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10.04.2004 (30.08.2004)

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City / Branch addressLakeside, Doncaster

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As I am a very happy and loyal shopper at my local Doncaster Asda I thought I would take you on a virtual shopping trip, so sit back and enjoy.

The Entrance
The entrance to my store can get quite hectic in the busy periods of the day, especially rush hour, that's a killer. The reason for this is a badly placed roundabout with too much traffic volume for the width of the road. They really could do with adding another lane to stop the backlog this causes.

Car Park
The carpark to my store is massive, but believe me I have seen it full up at peak times. There are great disabled parking facilities, situated closest to the stores entrance for ease of access. The spaces even talk to you when you park in them to warn you that this is a disabled facility only. There is also ample parent and baby parking with wider bays, this helps with the loading and unloading of children. But these spaces are very popular and so often are all taken, but what annoys me is that you always get the odd ignorant sod who parks there because it is near the entrance, and not because they have a child. I believe more should be done to combat this problem of wrong usage of this facility. This is a problem because it means you could end up parking far away, with a heavy child or carry seat which can be a struggle.

Trolley Selection
There is a wide selection of trolleys, for a wide range of needs or specifications. There are the type that you can fasten young babies carry seats to, I found these very safe and secure so you needn't worry about stability. They have the specialised childrens trolleys, such as the ones that have a kind of car seat attatched so your childs back is supported. Some Asda stores also have trolleys with the little buggys attatched so your child can have a ride whilst you shop, however these trolleys do prove hard too steer. You can even get mini shopping carts so your child has a little trolley, this can help them feel part of the process and keep them quiet. But do keep an eye on what goes in the trolley.

They also have a good selection of specially designed trolleys for ease of use by disabled customers. Mainly the sort that just clip on to the shoppers wheelchair, They also may provide an electric shopping cart, this has a basket on the front for the shopping.

The best thing is that they are all free, so you don't need to worry if you get there and realise you have no change. I have had this problem many times and it is damn annoying.

The Store Appearance
I find that most Asda stores have a similar appearance from the outside, they look very modern with clean lines and lots of glass. I would not want to be the store window cleaner, talk about painting the fourth bridge. But on the whole they look very impressive and quite posh.

The Entrance
You enter the store through the rather large and daunting glass revolving door, which I find quite annoying because they keep stopping abruptly for no apparent reason. Once you are through these the store unfolds before your eyes, like a premenition of heaven because of the white lighting (and the too die for aromas)

On your left you will find the multi-media section, where you may purchase all of your CD,DVD and computer games titles. The range is very extensive and includes the latest chart toppers, down to your oldies, classics and bargain basement types. As well as a great childrens and aquired listening section.

Next to this there is a small section mainly selling digital cameras and camcorders, there are also the various accessories for these products. You can also get your bog standard cameras here to, something for all pockets and needs.

To the right you will find the cafe, which actually started out as hairdressers, a good one at that and not expensive. But then they decided on a change and in came the cafe. However I usually avoid it as it is very small and cramped. The choice is very slim too, unless you want a sandwich or a baked potato with about 3 different combinations of filling. The coffee is very nice though, and is perfect for a treat after you're frazzled from all the shopping.

Toilet Facilities
You will find the toilet facilities adjacent to the cafe. On the left are the womens. I can only assume these are up to standard for obvious reasons, i'm not a peeping tom. But my wife has never complained, so I can only assume they are as she would be first to go on a moaning trip about them.

The mens are on your right hand side. I have used these on a number of occasions. I have always found them to to be of a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. There are plenty of stalls and urinals, so you don't end up wetting yourself queueing for ages.

Located between these are your disabled toilet and baby change facility. Now don't get me wrong but I think they should be seperate facilities. Once my sons nappy started leaking and I ended up having to wait 15 mins for the elderly person inside. I think that it would be the same feeling for them, as older people tend to have weaker bladders and could end up waiting for a parent changing their childs nappy. If I could change one thing this would be it, they so need seperate facilities.

Clothing Range
Now I usually sweep from right to left, so I start at the clothing section by the designer George. This is a brilliant clothing range with sizes, styles and designs to suit all at an affordable price.

The childrens section is great. It's just so cheap, yet such good quality you would have to be mad to buy the more expensive designer labels. They have a really well balanced collection of both boys and girls fashions for all occasions, from mucking about to sunday best.

The adults range is just as comprehensive. I have bought many items from this range for both me and my wife. We found that the quality is far better than other brands as cheap. I always buy my work trousers and shirts here as they are a very good fit. The added bonus is that most of their range is easy iron, which in my eye is a must ( I despise ironing)

Electrical Items
This is the next section you will come across. Here you can purchase your TV's, DVD's and CD players. You can also get your smaller items, such as kettles and toasters amongst other electrical kitchen aids. The prices do range depending on if you want to buy the lesser known brand, or your top brand better known names. But on the whole this is a very extensive and well varied section.

Bed and Bathroom Fabrics
Here there is an extensive collection of bedspreads,sheets and duvet covers which also include king sizes. Now I have found that it can be somewhat difficult to find King size fittings at the right price, but here there is little price difference.

You can also stock up on all the bathroom towels of various quality, colour and size. You do pay for what you get with the towels. I prefer to pay a bit more to ensure quality, cheap towels don't dry you properly and I like a nice fluffy towel straight off the radiator.

The Fruit And Veggies Section
I love this section the lighting is so clever. It makes all the produce look so much more appealing and fresh. I love to take my time and have a good look. Sometimes when it is busy you could imagine you are walking down Portobello Road or such lively outlets.They have a very extensive range, from your basic veggies to the more exotic items at also very good prices.

