Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema?

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Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema?

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Review of "Are you rather watching movies at home or at the cinema?"

published 19/05/2017 | thedevilinme
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Airport 75 , the first film I saw at the cinema.

Airport 75 , the first film I saw at the cinema.

I stopped going to the cinema when they started charging £8.00, too much when you can watch the film online for free or a couple quid on DVD at your local library. But austerity has seen the end of public library rental and so down to getting an expensive movie channel or buying on DVD. I have settled for buying newish films online second hand, selling them on and hoping the value of watching the film covers the loss. But Smart HDTV is winning over the movie fan and cinema on the wane again.

In recent years Netflix had been snubbed at the Cannes Film Festival for releasing the films they make on their streaming channel first without a cinema release, the same way they do their normal TV output. Cannes banned them from entering their competition as they say films that bypass the cinema ‘are not in the spirit of the competition’. But this year the ‘Meyerowitz Stories’, starring Ben Stiller and Emma Thompson, and ‘Okja’, a South Koran monster movie , have been submitted and accepted at the festival in consideration for the main competition categories. Amazon online films have also been allowed a total of five entries. Cannes are getting with the times as film once again moves away from the cinema, as it did in the 1970s and 80s with the arrival of VHS. But they had their moment of revenge and the projectionist showed Okja in the wrong ratio at the premier, much to the derision of the audience, spoiling director Bong Joon’s day.

Cannes are not the only people to be blanking Netflix though, The BAFTAS also yet to award their steaming films and TV stuff that many gongs. You may have noticed that The Crown was snubbed this year, the BAFTAs preferring the politically correct gong for the drama Damilola and Happy Valley. In fact the BBC almost swept the board when its films and TV shows came up against steaming platform original productions, winning 19 of the 24 categories.

If you look at the numbers of punters going to the cinema the multiplexes numbers were on the up until 2011 but the mass uptake of smart TVs because of the end of high street DVD rental means the bulk of people only now go to the cinema for the blockbuster experience and wait for the rest to come up on movie channels. You have to admit those Marvel and Star Wars films look even better on the big screen. Because of that the big studios concentrate on dumbing down summer blockbusters to appeal to both Indian kids in the slums and students on a night out in Wigan. You will see more and more Hollywood films featuring South East Asian stars. But that means less Hollywood studio cash spent on the mid range films and it’s all getting rather stale s far as film that makes you think, cry and dream.. You can tell that by the boring Oscar winners.

Cinema attendance peaked in the UK in 1947 with an incredible 1.6 billion tickets bought annually and bottomed out in 1983 at 54 million, on overage one per person, per year by the time of Die Hard hit the big screen, and then crept up ever since but only enough to sustain the cinema experience here. The growth of car ownership got people to the cinemas over the last century but now it’s the cinema experience and the number of the multiplex’s that keeps them there, rather than the films. Over-priced 3D films, new technology and IMAX have also added to the profits. It’s similar to music’s conflicts with digital in that it’s all about how many options there are to buy it that keep you interested, and preferably buy it twice. The cinema, like the live gig, is the chance to escape the computer screen and a fun old fashioned night out. Three American cinema multiples account for 70% of screens here and so they are dominated by American film.

For me the cinema experience will always be the best and even when you are a one of a handful watching the afternoon show, you still enjoy total escapism of going into the dark away from your boring life to enjoy the fantasy unfolding in secret before heading back out into the cold winter air through the depressing Exit sign. That green sign may as well read Life. But the joys and addictions of the internet, social media and home gaming and those TV HD screens means there are not many reason to go out anymore as it’s all their in the home. Beers is too expensive in the pubs and girls are all online now, street crime in our capitals on the up. You can’t smoke anywhere near the cinema and parking wardens lurking everywhere. Watching movies at home on your 40 inch HD is the best home movie viewing has ever been. Ok you get a bit of crackle on the noisy blockbusters but you do get immersed more and that infinite Marvel Universe looks fabulous in your living room. If the movie is slow you can freeze it and get a cuppa or and do some bits around the house and then dive back when you are ready, although lets be honest, there are very few films that grip us these days, Inception being the last one for me.

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  • Nymphypig published 26/05/2017
  • chrisandmark_is_here published 25/05/2017
    Home for me, I can't stand the sensation of being ripped off when I go to the cinema... x
  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 23/05/2017
    Informative and I wonder if recent events will hasten the demise further.
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