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Ariel 3in1 Pods (Biological)

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published 11/03/2016 | LiveMusicLoverLyn
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Do you need to use much for each clean?
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Longlasting effects?

"~ ~ Ariel Cleaning in a Pod, not #iPod, Laundry Pod ~ ~"

Ariel 3in1 Pods (Biological)

Ariel 3in1 Pods (Biological)

Ariel 3 in 1 Pods

As a member of Super savvy me I have been sent some of these laundry cleaning products to try in my washing machine. That was quite some months ago now, so I am happy to share my thoughts with you here:

I think it is fair to say that the Ariel range of laundry products from Proctor & Gamble pioneer washing at lower temperatures. Other ranges from the group include Bold and Fairy products and as you may know they don’t just sell laundry products but a huge range of cleaning products and detergents for both home and commercial use and even far removed products such as dog food.

~ What is the 3 in 1:

Described as a product to lift stains and brighten your clothes due to the three compartments acting together.

Ariel claim ‘The first ever 3-compartment detergent, Ariel 3in1 PODS Washing Capsules have a unique multi-compartment design that keeps the ingredients stable and separate until they reach the wash, providing super-concentrated cleaning power. The innovative film dissolves completely in contact with water to release the powerful technologies that tackle a broad stain range, providing you with the best 3in1 PODS detergent from Ariel - with just the right amount of detergent.’ (accessed March 2016).

What this means to you and me is that the nifty little dose pod contains three sections each with a job to do in the washing machine, the green liquid part cleans using Ariel’s active cleaning boost technology, the white section contains enzymes to lift stains and finally the blue section contains brighteners to brighten the clothes. This gets me thinking about the colour of the powder in my standard Arial box and I suspect that the pods are a stabilised liquid version of the more traditional powder.

I first used pods from Asda and although they were not the 3 in 1 variety, I do like that the dosing is already done, there is no fiddly tablets to unwrap or measuring of powder or liquid to do. With this type of product you just pop it straight into the machine. Simple.

The pods are roughly 5 x 2 x2cm each and the pale green dominates with a swirl of dark blue and white. The “skin” of the pod is water soluble and dissolves in the washing machine to release the cleansers.

Other advantages include that the pods are smaller than traditional liquid or powder laundry detergents and being lightweight as well ensures that they are cheaper to transport being better for the environment and easier to transport at every stage.

~ Using & Results:

The main claim these of many Proctor & Gamble products is the ability to perform at lower temperatures and I have noticed that these pods are no better or worse than other P&G products that I have used at 30 degrees. I do find that washing lightly soiled or lightly used items at 30 degrees works well, although anything at all dirty or that maybe has something like grass, mud or tomato to remove requires the 40 degrees wash that has tends to be more traditional. However, what I have noticed with these pods is that at 40 degrees for very dirty items, I still only use one pod, whereas with powder or liquid I would be cheerfully adding extra detergent.

The packaging states that they are suitable for washing between 20 and 90 degrees and I have only ever used these at 20, 30 or 40 degrees. There is also the advice that they are not suitable for wool or silk and not for pre or hand washing. As I tend to hand wash any wool and silk items I have this does not bother me and I am happy to comply with that advice.

Each pod is designed to wash up to 5Kg of laundry so that is one pod per wash in an average household washing machine. I have never been tempted to add an extra pod when using the Ariel version which I did do from time to time with the Asda product.

Initially, I assumed that the three in one included a fabric conditioner or softener, no, it does not, so if that is a product you use you will still need to add that in the usual way. I stopped using fabric conditioners when my daughter was a baby and is it caused an eczema type rash, so although she no longer lives with me, I have never returned to using conditioner.

I am always pleased with the condition of the laundry when I have used one of these pods, the laundry dries nicely and smells clean and fresh. I have used the pods successfully for general 30 degrees washes, quick 20 degrees and at 40 degrees for dirtier items and I have been pleased with the results each time I have used them.

The fragrance is lovely, a fairly typical laundry detergent, fresh, soap type of fragrance that hints at floral. It is a pleasing fragrance that does not detract from perfumes and neither is it too feminine.

~ How Green is My Valley?

Right now looking out the window with spring around the corner the valley is very green. But, however the real question is how “green” is this product? Proctor & Gamble as a company are not known for green credentials. They are however quick to point out that the smaller light weight of these pods ensures less fuel is used per wash in transportation, so they score a green point there.

As a brand Ariel marketing point out that they are committed to saving water, saving energy and utilising efficient production techniques to save resources and comply with sustainability goals. Furthermore they aim to increase sustainability through development and understanding the needs of their users.

~ Safety:

As with similar products these must be stored out of reach of children. Arguably even more important with these pods that all though larger, do look sweet like and inviting with their enticing swirls of colour. All the safety information is on the pack and care should also be taken with hand washing after use.

~ Sensitive:

I have not experienced any sensitivity issues when using or handling this product at any stage.

~ Price & Availability:

Being a Proctor & Gamble product Ariel is well marketed and widely available. You should be able to find these pods in the laundry aisle of all the larger supermarkets as well as some smaller outlets and independents. Of course, they are also available on-line from Amazon. Sold in a variety of sizes prices do vary and a quick check in March 2016 shows the best prices to for the 38 size on offer is £5.00 from Morrisons, £6.00 from Waitrose and Iceland and £12.00 from Tesco with the same item being £17.95 delivered from Amazon.

Other sizes that may be available are 12, 16 and 30 pod packs.

~ Conclusion & Stars:

I like these pods, they are clean and convenient to use and do the job well, leaving my laundry clean and smelling fresh. I have noticed that at full price they are more expensive to buy than other options, hopefully soon the saving in transport costs will start to be passed on to the consumer. Having run a price check for this review, I intend to stop by the laundry aisle at Morrisons and stock up whilst they are on offer. I am happy to recommend that these pods are as good as the other items in the Ariel range and are very nice to use. I am therefore happy to recommend and award the full 5 stars.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found my review very helpful...

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  • AddictedToKarma published 23/07/2017
    VH, I used to love using these
  • catsholiday published 17/03/2016
    Great review but I am now reading review 50 + today so used my E supply
  • mummytobe78 published 14/03/2016
    Great review
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