The Dairy Section
The dairy selection here is quite large. There is all the dairy produce you would expect to find such as your standard milks yogurts and a vast array of fine cheeses. There is also your speciallity ranges such as soya and gluten free products, which are slightly more expensive but that is normal for specialised products.

There is also all your sliced meats which although pre-packed they are very nice, not like chewing cardboard. You can always find good offers on these, I personally like the chicken roll it's really nice and cheap.

Lastly there are the yoghurts, which might I add Asdas own brand really exceeds itself. The toffee yoghurt is to die for and only costs 8p. Once again you can get all your other more expensive ranges here too.

Beauty,Healthcare And Babycare
This is my next stop to stock up on the pills and potions, creams and lotions, enough to heal the world. Asda own brands again are a must. Asprin is Asprin too me. The cheaper the better it all does the same job.

My sons nappies and wipes are next. Again a good contrast of choice and price, but I swear by Asdas own brand. They really are good quality and value for money, if you have young children you must try these. They come in various sizes for whatever age your child and you have the choice between small packs or large.

Then on to bodycare which is on the next isle along, although I don't usually get any things from here. However, on occasion I do buy the Asda own deoderant as it is really pleasant and cheap. As for shampoos and soaps, I prefer to buy elswhere, but there are often good offers on you just have to look to find them.

Tinned Foods And Preserves
This is pretty standard stuff really. I tend to stick to the same old boring things. I think it is the same for everyone. You tend to stick to the same brands, same foods, but the range is full of so many different choices and brands I would be here all day trying to decide. Besides prices tend to stay pretty much the same throughout most other rival suermarkets. But the Asda smart price range is well worth checking out.

Crisps, Sweets, Pop And Cereals
The one every parent dreads, especially with the kids in tow (Daddy can I have?, can I have?, but why can't I?) The less time spent on this isle the better. I tend to plan what I need in advance so I can get in and out quickly before it starts. (can I can I can I.) Best leave this isle alone for your sanitys sake.

Frozen Foods
This comprises of three aisles jammed to the brim with all kinds of frozen delights. The layout is simple, with each section well labelled and priced so you don't have to spend ages looking for something that should be easy to find. It must annoy everyone else because I know it makes me REALLY mad when the label for something is nowhere near the item.

In this section I pretty much stick to the Asda Smart Price brand, as they are by far cheaper than their counterparts and pretty much of the same standard.

The frozen desserts, well don't even go there. I'm a diabetic who craves sugar so I stay as far away as poss. I'd rather not die before my time thankyou. It's just not worth it for a bit of sugar, I eat enough choc as it is. They stock a variety of treats that I am sure will suit any palate.

Believe or not I don't actually drink alcohol as such, which is probably a bit strange for someone my age. But Asda do have a very extensive range of alcoholic drinks to keep all you beer monsters happy. The choice of wine is larger than any other supermarket, or at least more diverse than other places I have shopped. The wine selection takes up a whole aisle and is littered with special offers, multi buys and discounts.

Freshly baked bread of every size, shape and price is baked on the premises daily, so you can be sure that it won't mold the minute you look at it. There is also loads of pastries, both sweet and savoury to get those taste buds going. Free bite size samples of different products are always on display.

Pizza Counter
Choose a pizza which is pre made or choose your own toppings and create your own. This doesn't cost the earth and tastes almost as a takeaway.

Chinese and Indian Meal Deals
Choose from a range of either one of these foreign cuisines. If you opt for the Indian each meal consists of a mini snack of you choice, rice, main dish and either garlic or plain naan bread. All this for under three pound. The Chinese meal you get the same but prawn crackers replace the naan.

Asda Smart Price Food
As I have mentioned throughout my review I tend to stick mainly to Asda Smart Price products. Asda Smart Price covers most of, if not all, the essential products that most people will buy as part of their weekly shop. Products which I buy and recommend from the selection include baked beans, frozen shepherds pies, microwave meals, yoghurts, cereals, bedding, lemonade and long life milk plus loads more.(but not the coffee because that's just gross, I like my posh stuff ta) If you give these cheaper alternatives a try it may be that you only save a few pence on each item, but you will be amazed and what you could save overall.

Checkouts at supermarkets can be the worst nightmare if they are badly organised and understaffed. I have to admit that Asda can be guilty of this from time to time, but they are average and pretty much what you would expect. The staff are helpful and offer to pack your bags. I always take up this free service cos my wife nags me for putting things like potatos on top of the bread. It's not my fault, i'm a bloke, I don't know these things.

If you need help with getting your shopping to your car there is always someone standing by ready to help. I do have one problem though. Why do all cashiers look like they're in the middle of some suicide pact. I would recommend a bit of smile therapy.

My Conclusion
I think you've probably guessed that of course I like this store and I would definately recommend it to everyone. Some Asda stores can be a bit difficult to shop at if you don't have a car, so I would only NOT recommend it to these people. But for families it really is top of the shops as far as i'm concerned and i'm sure that you will think so too.

And always remember the golden rule, NEVER shop on an empty stomach unless you've got wads of cash.

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elmo_2004 16.01.2010 14:47

Great review, thank!

charliekermit 25.01.2006 19:03

excellent review i normally go to asda.. but i will look more now i have read this... makes shopping so much nicer... great..

baby_uk 22.12.2005 22:55

Their indian takeaway range is brilliant, yummmeeeee!

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