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Ariel 3in1 Pods (Biological)

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Review of "Ariel 3in1 Pods (Biological)"

published 24/07/2016 | BrookieFan99
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Pro Clean well, smell lovely, leaves clothes looking bright with a fresh scent that lasts, convenience
Cons Convenience, not good for quick washes, the chemicals which can cause problems.
Value for Money
Do you need to use much for each clean?
Irritable to skin?
Longlasting effects?

"Pods of amazingness!"

Ariel 3in1 Pods Biological

There are so many different products to choose from just for the task of doing laundry these days. On the shelves in supermarkets there is the traditional powder, liquids, gels, tablets and pods/pearls/capsules. Along with this there are lots of different brands, such as Ariel, Bold, Fairy, Daz, Persil, Surf and supermarket's own brand. For one reason or another I most likely always seem to choose Ariel over the other brands, but if it's not on offer I will purchase Surf instead. To me, Ariel is the brand that I can trust for it to clean my clothes whilst caring for them. I know that other brands will do this also, but mostly I do feel Ariel does the best job. I also normally opt for the powder format, as the dosage can be adjusted and it can be used for soaking items pre washing.

As somebody who always loves to try out new products, it was weird to think that I hadn't tried this particular version of these pods yet. When these miraculous pods were launched just over three years ago now (time flies!) I purchased a tub of the colour version to try out and was impressed with them (I'm sure I wrote a review on them at the time also). Whilst I liked the pods, I didn't repurchase them, I don't know why as they were really good, possibly because I like to measure out a detergent and have the flexibility which is taken away with these. Anyway, a few weeks back I was doing laundry as it had built up because our broken machine had been fixed, so we had a huge pile of clothes, sheets and towels which when I looked at it I felt it would have been better to drag it all outside and set it on fire than set about washing it all! So, ploughing through the loads, I realised that I had ran out of washing powder (the horror) and didn't have anything else to use. In a haste and wanting to get rid of this huge washing mountain I went to the local shop to see what they had, and amongst the overpriced detergents, they had Ariel 3in1 Pods on offer, from £3.99 to £1.99 for a pack of 12. I grabbed these, knowing that they would work because of my previous with the colour version and that they seemed the best value (the other options were powder and these were at least £3+ a box) so I purchased these.

Once home I put them to good use straight away and loved the convenience of them and how you're able to put the washing on in one fell swoop. Throw a pod in, stick the clothes on top and turn on. Done! It was only when I put the wash on that I looked at these in a bit more detail,

About the product

Ariel 3in1 Pods are a three compartment laundry detergent, aiming to clean, lift stains and brighten clothes. Each Pod has three parts, the main green part is the cleaning agent, which according to Ariel is their most concentrated form for a deep down clean, the white swirl is the stain remover, which is a 'unique formula' and is made up of six enzymes which makes it super powerful, and the blue swirl is the brightening agent.

Here is what Ariel say about their Pods:

'''Extraordinary cleaning power in one little pod. Unlike washing powder, Ariel 3in1 washing tablets have a unique multi-compartment design that keeps the ingredients stable and separate until they reach the wash, providing super concentrated cleaning power.''' (accessed July 2016).

Like other Ariel products, they claim the pods care for your clothes by providing a 'three step fibre science' which cleans deep into the fabric to capture impurities and odour causing agents, removes things which can cause fibre damage and prevents fabrics ageing and dulling, and also they enhance the colour vibrancy whilst leaving a fresh scent. As you can see, lots of science goes into things like this in order for these to work properly!

Ariel Pods come in a green tub which close with three tabs at the top. There are labels at the front, top and back of the tub which displays the information needed, dosage, ingredients and contact details for P&G. To gain access to the pods, you need to remove a yellow sticker which says you need to keep the product out of the way of children, as there are an increasing number of cases where children are being poisoned by eating these. There was also a case where a child obtained chemical burns in their mouth after biting on one of these and it is frightening. The front of the tub displays the Ariel logo and a picture of a pod. There is also a washing basket with 12 in it, signifying the number of washes available. This pack size, which is the smallest, weighs 358.8g, with each pod weighing 29.9g. The pack sizes range through from 12 washes, 19 washes, 30 washes and 38 washes, with each price adjusting accordingly. As of July 2016, the prices vary from £4.50 for the 12 wash size, to £12 for the 38 pack. Currently, Tesco's have the 19 wash pack for £3.50, whilst Morrisons have the 30 pack for £6. It's best to look out for special offers with these.

