Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema?

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Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema?

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Review of "Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema?"

published 13/05/2017 | Chippytarka
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I've been so busy recently I didn't fully understand the changes that were going on with this site. I've thoroughly enjoyed it on here and the place has helpedcme so much with my writing skills. Time to say goodbye.......
Pro Visual quality at the cinema, great social environment, at home in comfort and cheapily
Cons Cost too high at cinema, film at home very ordinary and everyday like

"TV Vs Big Screen!"

Who doesn't love to watch a good film? Regardless of age, sex, likes and dislikes...I genuinely don't know many people who wouldn't want to watch a film as long as the content ticked their personal boxes. It's very much the same as music but what we listen to is down to what we are into which is the same as movies. So is my personal preference to watch a film in the comfort of my home or in the plush surroundings of a cinema?

My background

It's something some people will want to know and some people won't care about, but what my family situation or background is will have a massive impact on this topic subject. I am a mum of two children under the age of 8 a boy and a girl. I work part time and try to slot in as much learnings as possible e.g course possible on top of mummy and work duties, which means time isn't always on my side and if I can get the same result of what I need to do in half the time I will take that opportunity!

Case for watching movies at home

You don't have to move! This is the ultimate in convenience​. No walking, no car drive and no bus journey. You literally move to the room where the TV is, aim your backside on a chair, sofa or section of floor and sit. There are days you simply can't be bothered travelling and home is the perfect solution! The last thing I want to do after working a full week is travel up and down my city centre dragging two children moaning with me. So this is ideal for seriously lazy days.

It's free to get there and no charge to park your rear ends! Well technically you still have to pay for electric in regards to whatever devices you are watching your film on,but let's face it it should be minimal and chances are it will be in use anyway. I'm currently not a driver and I loathe public transport ( they are always cramped and it's sometimes quicker to travel to another country by plane than go down a main road 10 metres away! ) but cost of parking, petrol and bus fare can add up for multiple people wanting to visit their local cinema if they can't walk there.

Not dependent on weather. This is a massive one for us! Adults and children alike aren't always keen on weather when it's not great. Ok, mainly us adults are the ones cursing when its wet or windy or something. But weather does determine whether it's worthwhile venturing out or not, and the chances are if it's pouring it down the front door will remain closed if possible. So rain, wind, snow or cold won't stop viewing at home! Unless it interferes slightly with the satellite feed!

Cost of a film. Films come in various formats these days when it comes to home viewing. It can be as cheap as you want or as expensive, from a 99p cheapo DVD's rented or bought, a film watched on Sky TV already a part of your package or the phenomenon of the android box. However you price this or whatever format is chosen, it tends to be cheaper than your standard 1 cinema ticket so if myself and the children want to watch a film in a cinema that cost is times 3.

Variety. My personal taste is sci fi, supernatural, action and some other more child friendly films thanks to my children. My son loves his action, superheros and anything with the words pooh, bum and boobies in it and my daughter will head towards most animations but ideally in the colour of pink and the characters are fluffy or girls. So as you can imagine making a choice of a film to watch and make all of us happy is difficult. Last time we went to the cinema there was World War 3 as one kid wanted to watch Lego Batman and the other Sing..not great. But at home thanks to having lots of DVD's, a full Sky subscription and an android box means not only could we watch a mass of different films, but there will always be something that all three of us could watch. If not we can take turns if time permits and one person will watch their film, then the next there's and so on. And one of the worst things that can happen is when you start to watch a film and it's rubbish. At home stop it, turn it off and find another one.

Sleep. Yes I said it sleep! On one clear occasion while taking the children to watch a film at the cinema a few years ago, I found it so boring and with tiredness kicking in as well I shut my eyes for awhile. It wasn't a comfortable experience but much needed. At home I wont lie and say there has been many times we've watched films and minutes later I've woken up to ask them was it good and they've said yes!

Need a wee, then rewind or pause! The amount of times we start a film and someone needs a wee, or I want to grab so somethingg to eat, or the phone goes...pause, rewind then play! It's fantastic! It doesn't spoil the experience as such it just makes the whole process easier as you can't ask someone to stop the projector at the cinema if you need a toilet break!

The kitchen is that way! You aren't really restricted to what you can and can't eat at a cinema, but have you ever watched a film and it's so silent and all you can hear is yourself munch? Or you can smell something strongly covered in grease or cheese. Who cares when your at home! Order pizza, eat dried chicken, make something in the kitchen. Choice is yours!

Case for watching films at the cinema

It's a day out. My children are still at the age where just going out and it not being our usual school or after school activities is a day out, and something different. There's always that sense of excitement which is nice to see on their little faces, and something that passes the time quite nicely. If we go to our nearest cinema it's a good 20 minute walk at a fast pace, so if you add an hour for travel there and back and a 2 hour film that's literally half a day done. An ideal activity for my kids when it's half term and they are bored out of their brains. Double whammy by getting their walk on so alittle excerise and the much needed fresh air that all little people need.

