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10.03.2006 Diamond review

Has prebiotics and probiotics .

It is more expensive

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Some women cannot breast feed and there are several reasons for this. One reason for this is the reason I have and that is medication stopped me from breast feeding. Other women don't need the extra stress added to breast feeding. Some women cannot take to breast feeding or the baby doesn't take to the breast for one reason or another. Either way if you cannot breast feed then you shouldn't feel bad or be made to feel bad as is often the case especially in my case.

I am just hoping that I don't get comments from people after I have written this review to tell me that I should breast feed. There is a reason why I don't breast feed because if I did my baby would get some of the medication I take for my mental illness and that would make her unwell. Midwifes always tell you about the pro's of breast feeding and never usually mention bottle feeding and if they do then they make you feel like you shouldn't bottle feed.

I went to an antenatal class whilst I was in the latter stages of my pregnancy and went away feeling depleted and low. I felt guilty for not being able to breast feed and my husband had to reassure me as did my GP who looked at it from my point of view. Yes I do feel guilty for not being able to breast feed. Every good mum wants to give their baby the best start don't they? Sometimes we can't breast feed though even if we don't have a medical reason and have just decided against it we should not be made to feel bad. There is nothing in the antenatal class about bottle feeding yet there is a big section on breast feeding.

I decided to write this review to give you an idea about bottle feeding as it is often avoided by the professionals and I think that this is wrong. I also wanted to tell you about the milk that I feed my baby on and why.

Although breast milk is the most natural milk sometimes it isn't possible to feed your baby on it. There are lots of different powdered milks available, and these are mostly derived from cow's milk that has been modified to make it more easily digestible, and supplemented with vitamins and iron. All formula milks are formulated to very strict nutritional standards, but different babies seem to get on better with some brands than others.

This was our case. We tried Lauretta originally on sma gold which she didn't take to and was very sickly on it. We gave it her for a good number of month's before we changed to aptamil. We noticed a difference straight away. She was not as sickly and seemed to really enjoy it much better than the sma gold.

Doorstep milk, ordinary milk powders, goat's milk, evaporated milk and condensed milk are not suitable for a young baby.

Even the containers and packaging could change the decision of which milk you want. Some are sold in resealable bags, others in tins with resealable lids. Aptamil is sold in a big box with a resealable lid and also has a scoop measure. The packaging is good and strong it also tells you how to make the food up correctly. Formula comes in powder form, or ready made in cartons. Ready made cartons are more expensive, but they are good if you are out and about and have forgotten to bring a bottle with you.

Most infant formulas are powders which must be mixed with water in the correct proportions. The water must be sterilised by boiling (and then cooled), and the bottles must be cleaned carefully and sterilised to prevent contamination by bacteria.

Most manufacturers make first and second stage milk. First stage, made from whey, is most like breast milk, so best for newborns and young babies. Second stage milk, casein-based, is designed for hungrier babies and takes longer to digest. My niece Paige is on second stage milk and she is only 2 months old, but has an incredible appetite and demands milk most of the time. My sister in law is feeding her on sma white for hungrier babies. Paige already weighs 13 pounds and is only 2 months old.

Lauretta on the other hand is almost 4 months old and is still on first milk because she has bad colic which makes it hard for her to digest 2nd stage milk. Maybe at a later date I will put her on 2nd stage milk, but not yet because her digestion has to get used to it.

Aptamil is an excellent milk we have found it really suits Lauretta and that she can feed properly on it. The Milupa Aptamil range includes a choice of first milks; Milupa Aptamil First is a whey based infant milk. Aptamil is easy to make you just put 1 scoop of powder to 1 ounce of milk.

You don't often hear about Aptamil and more often you will hear of cow and gate or sma. I was under the impression that all milks were very similar and so it didn't make a difference what bottle milk you fed to your baby as they were all pretty much of a much ness and you couldn't get better than breast milk. Whilst the latter may be true you can get different types of baby milk some that are suited to your baby best. We found this with aptamil and what I like the best about Aptamil is that it contains prebiotics.

We have a premature baby and she wasn't putting on the weight we would have liked at first, but as soon as we started feeding her on Aptamil her weight started to pile on. A prebiotic is the food for the 'friendly' bacteria in your baby's digestive system. A prebiotic is the none digestible food ingredients that may beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and/or the activity of a limited number of bacteria in the colon. These bacteria are the good bacteria and giving your child Aptamil is helping to promote your babies health. The thing about breast milk is that it automatically contains prebiotics and probiotics, but bottle milk doesn't usually contain these. Aptamil does contain these. These bacteria help to fight infection so your baby will be less likely to get colds or other bugs. That's not to say your baby won't get them just that if they do then they will be more able to fight off the infection quicker.

The bad thing about Aptamil is that it is more expensive than other milks, but then considering it has different ingredients and is the closest to breast milk you get what you pay for. You really want to give your baby the best start so you are willing to pay a little extra for the reassurance that you are giving your baby the best bottle milk you can. I am not telling you to change your milk if you are already bottle feeding this review is to help you make an informed decision if you are not happy with the milk you are using or you haven't yet started bottle feeding. Basically you will notice there are 3 main makes of bottle milk in the shops that is not to say these are the only makes it is just the others are usually more difficult to find.

The Prices

A box of Milupa Aptamil Milk With Milupan 900g costs £8.97. You can get this free with infant milk tokens if you are on a benefit like housing benefit or income support.

Cow and Gate Baby Milk OMNEO 900g

Price: £8.57

SMA Baby Milk 900g

Price: £7.89

Some of the less known brands

Hipp Organic
First Infant Milk
Farleys Baby MIlk
Cowshed - Baby Cow Baby Milk


As you can see there are many different brands of milk and you should look at each one and try to research as much as you can before you try. I prefer Aptamil and have found that Lauretta prefers it and that she is less sick with it. However, my brother tried it and found that Paige was sick on aptamil, but likes sma. It just goes to show that every baby is different. Sometimes you will find the right milk straight away other times it is trial and error until you find the right one. Generally you should not chop and change milk if your baby is happy then stick with the milk your baby is happiest on. Lauretta is staying on aptamil and is a happy baby when fed with aptamil. I hope this review has helped you towards the correct decision for your baby.

Pictures of Aptimil Baby Formula Milk
Aptimil Baby Formula Milk Picture 2996619 tb
Bunny Lauretta
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Suzi75 03.05.2006 23:16

Excellent review, chock full of info. We use this for my son (also 4 months now), although we use the extra variety as he was always hungry an hour after the feed. xx

saraha007 25.04.2006 11:08

This sounds like the best alternative to breast milk. I think its worth paying a little extra for that added reassurance that you are giving your baby the best milk she can have. Great review and cute photo. Sarahx

frizzball 23.04.2006 16:02

Brilliant review. Love the picture! I might have to try this on my little one. Louise. x

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