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12.10.2008 (14.10.2008)

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Apple iPod Earphones

It was the day when I bought my first ever iPod. It was a silver iPod shuffle that I had purchased for around £32.00. I took my iPod shuffle out of it's packaging. I looked at the iPod and I was quite impressed. I took out everything, but the last thing I took out of the packaging were the small, white apple iPod earphones which you have to have equipped with your iPod to listen to your favourite music...

I carefully studied the earphones after taking them out of the box that they came in with my iPod, and the small clear packet that they came in aswell. I couldn't believe that there is much more to just a pair of earphones than I had previously thought...

There were some aspects of the earphones that I studied and realised that they were some of the best earphones I have ever gotten. I was really pleased with the iPod earphones but I just didn't want them to break. I've had lots of earphones and headphones in the past, but I can honestly say that these are some of the best...

Although I got a pair free with my iPod shuffle, I had lost my white Apple iPod earphones when I had been travelling on holiday as I assumed, so I had to buy a single pair from amazon, and they were just as good although they did cost a little more to replace...

Sound Quality

Of course, the sound quality is the most important thing about a pair of earphones. If there was no good sound quality at all then no one would buy any earphones would they?...

Now some people might say that the sound quality that we get from the Apple iPod earphones isn't very good for some reason, but I was extremely pleased with the sound quality I received from these earphones...

The earphones are rubbery which makes them stick into your ears much more easily than the normal and cheap earphones I had bought in previous years. I hate it when you are at the gym or busy doing some work and your earphones fall out of your ear, but these earphones are much more secure in your ears than the usual average pair...

This is the sort of thing that is attracting the younger genertaions to buy these earphones because the don't fall out and younger people don't have to keep fiddling with them to put them back in during school times which can often make teachers angry, causing iPods to be banned as I have been told...

As for the sound itself, I have noticed that the sound is very clear to your ears and not like any usual pair. These earphones don't have any volume controls on them like some cheaper MP3 earphones do, but you can control the sound on your iPod or your computer...

I always use these small earphones while I am using my iPod as the sound quality is just superb. I always look for a bass sort of sound coming from earphones and that is what made me impressed more than anything, as these earphones really did give me some great bass sounds...

I also find that these earphones block out some other sounds in the room you are in, which again I think is very important because at the end of the day, you just want to listen to your favourite music in the best possible way you can!!!...

The Appearance

When I first took these earphones out of the packet and the small box they came in, I noticed that their wire was a bright white colour. The actual earphones themselves which is the part that brings you the sound are white with little grey bits on them. These earphones are easy to get dirty with fingermarks and if you don't look after them properly and they are rubbed against things and they wear them away and they just don't look good anymore, so make sure you clean your earphones regularly because appearance is important to some of you and it is nice to keep things clean, especially if you plan to keep these earphones for a while....

These earphones also have a little pointed metal part at the other end which enables you to plug into your iPod or your computer. This metal part isn't so big and is safely tucked in with a white covering, but the pointed part of them is completely covered when they are entered into your iPod...

These earphones also have a " L " and an " R " sign to direct you to which ear to put the earphones in, L being for left and R being for right. These can come in quite handy when you have your earphones tangled up in a not which is very annoying and uncomfortable, but beware of getting them dirty or of these little directions getting rubbed against things because they can easily dissapear after being worn away....
Useful Answers

Now some of you may be wanting to ask a few questions, but I can already tell that some of you will be wanting to know the price of these great earphones. Well here are some facts and answers about the earphones which may make your buying decision more positive...

Are The Earphones Comfortable?

Now this is another thing that you be be thinking, and the answer is yes they are comfortable. I have had earphones in the past which have really rubbed against my ear and have made the expierience not so comfortable but these earphones are quite comfortbale, especially if you are lying in bed relaxing with your music...

Do They Fit In All MP3's?

Another great thing about them is yes they do fit into any sort of media player like an iPod, that I have noticed anyway. I have plugged these earphones into iPod's, MP3's and my computer, and the sound is still perfect, so it just shows that the earphones are absolutly fantastic for sound quality where some others aren't...

How Much Do They Cost?

These earphones come free when you purchase an iPod Shuffle, Nano, Classic or iPod touch so that is another pleasing fact about iPod's and their packaging. I personally had to buy a single pair of these earphones for £10.00 from eBay because I lost my old pair on my travels. Now you may think that £10.00 is a lot of money, but Apple does charge a lot for it's iPod's and it's accessories, but at the end of the day, I would say that these earphones are worth the price...

Do these facts interest you more?...
Why Buy A Pair Of White Apple iPod Earphones

Well as I have already said that you get a pair of these earphones free when you purchase an iPod, but if you have lost your iPod earphones or just want a pair to plug into your MP3 or computer, then they cost around £10.00 as I have said and they are worth it...

You should definitly buy these earphones due to their superb appearance which attracts the customer must I agree, and the sound quality that you get from a pair of these earphones is exellent, very clear and a nice crispy tone is given to us through a pair of these. These earphones are also very comfortable which is a factor that matters in a pair of earphones...

You can listen to your favourite music anywhere you want as these Apple earphones keep well into your ears if you are moving fastly like at the gym or on your bicycle...

Theres just so much joy in a single pair of earphones, and from what I feel from my experience, you certianly won't be dissapointed with a pair of these !

My Final Opinion

In my Honest opinion, I can say that these are a pair of the best earphones I have ever gotten. I am so pleased with the sound quality, the appearance, the length of the wire which I like because I can place my iPod in my pcket and still listen to the music clearly as the wire is around half a meter or longer which is another great thing about them. If I ever have to purchase a pair of earphones again then I would definitly buy these Apple iPod Earphones and there is no joke about that!!!...

Thank you for reading...
If you want to know more then just ask a question in the old guestbook...

(c) 2008 J24
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fleurdelacour 21.04.2009 20:36

Good review. I've gone through a few pairs of these with my two ipods. x

suehome 16.10.2008 17:02

Exceptional review, only snag I can't stand things in or around my ears so will give these a miss thanks Sue

brereton66 14.10.2008 14:13


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