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...? It is a liquid that is made by a company called Tetra, who deal with most things that a person needs when it comes to keeping fish, any sort of fish. Aquasafe comes in a plastic bottle, varying in size, from 50ml, 100ml, 250ml and a 500ml, but all the bottles are the eye catching yellow colouring ... Read review
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"Tetra 100ml Goldfish AquaSafe"

"The Tetra 100ml Goldfish AquaSafe 100ml will condition water, immediately transforming ... more

chlorinated tap water into safe aquarium water
that is suitable for goldfish.Goldfish AquaSafe
completely neutralises chlorine and chloramines,
and removes contamin...

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Tetra Aquasafe for Goldfish 100ml

Tetra Aquasafe for Goldfish 100ml

Makes tap water safe for goldfish by removing harmful compounds and adding beneficial ... more

substances.  At times it is necessary to add tap
water to the aquarium as part of a water change or
a topup. Tap water is designed for human use and
therefore contain...

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Keep your Aqua fish safe and alive...

AdvantagesSimple to use and very effective at a low price


"'''I have fish''', a few of them, and not just the ones that are in the oven cooking away for tea. I'm talking about the swimming, live fish that, for many people, including myself, live in a tank, _(wondering how to drive it???)_. People who have fish, or have had them, will know that taking care of them is a job in itself. The feeding part is not too bad, just place a few pinches of fish food into the tank and let the fish eat away. The worst thing ..." Read review

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Community Level 6scuba_angel


Whats blue and protects your fish?

Advantageshelps to make potentially dangerous water safe

Disadvantagesnone that i know of

"Just one more fishy themed review for the time being, this is another product I whole heartedly recommend that anyone keeping fish should have on hand. As we all know the tap water in the UK is safe for us to drink, but has several chemical additives as well as traces of the metals used in the pipes, among these are chlorine and metal ions, these while harmless to humans and large pets -cats, dogs etc - are not so good for fish in fact can kill ..." Read review

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This can help your fish survive a transfer from tank to tank.

AdvantagesTakes away any nasties that might harm or even kill your fish.

Disadvantagesnone so far!

"A friend of mine recently took on someone else's fish as that person was immigrating. However, she did not treat the water in the tank the fish were going to be tranferred into and sadly the two fish died within a week. I too have recently taken on someone else's fish and so decided to see what I could do to give the guest fish the best chance of survival on being transferred from his own tank to his new one. I asked the advice of a helpful ..." Read review

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Keep those fishies in clean water!

AdvantagesEasy way to get the right balance of chems in the water


"Our small fish tank only has a few danios in it, but they still need looking after, and one of the key things is that the water they live in has to be clean and habitable for them. Our tap water may be fine for us to drink, wash in, etc, but for fish, the mineral elements in the water, especially the chlorination in the cleaning process, can be deadly. To combat this, there are a number of products out there that you can use to 'clean' your water ..." Read review

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The aqua in our fish tank is safe thanks to this!

AdvantagesSimple to use, works very well, allows us to use tap water in our tank, good price.


"...is why I use this Tetra Aquasafe. As we change water in our tank twice a week I bought this in a 250ml bottle. Now tap water conditioner is not something that I am brand loyal to when using, I tend to buy what is available at the pet store that I am visiting when I need it and then hope that it is a good quality product that works well. Tap water contains lots of minerals that are damaging to fish and could potentially even kill them. Tap water ..." Read review

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Tetra AquaSafe 500ml Water Conditioner Code: 070840 Turns tap water into safe, healthy water for fish and plants - Eliminates chlorine and chloramines - Neutralises heavy metals - Supports the fish's protective mucus layer, which may be damaged during maintenance - Supports the fish's ability to cope with the stress - Contains natural extracts for clear, healthy water - Adds iodine, magnesium, and vitamin B for health and vitality Application: Add 5ml per 10 litres of tap water

Product details

Type Water Conditioners, Water Clarifiers, Pond Water Care
Manufacturer Tetra
EAN 4004218704183; 4004218736269; 4004218736276, 4004218734715, 4004218737839


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