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... Asda have had their fresh pizza counter for quite some time now, and I have to admit I was slightly dubious about trying it to begin with, for fear of it tasting like a frozen pizza. However, costing only in the region of three quid, it wasn't really going to be a great loss, and the other ... Read review

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Community Level 4Little-miss


Imagine the possibilities

Advantagesfresh, cheap, always get what you want

Disadvantagescan be long waiting times, have to cook it yourself

" counter in my local Asda is clearly laid out with the selection of choose your own toppings, each in their own pot on the counter. There are usually a few ready made up pizzas also available in the front should you decide not to wait for one to be made up. Every time I've been served, the staff have always worn gloves, but I have to admit I have noticed on the odd occasion that the same serving spoon has been used for two different toppings. ..." Read review

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Yum Yum - Asda Fresh Pizza Is Number 1

AdvantagesCheap, Generous Toppings, Delicious, Easy To Cook

DisadvantagesYou may have to wait in a queue to select your pizza

"Asda have consistently been voted Pizza Retailer of the Year and it’s not hard to see why. Their ‘create your own’ fresh pizzas are particularly good value and for anyone who has never visited an Asda store or who has never been to the fresh pizza counter before, here is a brief run down on how it works. The pizzas come in various types and sizes. So when you get to the head of the queue the first thing you need to tell the person behind the counter ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Plymyphil


Designed by me - put together by Asda

AdvantagesTaste, value for money, variety

DisadvantagesNone I can think of.

" feed a family on Asda pizzas nightly for five days. So, one pizza at the weekend or for the same money pizza every day from Monday to Friday? No, I don't buy that many pizzas but the point you see is I could. Let's take a close look at the particular characteristics of this product that make it stand out in a pizza saturated market. TASTE Now, Asda's fresh pizzas are exactly what you want them to be. There are some pre-made pizzas that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hollchap


D.I.Y for Pizza!

AdvantagesGenerous toppings...

DisadvantagesYou may need to wait in line, but at least you know they'll be good!

" usually located in every Asda store.) So no matter who you are, vegetarian or someone who enjoys their meat! there is always a pizza with your name on it. Hygiene is another good point to the Asda pizza-making department.All staff near the food preperation area follow the national health standards and usually get inspections on hygiene and health. If you still don't trust them, in most stores, you can watch them making your pizza, to make you ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kevduts


The best fresh pizza's in town

AdvantagesExcellent choice, easy to cook, very tasty!

DisadvantagesLong wait sometimes.

"Asda's fresh pizza's are excellent. It is as simple as that. Varying from the simple (a 9" with 4 toppings for around £2.30, to a 14" create your own with as many toppings as you would like.) The choice of bases are excellent, with Thin and Crispy, Stonebake, Deep Pan and Stuffed Crust, and the selection of toppings is endless - pepperoni, salmi, sausage, ham, spicy beef, chilli, onions, red onions, peppers, sweetcorn, mushroom, and many more which ..." Read review

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