As you can see, these pods are quite an expensive way of doing your laundry, but if you're somebody who wants the process to be as simple as possible then these are the best to go for. They really do make laundry easy. Some of my friends who are at university say they use these because they take one in the basket to the launderette with them, preventing them carrying a box or bottle. They also say these are great because they take up so little space, which is another plus point.

In Use and Results

The instructions for use are simple; 1 pod for one 4-5kg load of normal soiled laundry. It says that these work on temperatures 20c through to 95c, and that if you have a heavily soiled load, hard water or a wash load exceeding 6kg, then you should use two. This does baffle me a bit as quite a lot of washing machines now are capable of washing 10kg+ of clothes at one time, but I suppose you would use two then.

I have tried these on several different wash loads (whilst battling through the mountain) and each wash has been a really positive experience. As I said before, using these makes laundry really simple. The pods are durable as I did drop one and it bounced on the floor which was funny, but you should place the pod into the machine drum (at the back so it doesn't make it's way to the front and trap itself in the door seal of the machine) then put your laundry pile on top. Ariel does recommend you use Lenor with your pods (which I have done) and the results have been pleasing.

The first wash I did was a load of 100% cotton king size bedding and this went on a 60c wash. I used one pod as this wasn't particularly dirty, but it did have a coffee stain on the duvet cover and some blood on the pillowcase (don't ask!). I did watch the machine for the first few minutes and whilst the laundry was getting wet I could see the pod going round and after a few minutes it burst and started to mix with the water. During the wash, there was some foam prominent (always nice to see!) but there wasn't a lot. Once the wash had finished, I opened the door and could smell the lovely fragrance. These pods really do have a clean, slightly floral fragrance which blends nicely with Lenor. I could see the stains had gone and the bedding (which was white with blue and green roses) was really bright and looked lovely and crisp. A very pleasing result.

The second load was just general clothes. As before I placed one pod in and loaded up the machine and selected a 40c wash. The pod took a few moments to dissolve and mix with the water but once it had done this the wash went underway. I don't think there was anything too dirty in this wash, it was mainly general soiling and some sweaty t-shirts. An hour later I ventured back to the machine and retrieved my lovely clean washing and was once again pleased with that gorgeous fragrance. All of my clothes looked lovely and bright and nothing seemed to have faded. Everything looked really clean and offending smells were banished along with the yellow stains under the arms. I put this outside and let it dry.

Towels was the third load. Now, we're not people who just use a towel once and throw them in the wash so we do this once a week instead when a suitable pile of different towels build up. I have also stopped using fabric conditioner in towel loads as they began to feel very greasy and not nice at all. So, one pod in, 3 bath sheets, 5 tea towels, 2 hand towels and 3 face cloths went on another 60c wash. One and a half hours later I open the door and am really loving the smell! I can only smell the detergent since no fabric conditioner has been used and the towels look really bright and fresh with a gorgeous scent. Once dry they still smell delightful and actually feel quite soft just from the pods without the greasy feel. Yet another pleasing wash.

Overall I am very impressed with the effectiveness of these pods. They clean brilliantly, smell lovely and do make clothes bright like they say in the advert. Each wash load I have used them for has been a positive result and, even after just a few loads I have confidence that these do the job every single time!

Any Downsides?

The only disadvantages I would say against these is the inflexibility of them. You use 1 pod for 1 load of laundry, but sometimes I have loads which don't fill up the machine, meaning I am wasting excessive detergent whereas with a powder format you can dose accordingly. Also with powder if the load if dirtier you can put a bit more in but I guess the pods save you from overdosing which is an advantage of them. You also cannot hand wash with them, meaning you have to buy an additional product if you wish to do this or soak something before you put it to wash. Also I'm not liking the increasing number of news articles linking these to children being put in hospital, but I guess that's down the parents not being careful enough when storing these away as Ariel do say to keep them out of children's reach, so it's not really their fault.

I would also be wary of using these in a quick wash cycle. My mum used one and put a load in on a 30 minute wash and when she pulled the load out some undissolved pod had stuck to one of her t-shirts. It doesn't mention this anywhere but it did wash off so just be wary of quick washes as you need to give the pods an ample amount of time to incorporate into the wash water.

Ingredients: >30% Anionic Surfactants, 5-15% Non-Ionic Surfactants, Soap,

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  • candzjay published 16/08/2016
    E! I love these :) so much quicker than using liquid detergent :) C xx
  • Pointress published 02/08/2016
    e! I like these too
  • jules.34 published 02/08/2016
    E review!
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