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published 04/12/2014 | Pingupol
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Pro The Cast, The Writing, The Easter Eggs.
Cons Laurel, Early episodes.
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(This is review for the whole of Season 1 of Arrow on Blu-ray. It will not contain spoilers for any episodes)

The multi-billionaire playboy named Oliver Queen has always been a selfish, arrogant and dislikable boy who has been fed with a silver spoon since his birth. He had a tendency to be disrespectful towards others, especially women, and has always thought of himself as the most important person. Five years ago, while he was out in his father’s boat, sleeping with his girlfriend’s Sister, he was involved in a terrible accident that involved the boat being caught up in a colossal storm. All of the passengers drowned, except for Oliver, who miraculously managed to make his way to a deserted (or so we thought) island. During his five year stay on the island Oliver was able to learn many forms of martial arts, how to fire a bow with insane accuracy and how to show no remorse when killing someone in cold blood. Oliver, with his new skills and new found sense of justice, returns to his home and attempts to solve all the problems, some of which were created by his father, who just happened to be a corrupt businessmen, and others which were created by the many evil gangs who roam the streets of Starling City. Oliver decides that to save his city (his words not mine) he must become a vigilante of the night. Equipped with his bow and a green hood to protect his secret identity, Oliver becomes the Hood, a believer in justice and peace but also a merciless killer.

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/The Hood

In my opinion Stephen Amell was a great choice for the part of Oliver Queen. There are many different versions of Oliver Queen such as his public persona, an irritating drunk, his true self, a cold character who struggles to externalise his emotions and the vigilante, an ominous merciless scary character. Stephen plays each role with varying levels of believability. For the first few episodes Stephen’s acting could be describes as melodramatic and slightly alienating. This over-acting only lasts for the first few episodes as Stephen gets much more comfortable in his role over the course of the season. By episode nine the audience have a strong emotional connection to Oliver as he is slowly forced to open up to people. It is very evident that Stephen cares about his character and the fans. This is shown through the tremendous amount of effort he puts into every episode.

Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance

The easiest way to describe the character of Laurel is to say she is the only character in Arrow who is unsuccessful. Set up as the obvious love interest for Ollie her constant whinging and whining makes the viewer contemplate throwing a brick at their TV. Her character development feels forced and unnecessary and for a show with such great writing, I have no idea what happened to her character. Fortunately alongside her we have…

Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak

If that character description made you not want to watch Arrow then this character should do the opposite. Felicity Smoak is quite possibly my personal favourite TV show character. She radiates likability and watching Emily Bett Rickards play her is just a joy to watch. She was originally only meant to be a small character but the audience instantly fell in love with her and the creators were forced to give her a bigger role. I have no doubt you will love Felicity and her innocent innuendoes. If you don’t lover Felicity then you are probably dead on the inside (I’m sorry for your loss).

Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn

Tommy Merlyn is everything Oliver Queen was, Immature, irresponsible, rude, disrespectful, cocky, stupid and ungrateful yet for some reason the audience doesn’t feel repelled by him. I believe the reason he isn’t hate is because it is clear he is a big softie on the inside. He is sometimes pulled into danger and he always remains great friends with Ollie. He cares about Ollie and will always try and protect his best friend. He also spends time going out with she who will not be named (Laurel) which cause a bit of tension between him and Oliver. Colin is great in his role and his character development is arguably one of the most interesting.

Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance

Quentin Lance, the father of somebody, is a high ranking police officer. He is the one who is given the job of catching the Hood. He is an antagonistic character but his morals seem to be in the right place and he also fights for justice, he just believes it can be achieved within the law. Often frustrating, in an intentional way, Quentin truly captures the essence of what his character is meant to be.

David Ramsey as John Diggle

John Diggle appears to be a minor character but his importance grows and grows and grows and grows. David’s and Stephen’s on-screen chemistry is brilliant and you their relationship is far more interesting than the many love triangles this show creates. The characters becomes what some people would refer to as a “badass” and David thrives in this role.

John Barrowman as Malcom Merlyn

The father of Oliver’s best friend is played by John Barrowman, who I’m sure you know from Doctor Who. He plays a totally innocent and in no way suspicious businessman. (Or does he?)
Initial Thoughts

If you think that the plot of Arrow sounds very familiar then you’ve probably seen or at least heard of Batman. Arrow is another property which is based off material from DC comics. The main character of Arrow is known as Green Arrow in the comics. His origin is almost identical in the TV show to in the comics, meaning if you’re a big fan of Green Arrow comics you won’t feel let down by the minor changes. Also, if you’re a fan of DC comics you will definitely appreciate the easter eggs and subtle nods to other heroes and villains who are in the same universe. The tone of the show is very much like that of Batman Begins which, although sometimes feels a little bit like a retread of something we’ve already seen, works for the shoy more than a Smallville-esque tone. It’s a show on the CW which means it will sometimes have to have teen love triangles and all that stuff but it is easy enough to look past that and see the show for what it really is, a great comic book TV show.

Blu Ray

I am the only person I know who can actually tell the difference between normal DVDs and Blu-Rays . If you’re one of them people who can’t tell the difference then you may want to just skip this bit. In my opinion, buying Arrow on Blu Ray is far better value for money than buying it on DVD (if you have a blu ray player of course) because the picture quality is fantastically clear and it really helps make the whole viewing experience more immersive. The TV show isn’t full of special effects, however, there are fight scenes which feature explosions and guns so you are getting the extra bang for your buck that you would have wanted. I strongly recommend buying Arrow on Blu Ray.
My Overall Opinion

Arrow is my personal favourite TV show for a number of reasons. For starters I’m a huge comic book geek and I feel like Arrow is able to take comic book characters and implement them into it’s more realistic environment with ease. The show is made up of a combination of great acting and great writing. Towards the start of the season the dialogue could have definitely been improved but that was all sorted out in the next few episodes. Many people think because Arrow is a superhero show on the CW it will be super campy, however, it is the exact opposite. I feel like more people should watch it because it is on a completely different level to most of they put on the CW yet gets treated like it is just another show. Also, if you are thinking about watching season 2 is the same but a million times better so definitely give season 2 a watch. Being a TV show, it is constantly growing and evolving meaning it just keeps getting better and better so you should start watching now before you fall too far behind.

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Arrow Season 1 on Blu Ray is currently £15.30 and has an age rating of 15. It is also available to watch for free if you have amazon prime instant video or Netflix. Arrow Season 3 is currently being broadcast on the CW and on Sky.

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