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Cons Made in China
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"~ I love Argan Oil ~ Not quite so much this Argan Oil ~"

Argan Oil Body Butter

Argan Oil Body Butter

Argan Oil Body Butter 250ml

The Argan Oil body butter is a moisturiser I decided to try after using Argan Oil on my hair with great results and this was such a good price how could I resist:

I’m not sure how they use the brand name Argan Oil when Argan Oil is the generic name for the oil from the kernels of the Argania spinosa L, which is deciduous to Morocco and therefore the oil is also sometimes known as Moroccan oil.

Argan Oil brand is part of Xpel Marketing Ltd.



The recognisable trademark khaki green and brown colour scheme is used here to make the brand instantly recognisable and the brown lid sits atop a brown tub with a green shrink wrapped label with a brown stripe. The lid bears the words Nourishing Hydrating Cleansing around the oil drop a logo. On the tub the words Argan Oil dominate in italic font with the body butter bold on the brown stripe. On the back are the ingredients, a bit about the product, instructions and a warning to avoid the eyes and to stop using if irritation occurs. I see also from the back that the product is made in China, so it is easy to surmise that this will have been tested on animals and why it is so cheap to buy. The recyclable and to use within 12 months of opening icons also feature on the bottom of the label.

With a diameter of 9cm this tub is easier to unscrew and re-screw that the wider Body Shop brand butters and the whole is a hand friendly size.


First Impression:

On unscrewing the lid, I am first met with a reassuring foil seal that has a little tab to aid removal. Once the tab is peeled back the white coloured cream is revealed and actually, it looks most like nappy cream. I notice that the fragrance is extremely subtle and it wins here because that means it will not compete with any fragranced products I choose to use. The creamy textured butter is soft to touch and has a slight jelly like structure, if you tap it, it will give and go back into shape. Scooping a little out onto my fingers I smooth it onto my skin and I am impressed with how easily it spreads and absorbs.


Further Use and Impressions:

This is an impressive body moisturiser, the texture is somewhere between the harder butter that the Body Shop sell, which let’s be honest really is a butter texture and a body soufflé. It really is easy to use always spreading and absorbing easily. I like to use a butter after using an exfoliating treatment and this leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth even after a good scrub as I have done today.

Because it spreads well, a little goes a long way and I seem to have been using this tub for ages now.


I cannot make out the ingredients list sufficiently to recreate the list here because the list dips around the base of the tub which is gently sloped. I also cannot find the list on-line in order to add it for anyone interested. Should there be any ingredient you wish to avoid, please do not hesitate to PM me and I’ll get the magnifier out and have a look. Suffice is to say the first ingredients are water and Glycerine and I can see that the last ingredients are Cintranol, Limonene and Linalool all used to gently mask any unpleasant natural odours. The description though does advise that the product has been specially formulated to smooth, soften and moisturise the skin and that the ingredients include Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E.


Price & Availability:

I paid £1.00 from Poundshop on line where minimum spend is £30.00 and I suspect this is available from their high street stores as well. Amazon have it for £7.27 for a pack of three including postage for Prime members and the best I have see is 12 for £7.80 via discount-wholesale, but I don’t know what charges they add for delivery, VAT or minimum spend.



This is a moisturiser that hits way above its price bracket and I like that. I like that those on a tight budget can afford to buy something as fantastic as this butter. What I don’t like though is that the product is made in China and that they almost certainly test on animals in order to comply with the rules in China. I cannot find them on the do or don’t Peta testing list, so I guess that means they do. I really like the product, I like how it works and that it is so easy to use; so based on the things I like about it, it scores fairly highly. Do I recommend it, well, yes with the caveat buy it if on a tight budget, after all we cannot all, always afford our principles. If you can pay the extra for organic, cruelty free then that’s what I’d recommend every time.



For all that it is and is not, this butter is above average – so I have to award a reluctant 4/5.

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