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I am currently sat at my PC in my scruffs having had the past 3 days off work through illness. This lunchtime my boyfriend, being the ever so kind person that he is bought me a packet of chocolate chip cookies to make me feel better… Now don’t go thinking that to buy me such biscuits was ... Read review

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Community Level 5josarah


Best enjoyed with a Cuppa

AdvantagesCheap, Smell nice, Tatsy

DisadvantagesNot many Chocolate Chips

"...I didn’t deserve, they were ASDA smart price of course, costing 28p a pack (in which you get 200g) and anyway, I deserve extravagances every now and then. These biscuits come in a white packet with the ASDA Smart Price corporate colours of red white and black emblazoned on the wrapper. Also shown is an artists impression of the biccy’s and a best before date although I doubt they’ll last until 14th February 2005 as I’m a bit partial to biscuits. The ..." Read review

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Who Took The Chococate Chip Out Of The Cookies?

AdvantagesGood Value For Money

DisadvantagesLack The Taste Of More Expensive Brands

"...I have a packet of Asda Smart Price Chocolate Chip Cookies. The Decision To Purchase The answer to this question is very simple and can be more or less summed up in just two words - The Price. I paid just 25 pence for a 200g packet of these and let's face it at that sort of price you just can't go wrong, with twenty individual Cookie biscuits per pack that's barely a penny each. The Packaging These biscuits come in a white plastic packet, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ccindy_24


Yummy choco cookies for u!

Advantagestaste and smell nice, not too sweet, cheap

Disadvantageslesser chocolates (for those who love very sweet cookies)

"...Cookies. Everytime I go to Asda this product is just one of those that I wouldn't miss. It's good value for money, cheap but delicious. With your 28p you get a white pack with 20 pcs standard size, tasty chocolate cookies. As with other Asda products, the packaging is white with a picture of 2 cookies in front. As usual, it also has the how to store instruction, detailed ingredients (note: it has no added colours or preservatives), food facts, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Graham_D


Excellent product

AdvantagesCheap and very cheerful, taste very nice, traditional look, nice and crunchy.

DisadvantagesSlightly less choc chips than other brands.

" time I go to Asda !) **** THE LOOK AND TEXTURE **** The cookies inside look great, very brown, crumbly and have the traditional cookie look. They look very tempting, so everyone else wanted one when I opened the pack! That said, the choc chips did look a bit sparse at first glance- I could only see about two or three per cookie. As for the texture, The cookies had that traditional "Ripply" look to them and each one wasn't quite the same ..." Read review

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Type Cookies
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EAN 0000027678343


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