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published 05/07/2015 | jb0077
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Reads and rates highly appreciated thank you.
Pro Great value for money and great quality products.
Cons No store in my town.
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"Great value but no store in my town makes me a little sad."

Online shopping would make me happier but the service leaves a lot to be desired, read on...

My Nearest Store.

As I have already mentioned the nearest Asda store to me is not in town but rather 20 miles from here, this is not a superstore but still a decent sized store it is bigger than the little pokey express type store that you see in high streets from other brands though.

Store Location.

This store is not ideally located because it is not near the centre of that town but rather over a mile from it but if I wanted to go to a lot of trouble to get a good deal from this store then here is what I have done in the past, from the house get the nearest bust into town (or walk into town if it is a reasonably good day, because we get those quite often, hah) and go to the train station which takes me to the other town where the store is, from there it is a two minute walk to the bus station where we get the bus to the closest stop to the store and it is a few minutes walk from there (provided I don't nip into the well known fast food place for a big mac, because we do not have one of these here either).

So suffice to say that getting there is pretty much a day out if we decide to go and although we can buy online without leaving the house we have chosen not too because we are not pleased with their service as there has not been a single occasion when we have gotten our entire order as ordered and the last time we gave them another go we got a delivery driver who never even uttered more than a couple of words and looked rather pi**ed off and we did not like that or wanted a repeat of that attitude in the future, on some occasions I have talked my dad into taking us in his car even if it requires me to buy him a bic mac lol.

The Layout of the Store.

Okay so we get to the store and we have the typical layout with your fruit and veg in front of you, the café is on the right as is the toilets and baby changing facilities, on your left is the kiosk where you can buy lotto tickets and tobacco and also the other checkouts are located down that way too. The aisles in this store are spaced apart with a reasonable distance between them and I certainly did not feel cramped or enclosed wandering up and down them as I did my shopping, they are of course set out in a logical manner beginning with the chilled items going all the way down to baby items for the majority of the store and there is just one section set aside for clothing which is next to the checkout area, it is not a bad layout that is very easy to navigate.

Product Range.

This store is not one of the biggest but does have a good range of products covering many different categories from fresh food, frozen and tinned goods to clothing, toys and magazines to name a few. The store does not sell any electrical goods though, but in saying that if I was visiting this particular store anyway the visit would be purely for groceries and possibly a clothing item or two. In fact we have often bought baby and now toddler items from the store because the clothing range is pretty good for this area but I personally have never seen any clothing items that I have wanted for myself yet, although the majority of the time I am just having a quick browse while the missus is looking at toddler clothes.

Overall I would rate the product range at this store as average or just above average as they do sell quite a lot of items that I cannot get here in town in the general grocery department and that is one of the things that draws me to the store, if it was not for the location of this store I would be shopping there more often, the clothes are very good quality as everything in this are that we have purchased has been great value for money with no sign of loose threads or any other defects but I always suggest checking items of clothing in store just in case.

The Staff.

My Experiences with the staff at this ASDA store have left me with the impression they tend to be generally friendly enough, although I have never had any reason to really approach anyone on the shop floor but I have received the odd smile and hello when I have had the little one in the trolley which is quite nice. When it comes down to getting through at the checkout I would say that the staff members are generally okay, it seems to be a universal standpoint that most staff members in this area are pretty neutral or grumpy in general, again some have engaged us more in conversation when we have our daughter with us but the more cheery staff are actually at the tobacco counter in my encounters here.

Product Quality.

The fresh fruit and vegetables in ASDA is not an area that I am familiar with and so I cannot rate their quality but the chilled goods I have purchased in store like their own brand pizza for example are pretty good and I have never had any real problems with the quality of any of the other own brand items that I have purchased at this store, I am however a careful shopper and as such I can be quite picky with my purchases and because of the location of this store I tend to watch how much I buy as I have to get it all back home, but so far I have not had any complaints with the products that I have purchased and nothing has had to be returned and so I can simply say that is no bad thing.


Another big thing that draws me towards making the effort to get to this store is the value for money and this is because many of the products are actually a lot cheaper than other stores, but once again you have to be a little shopper savvy as some things will be priced higher than they should be and even with the so called price promise you can bet they know what will and should cost more at other stores. You will save money of course and they have a lot of products that are seriously cheaper than the other three main supermarkets, when I am shopping there I know what is a good deal and what is not simply because I know what my favourite items cost elsewhere, I have a good memory for things and will also notice if items I do not regularly buy are good value for money but overall I will say that ASDA are better in this area than it's three main rivals.


In general ASDA seems to go for price reductions than any other offer, of course the rollback has been a marketing standpoint for the store for many a year, I personally like the rollback as I really like seeing products in the store for prices that I remember from a few years back like Pot Noodles at 50p. That is an awesome price considering that the usual non offer price at my nearby Tesco store is double that at £1 and on offer usually 75p or two for £1.50 which is another favourite of theirs but you can sometimes get a four pack for £1.95 but that does not apply to all the flavours, I think the rollback is a very good feature which is very unique and value for money which works well for both my pocket and ASDA's revenue.


The final opinion of ASDA from my perspective is very good as the only downside for me is that there is not a store in my own town and well the delivery of online purchases has been well let me say it could have been better, but that has nothing to do with the store of course and I am not even sure where the groceries bought online actually come from as there are three possible stores in range and the one I have mentioned is simply the nearest to me. Anyway I like this ASDA store but obviously because of it's location I do not shop there as much as I would like to but every time I do visit the store I enjoy the value for money on a lot of my favourite products, I just would like to see one appear in this town as we are under the Tesco thumb and I hate the way they have monopolised things here.

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  • snow_drops published 16/10/2016
    Vh. We have an Asda near us since we moved.
  • LiveMusicLoverLyn published 24/01/2016
    I used to pop into Asda.
  • danielclark691 published 22/01/2016
    well reviewed
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