than enough to suit my needs. However for people looking for more or less options, they also had the following price plans;

Price Plan

Monthly charge £35: 600 minutes, 500 texts, unlimited wifi, email and web use (18 months)

Monthly Charge £45: 1200 minutes, 500 texts, wifi, email and web use (18 months)

Monthly Charge: £75: 3000 minutes, 500 texts, wifi, email and web use (18 months)

To be honest the £35 a month plan was the best for me, but people have different tastes, but you wouldn't catch me paying £75 a month, really can't afford that.

I resisted from opening it in the car, as I wanted to wait till we got home, open and play with it in peace. Ok so after coming, home ripping open the box and putting my phone on charge for some time I took a look at the user manual and guide. It was actually straight forward. For anyone who's bought an Apple product in the past, whether it is an Ipod or a Nano it can be straightforward. One must note that you do have to activate your IPhone via the Tunes application, which you get with a cd, or may have to download from the Apple website free of charge. The clever thing about the IPhone is the tariff selection is done online, rather than through the shops, once you have got through the initial stages of registration you can synch all your music, contacts, have calendars and photos placed onto the IPhone. Ill be honest even though ive used an Apple product before it can sometime take a while to pick up the process of moving files to and from the Phone, but practice makes perfect I guess.

Design Colour and Shape

Well the IPhone is a pure black colour, only one colour im afraid at the moment but im sure they will start producing the multi colour range, which no doubt will be somewhat of a hit. Only bad thing about the colour is if you get small scratches on your phone it's easily see able, I no because unfortunately I have a few on my phone and boy did I get a lecture form my dad, which is understandable considering he bought it.

The design was actually straight forward, it had the look of the Ipod Touch, which my dad had and the LG Prada phone my cousin had. Their was nothing complexed about the design or shape, I hate the new phones which really are just too big and funny looking; Apple kept it simple and clear. The phone's screen size is about 3.5 inches in diagonal length and the phone itself was 115×61×11.6 mm in length and only weighted around 135g. The weight of the phone was very appealing to me too, it wasn't too big, and it could fit into your pocket and not weigh you down.

Battery Life

To be honest I heard some good reviews about the battery life for this phone, initially the phone had a standard battery life of 250 hours, of which 8 hours were talk time, 6 for internet use, and 7 for video use and 24 hours for audio use. I though great, it's not everyday you see a phone that can play music for over 24 hours without the battery dieing. My previous phone the Sony Erickson would die almost straight away and so I was pleased with this news. However, for about the first week I had noticed my battery died relatively quickly and looking through the manual I couldn't seem to understand why this was, if it said the batter lasted so and so hours, why was mine dieing before that? Well I went to the 02 store and phone out my battery was faulty, they were very kind to replace the battery free of charge of course and because I only just bought the phone the manager of the shop offered me a free accessory. I wasn't going to say no.

Phone Camera:
There were numerous things that attracted me to the phone and the camera specification was defiantly one of them. The phone actually has a powerful 2.0 mexapixel camera, which for a phone is not a bad deal at all. Im not one to normally take pictures when we got about partying and what not, but for some reason Apple makes it so much more fun taking the pictures. The quality for me was brilliant, I took pictures both indoors and outdoors and also in the night time and found the quality to be the same to that of my Sony Digital Camera. The best feature is once you have got a nice collection of pictures you can view them on the IPhone by turning the phone horizontal, a thumbnail of all the pictures turns up, and I think I even found a way of watching the pictures in a PowerPoint slide type method. I don't think people will be disappointed by the camera, Apple have an uncanny knack of creating some of the best technology, so there was no surprise that this phone was going to be something special.
I suppose the only downside is that you can't record any videos with your camera, unlike the more conventional phones around, but heck with a phone this good, who cares.

Touch Screen Option:
Perhaps the greatest feature known to man, a phone that can be operated by using your finger, I use my index finger as it's easier for me. Now the touch screen method was not created by Apple, I can think of many other companies that used this service before, but with the features this phone has it's a hell of a lot easier. For instance the photos, you can drag your finger along until you find the one you want to view, unlike the normal phones were you have to aguishly scroll down to find the right one, and if you have a lot of pictures this can be hell. The actual screen is protected by a optical scratch resistant glass, meaning well scrams are hard to come by; too bad the rest of the phone isn't like that. The best bit about the screen is its horizontal sub sliding selections, it makes the screen wider and given you a lot more room to work in.

Ill be quite honest, with my old phones I never used the email functions, the screen was to small and it took for hours to get everything loaded up, but with my IPhone, I find it just as easy and quick then me using my PC. The email option is actually available on the from page of your IPhone, along with the other options; of watching photos, going to you tube, and viewing the weather to name just a few. The good thing about this option is that you can send attachments from word documents and excel, or photos its actually lot more straightforward than most people thing, but be prepared to learn, magic wont happen over night.

Well for me this was the biggest attraction to the phone, the use of the internet both in the house and outside were you might be able to pick up a Wifi signal. What's so different about the IPhone is that unlike normal phones it gives you more internet applications, my old phone only allowed me to use the web browser, however with this new phone I can check the weather, the stock market look at maps and watch videos on you tube., its a lot more internet friendly.
You Tube Function:
The you tube function is a lot like that of the Ipod Touch, were you can view movies and videos or anything on the net. One most not, at home having a wireless network set up always helps, I always found the spend of the You tube loading to be really quick, actually faster than my PC, suggesting to me that its now time for a new computer too.
Weather Function:
To be honest I don't know why I use this tool so much, im not a business man and im always in London, but for some reason its always nice to now how our counter parts are enjoying their weather in Mumbai, Sydney and LA.
I also used the maps function, primarily because when we use to go out clubbing we always got lost, noting better than having an AZ packed in you back pocket, its easy to use, and is similar to that of a tom tom, but it doesn't make noises and tell you were to go, yet!

