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"Ho Ho Ba - Not Santa coming but Jojoba oil from ArtNaturals"

ART NATURAL JOJOBA (pronounced ho-HO-ba) OIL

Recently I have discovered this great company that sells its products on amazon and I have been lucky enough to get to try quite a few at discount prices which I have appreciated greatly. So far I have yet to be disappointed with any of their products which are all natural and not full of chemical nasties that damage the environment and are also not great for us either.

~~~~~~~~~ ABOUT ART NATURALS ~~~~~~~

The company philosophy is; “offer quality, natural products with exceptional beauty results”. I love the fact that they use all natural ingredients and do not ever test on animals nor are their ingredients tested on animals. They state categorically that; “We are passionate about providing pure, premium natural and organic products (and ingredients) and will not offer animal based or animal tested”

The company believe in their products and are honest about what goes into them listing all ingredients on the labels. Because they stand by their products they are willing to offer a full 100% money back guarantee on all their products.

All their products are also Vegan-friendly but as they have not been tested on pregnant or nursing women and do contain essential oils which can be a problem they suggest checking with your doctor before using them.
Their products do not contain any parabens or other chemical nasties that are considered by many to be harmful to us and to the environment as well.

~~~~~~ ALL WRAPPED UP ~~~~~~

ArtNaturals don’t spend a lot of time and effort on producing posh packaging with fancy boxes and pretty pictures. They are packed in functional and practical bottles with dispensers that suit the contents.

This one comes in a brown glass bottle which of course is fully recyclable and the dispenser is an eye dropper style that screws securely onto the bottle.

The only disadvantage to glass is that you do need to be very careful if, like me, you have ceramic tiles on your bathroom floor. I lost a huge bottle of peppermint oil last week and it was really hard to clear up and the house smelled of peppermint for days .
Art Naturals products are sold exclusively on their website and on in this country which is where I bought mine from. The company is actually an American company based in LA California.
This is a pretty generous sized bottle and holds 120ml for £10.95 which for a 100% Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Unrefined Organic Jojoba Oil is pretty good value as that is the best quality oil you can buy.

~~~~~~ WHAT DO YOU USE THIS OIL FOR ? ~~~~~~

Jojoba is a great all round natural oil that is added to many beauty products because of its moisturising properties. This oil can be used for many things in your beauty regime and you can add it to products you already have to add that bit of extra moisturiser.

I make my own bath melts and a little added to those adds a bit of moisturiser to your bath. You can just drop a few drops of this and some essential oils in your bath too and get the same benefit.

On the product description they suggest a number of ways this oil can be used and I have been through the list and tested most

As a makeup remover it is great as it removes all make up and then I just use a warm face cloth to wipe my face. All make up gone and my face feels great too not tight and parched like some make up remover leave me feeling.
It can be used alone as a face moisturiser and it does indeed work well as being natural it is absorbed into the skin and doesn’t feel greasy and heavy. I do use this at night
It makes a great body and especially leg, moisturiser and is perfect for massaging if you can persuade someone to give you one. Add a few drop of your favourite essential and float off somewhere relaxing and pleasant!

I also use it on my hands as it is a great hand cream and also softens those pesky cuticles. You can also use it on your feet as a moisturiser, add a bit of peppermint essential oil for freshening and cooling your feet as well.

You can use it like argan oil for massaging your scalp and giving your hair a deep oil treatment with a shower cap and towel to keep it warm and really allow it to soak into your hair and scalp.

I have also used it to add to my conditioner or to my damp hair after washing it and before drying it. You can also add just a bit to the hair ends on any day to tame the frizz and keep it looking shiny and healthy.

It works well on dry chapped lips and I tend to rub the back of my hands onto my lips after I have applied it to my hands during the day. You can also apply it directly to your lips just before bed. It is not really practical to apply it while out and about!

They say it helps with acne but I can’t say either way as I no longer suffer from that plague.
My husband sports a beard and I don’t like it when it is prickly so this works as a beard oil and if you add a nice smelling essential oil you get a scented beard oil.
I have used this on my hips and thighs as a moisturiser as it helps reduce stretch marks and also all massage helps with getting rid of cellulite .

The last suggestion they make is “Stretching ears” and that is presumably for those wanting flesh tunnels. My son has these for a while and fortunately they have closed over but I have not any desire to try that!


This oil is 100% Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Unrefined Organic Jojoba Oil extracted from seeds of the Jojoba plant. They look a bit like coffee beans but jojoba is the only plant whose seeds produce a liquid wax ester very similar to the natural restorative esters human sebaceous glands produce hence being perfect for helping skin stay young looking.
Jojoba oil is hypoallergenic and safe to use on all skin types.
Jojoba has a high concentration of vitamin E which is known to be good at helping skin look younger and healthier.
Jojoba is also naturally rich in vitamin E rich compounds which are also recognised as helping the skin with anti-ageing and healing.

~~~~~~MY EXPERIENCE ~~~~~~~

I love natural oils and have a big collection and this is one that I use a lot. I did a course in aromatherapy years ago and so do like to use my essential oils blended with natural oils for massages and generally for moisturising my skin.

This oil is a clear oil with almost no colour and is quite a light oil so soaks into my skin pretty quickly leaving it looking healthy and feeling soft but not sticky or greasy.

It smells very slightly nutty but not so strong that it makes you smell like peanut butter and it is also very quickly masked by any essential oils you choose to add if you want to.

I do like the fact you get an eye dropper to dispense this with as it makes it easy to get out small amounts and also keeps the contents free from contamination too.

I have put some in a small glass jar with my essential lavender oil already added to use for massaging and adding to my evening bath to save mixing small amounts. I keep old cosmetic containers that are washable and recycle them in this way.

I have told you all the ways I have used this above so won’t do that again!

They do say that this has effected pregnant rodents so if pregnant then I would personally avoid as tests have not been done to say it is safe.

~~~~~~~~~RECOMMENDED? ~~~~~~~

Yes I would recommend this 100% natural product that is multi purpose. You could decant some into a smaller container and only take that away on holiday as it will fulfill many requirements so save you taking lots of bottles. It will be you face and body moisturiser, hair conditioner and make up remover all in one. Perfect for when using cheapie jets with limited bagged allowance.

Thanks for reading.

26th May 2016

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