Are your local police doing a good job?

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Are your local police doing a good job?

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Review of "Are your local police doing a good job?"

published 20/09/2010 | thedevilinme
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"Bellies on the beat"

Im not a real copper and cant arrest anyone...

Im not a real copper and cant arrest anyone...

Ever wandered how recorded crime in Britain is falling? Well they are not recording it anymore, as simple as. The target and league table culture pushed onto the police means they are effectively rewarded for not locking up offenders, instead the emphasis moved on to clear up rates, nicking people you know are going to be able to find guilty on the day, usually ones for lesser offences that will produce instant results. It's better to nick someone who has done a traffic or a public disorder offence than concentrate your resources on more serious crimes you wont be able to clear up as easy, like house burglaries and physical assault by stranger.

Fixed penalty fines have been a nice little earner through things like speeding and parking tickets for the Treasury so why not inflict that on the general public as soon as they step out of their cars. More and more crimes are now being prosecuted with a fine, the Law Association saying that rather one too many offenders are now getting fines instead of prison time, the cash going straight to government coffers rather than the offended against. And because fixed penalty notices and fines keep criminals out of courts the person offended against doesn't have the right to receive criminal compensation this way, a double earner for Brown. It also keeps criminals away from the already full jails to keep those numbers down. The criminals given a 'FPN' (Fixed Penalty Notice) are literally offered the chance to box tick their way out of a court case if they agree to the fine, often for serious offences. It's an admission of guilt and so no case. Lawyers are not only getting irate because they are losing court cases and so fees but also on the type of low lives that are now not going to prison. One guy head butted his wife and for some reason the police gave him the chance of a £250 fine to avoid a charge of GBH. That just can't happen, however full the jails.

Although the government wont admit crime is rising they have subtly admitted the jails are full of all those criminals that are apparently not out there by introducing early release schemes to empty pack jails, some 13,500 in just two years, a situation that is out of control. In times of prosper the jails should be empty but crime is rising in the U.K, many people like me blaming immigration, one-in-seven off all prisoners now. Once the EU borders were opened up to Eastern Europe and Africa then bang goes the neighborhood. This contradiction for the government can only be straightened out by sending less people to jail, so putting pressure on the police not to send so many criminals to the CPS and the CPS to send less people to court for trial, which is exactly what is happening. A guy bottled someone in my hometown of Northampton in a recent case in the local paper and he got away with a caution. The police offered him a form to sign for a £250 fine to avoid jail. The person offended against had no choice in the matter as he was unaware of this handshake. This action was taken purely to take the strain of the jails and make the police look more competent. Nearly all shoplifters were let off with a fine last year and guess how they got the money together to pay for it?

Crime in my manor...

Northampton is unofficially the largest town in Europe yet has a surprisingly low serious crime problem, even though we have most of Europe here and all manner of undesirables. We were recently labeled the worst county in England for crime by one study but that was based on the more delinquent and minor offences the courts deal with as we have no serious gun or violent crime here, the Motorway deflecting the drug dealers going from London to West Yorkshire. The fact we have available court time to prosecute people then its obvious there's going to be more reported crime. We do have the usual migrant on migrant murders-nearly half of all killings here last year-but we don't have a specific problem from an ethnic grouping. The 15,000 Poles in Northampton do like a drink at the wheel and account for one third of all trials in the crown court with those high motoring offences ratios, but on the whole we all seem to get along. The big crime zones in the town are white underclass estates in the East and the vice hotspot in the town centre bowl, local cops confining the trouble there. In places like Northampton the criminals do stand out and the cops have a handle on it. With the best CCTV camera system in the U.K we keep an eye on them big time, although those cameras are increasingly used to help ticket cars.

Alas, Northampton has also gone down the road of getting rid of the real cops and replacing them with the cheaper and ineffective PSO`s. We have 19 of these guys wandering around the town without police cars, powers of arrest, and any real authority, the guys and girls managing just ONE arrest in 2006. We have also been told we have to cut back the proper coppers because the community tax hasn't bought in enough cash to pay for policing. Because we have the highest transient immigrant population outside of London they don't fancy paying community tax. One-in-nine homes in Northampton house one or more transient immigrants.

Crime always seems to be somewhere else in Northampton, the sirens screaming off into the distance to those iffy areas. Yesterday there was an abusive drunk in the busy town centre and three cars turned up to tackle him. The sight off seven coppers (none over six foot) bundling this guy into the van is a sign of the sad health & safety ruled times. It was quite clear the extra manpower was there because the chubby women coppers couldn't deal with the guy. Why have women copper's on a call out they can't cope with? The same coppers also won't look you in the eye anymore in the street when you want to show them respect on their street beat. That I find depressing, the separation between staff and consumer even more distant. I want the coppers to be over six foot, burley blokes, and someone you can respect.

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