To be honest the internet feature are amazing, it's such a complexed phone, yet to me it was very user friendly. It allowed you to do a lot more than what other phones offered; it was like computer rather than a phone.

Audio and MP3:
Well it wouldn't be an Apple phone without any audio capabilities, again Apple has really pioneered the way music can be listened to, I was a big fan of the Ipod and now this phone has come into my life. The music is normally synched onto your phone much like that of doing it through your Ipod, the drag and drop and making play list. The audio is really clear as one would expect, you can skip tracks, pause an replay songs much like the normal ipod. The only downside for me was the headphones Apple provide, as they are similar to the phones the Ipod has. For some abnormal reason the standard headphone don't seem to fit around my ear loabs properly and always fall out. I remember I had to wait for Apple to create headphone that go around the whole ear in order to effectively use the MP3 player, weird. Instead because of my abnormality I saw myself buying a wireless Bluetooth headset that allowed me to listen to music more comfortably

Text Input:
Another feature that makes the IPhone hands down brilliant. The text input service is straight forward, the phone implements a virtual keyboard on yours screen. From hear it has the ability to learn your words, spell check anything. Like most phone I hate when I can't really use text lingo, and find myself taking time to slowly write the text so the interface can recognize it. I must say the same does apply with this phone, it can take some serious learning time and is quite hard to pick up at first, but it's clever the way it works and after a while you really become use to it.

The phone is a must have, if you can afford it, my justification for getting one was that it's a camera, phone, MP3 player and computer all in one. It has so many capabilities that really make this phone admirable and desirable. The price can be defecting to potential buyer, however I would hopefully be correct in saying the price will eventually go down. I will be honest, the phone isn't one you can learn from on a matter of days, it took me a good 2 weeks to fully understand the ins and outs of my phone, but once you get to that stage its all abc from their onwards. The technology is brilliant, quality is amazing and to be honest a good all round phone. If you're saving up for a phone some time in the near future, I would give this phone a try.

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  • JayBird91 published 11/01/2010
    Excellent review man!
  • Stephensj1995 published 17/02/2009
    e review , when it first came out i t looked amazing but when i actually went on one, i did not think they were as good as they were made out to be, what do you think- jake xx
  • Morning_Becomes_Electra published 12/02/2008
    That phone is well cool and I am getting one next month. Good review! :)
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Product Information : Apple iPhone 8GB

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iPhone combines three products - a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching - into one small and lightweight handheld device. iPhone also introduces an entirely new user interface based on a large multi-touch display and pioneering new software, letting you control everything with just your fingers. So it ushers in an era of software power and sophistication never before seen in a mobile device, completely redefining what you can do on a mobile phone.

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Service Provider: AT&T

Form Factor: Touch

Dimensions (WxDxH): 61 mm x 17 mm x 116 mm

Weight: 135 g

Colour: Black

Technology: GSM

Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband)

Integrated Components: Digital camera, digital player

Rear-facing Camera Resolution: 2 Megapixel

Wireless Interface: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Display: LCD display - colour - 3.5" - TFT

Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen (multi-touch)

Operating System: OS X

Playback Digital Standards: WAV, AAC, AIFF, MP3, Apple Lossless , H.264

Talk Time: Up to 480 minutes

Standby Time: Up to 250 hours

Cellular / Operating System: iOS

Cellular / Type: Smartphone

Long Name: iPhone

Communications / Wireless Interface: Wifi; Bluetooth

Cellular / Integrated Components: Digital camera

Cellular / Phone Form Factor: Slate

Cellular / Features: GPRS; EDGE; Bluetooth; Wi-Fi

Cellular / Extra Features: 2.0 MP digital camera; iPod

Cellular / Combined with: Digital Camera

Manufacturer: Apple

Optical Sensor / Sensor Resolution: 2

Phone Design: Slate



Product Type: Smartphone

Form Factor: Touch

Integrated Components: Digital camera, digital player

Aerial: Internal

Width: 61 mm

Depth: 17 mm

Height: 116 mm

Weight: 135 g

Body Colour: Black


Technology: GSM

Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband)

Service Provider: AT&T

Operating System: OS X

Input Device(s): Multi-touch

Messaging & Internet

Cellular Messaging Services: SMS

Supported Email Protocols: POP3, IMAP4

Messaging & Data Features: PDF support, Microsoft Word support, Microsoft Excel support


Data Transmission: GPRS, EDGE

Wireless Interface: IEEE 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR

Communication Features: Mobile Email client, Internet browser

Phone Features

Phone Functions: Speakerphone, call timer, conference call

Polyphonic Ringer: Yes


Personal Information Management: Calculator

Media Player

Supported Digital Audio Standards: WAV, AAC, AIFF, MP3, Apple Lossless

Supported Digital Video Standards: H.264


User Memory: 8 GB, 4 GB

Digital Camera

Rear-facing Camera Resolution: 2 Megapixel


Type: LCD display - colour

Technology: TFT

Diagonal Size: 3.5"

Display Resolution: 320 x 480 pixels

Display Illumination Colour: White


Connector Type: 1 x headset jack - mini-phone 3.5mm ¦ 1 x dock connector - 30 pin dock connector


Run Time Details: Talk - up to 480 min ¦ Standby - up to 250 hrs


Included Accessories: Hands-free headset, cleaning cloth, USB cable, power adapter, phone charging stand


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