Being social. Going to places like the cinema to me is a massive milestone for children. When taking young children, they have to learn to sit reasonably​ still and quiet, have a decent attention span to watch a film that could be from 90 to 120 minutes long and basically behave in public. Children normally hate to sit still for long periods of time and be quiet, but a cinema is one of those places they need to engage this skill. That's why I found it daunting taking my children for the first time when they were smaller, maybe around the ages of 4 and 2. My son wanted to go to the toilet a hundred times and his sister couldn't stop moving and was itching badly and I didn't think to bring her ezcema lotions and potions! Alittle bit of a nightmare which most parents will experience especially when they are younger, but once it's a skill they've mastered going to the cinema is fun! Both children will go to the toilet before we leave the house, then just before the film whether they want to or not. There will be some talking in the film and a few seat swapping mainly from my son, but they behave very well. Toilet straight after and off we go home home. Job done!

Atmosphere. The actual feel of some films is totally different if you watch it on the big screen compared to your TV at home. The graphics, sound, visuals in general and overall feel translates in ways that makes you think you are watching a different film but it's the same. 99% of my cinema viewing is children related and is really for them not for me. And you can tell the difference if you watch the same film at the cinema and then home. But I really noticed this on the rare occasion I went to watch something for myself as the kids were at school, and I went to watch Fast and Furious 7. It took my breath away so much my snack bag remained untouched! An action film is one of the best films to watch at the cinema because you really feel and look at every moment, even if it's a rubbish film but the visuals are spectacular.

Latest releases. If you have no access to watch films regularly you may find yourself abit behind when it comes to watching the latest releases, which of course the cinemas will have but at a premium. No dodgy downloads, rubbish streaming or anything along those lines. You may pay around £10.00 to watch the newest film of your choice, but you won't moan about the quality of the film and it's sound.

Cinemas are social. Not saying watching a film at home isn't, but I find home viewing perfect for something alittle more intimate so with family or/and the kids. The cinema is the ideal place to go with friends or maybe a partner for date night ( if you don't want to do it on the cheap at home of course ), or throw in a mass of children that you don't want in your own house e.g your own kids and friends, playdate or birthday treat.

Special offers. The times where I do choose to take the kids to the cinema I try to do it as cheaply as possible. Lots of cinemas do special offers over the holidays where they will play slightly older releases for children and charge something like £2.50/3.00per ticket for the privilege. That's how we've managed to watch films like Frozen and Minions a few months after their original release date but nearly half the price. There's also another offer that we used to watch the film SING where if you see the viewing before 12pm, the cost per ticket adult or child is £4.50. I liked this idea as sometimes you don't want to wait a few months down the line to watch a film the kids want to watch NOW! My favourite deal of all times is using various loyality cards where I've used my points to get free cinema tickets.

I remember not that long ago, if you wanted food to eat while watching a film at the cinema you had to buy their own high priced items. Then things changed where you were allowed to bring in your own food, which for me was the biggest blessing ever! Although the original ban never stopped me if I'm honest as my food items somehow came from home. But if bringing your own wasn't an option, I have to say regardless of how cheap I could get the film tickets, feeding two very hungry children who want to munch non stop for 2 hrs would be an expensive affair that I wouldn't be happy to do. But at the same time it's nice to have the option of food available in places like this as it can be classified as a treat and a back up plan if you forgot to bring your own...heaven forbid.

Special viewings. We are all aware of 3D which is a nice option although you will pay alittle more for that. But what I mean when I use the term special viewings is quite a few places now do screenings geared towards children who may have disabilities, learning difficulties these types of things. And this I think is a lovely way for both child and family to do an everyday thing knowing they have the knowledge that they can enjoy it and their families special needs are taken totally into consideration. Watching a film at home of course would take away any stigma these families may have while going out and about in public places, but why hide away at home? Why not enjoy something like this like anyone else can? I have many friends who have children who suffer from conditions such as autusim, and this would be an ideal thing to join them with if and when needed.

So my final choice?

I am very much half and half. Cinema trips are less regular due to price, times and film options but slot in nicely when it comes to half term holidays or summer holidays, and the children need something to do! For them it's literally a day out which they always enjoy. But I will make sure I get the best prices where possible and my snacks are firmly wedged in my bag. If we wanted to meet up with friends this is what we would do and the cinema would be our first choice without a doubt! But watching a film at home does feel less special, but much more relaxing, no massive hit on my pocket and all done in the comfort of our home. We can watch it when we like, what we like and is totally dependent on what we are doing at that time. Home is very much more versatile and convenient which are two of my favourite things! So both can be a winning formula but best suited at different times, circumstances and occasions.

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