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Are your local police doing a good job?

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Copper load of this Fact is there maybe a blood bath outside the BBC this week as BNP Nick Griffin gets an early Christmas present courtesy of the UK TV license payer to appear on the Question Time panel. This alone will employ 300 police tonight around the capital as Mr Griffin's reputation ... Read review

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Copper load of this!!

AdvantagesGood for the pencil manufacturers, don't have laptops yet

DisadvantagesCoppers feed into the failing system

"...75% of the UK's laws are made in Brussels. In a democratic land the nation has a right to protest peacefully individually, or within a union. The Royal Mail workers are doing this as I write this article. It maybe wrong and very damaging to Royal Mail, but via their union and Chief Brian Hayles the RM workers can explore their rights. - The police do not have any rights. In May 2008, Front-line police officers and Chiefs were looking at the possibilities ..." Read review

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Bellies on the beat Review with images

AdvantagesMore Bobbies on the beat


"...Britain is falling? Well they are not recording it anymore, as simple as. The target and league table culture pushed onto the police means they are effectively rewarded for not locking up offenders, instead the emphasis moved on to clear up rates, nicking people you know are going to be able to find guilty on the day, usually ones for lesser offences that will produce instant results. It's better to nick someone who has done a traffic or a public ..." Read review

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My Local Police? What Police? Review with images

AdvantagesSeem to always be around

DisadvantagesNever there when you really need them

"...that my local police force are doing a reasonably good job. ~ Now there are massive differences in what you think is a “good” job and this depends on where you live and your local community and most importantly your attitude to your community, I just happen to live out of the way hence not in a housing estate nor a wealthy area so I don’t get any trouble thankfully, it also helps that I live in a small town where we get very little happening. ~ But ..." Read review

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Community Level 1goodsinwards


On the face of it NO behind the scenes YES!

AdvantagesAlways respond

DisadvantagesNo help at all in anti social related incidents

"A member of my family is classed as a vulnerable adult because of severe mental illness. The person concerned is able to get around on their own but is unable to relate to people in the street in a normal manner.This is always causing problems because the normal public often take offence and cause my relative to suffer verbal and sometimes even physical abuse. In the last two years Medway police have been involved in over sixty related incidents.To ..." Read review

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