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... Astrology works similarly. I have actually had a reading done by an astrologer, and I don't quite know what it was, but you get lulled in to nodding your head and remembering all the stuff they say which is correct, and forgetting the stuff that isn't. You have to actually try reasonably ... Read review

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Community Level 4bigbtommy


Trite predictions, gullible public

AdvantagesCould possibly qualify as an antirealist form of life. Just not a very good one.

DisadvantagesPretty much everything

"...a point on it, but astrology is one of the biggest piles of complete and total rubbish ever created by mankind. I'm using rubbish in two senses here. Not only are the results of astrology - vague and useless predictions - not useful, and therefore rubbish, but the very idea of it is rubbish. It is less scientifically valuable than creationism, Vitamin O and cold fusion machines put together. Thoroughly useless. But also thoroughly uninteresting. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 4dreamkin


more than just stars and planets . . .

Advantagesfor some people it may work

Disadvantagesfor the too skeptical, it probably won't

"Astrology is an ancient art that has been used for centuries. It is about using the positions of the stars and other celestial beings to relate to what is going on in one's life. It is often thought of as being foolish and superstitious (especially horoscopes), but it is actually a lot closer to the truth than people think. I've always been interested in the stars (no superise there as I am a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan) but I've only recently got ..." Read review

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Community Level 3tehuti


A mirror of the personality

Advantagesa route to self-knowledge and understanding

Disadvantagescan be misused and misunderstood

"Astrology is more than sun signs and newspapers columns! I feel moved to write an opinion on this topic after seeing what has been written about it so far on Ciao. I think that a more-detailed explanation is needed. The central issue to whether or not you might believe that the planets can affect our lives is whether you see the universe as a unity or not. For centuries, people have known that the movements of the moon affect the tides of seas ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tikkumk


Vedic Astrology

AdvantagesA distinct boon for mankind

DisadvantagesThere are many half baked astrologers who can cause harm.

"Astrology is a science as old as the Vedas themselves. The Vedas, which are the sacred Hindu scriptures, embody eternal knowledge. To the uninitiated, the Vedas might appear as nothing more than ritualistic oblations to air, water and thunder etc. Deep truths however begin to unfold to the true seeker as his search goes on. In order to decipher what lies concealed in the Vedas, a study of certain subjects is considered a prerequisite. These subjects ..." Read review

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Community Level 5drewish


Astrology is a load of rubbish


DisadvantagesMystical codswallop

"Astrology should not be confused with astronomy - star watching, or cosmology - the science of how stars come into being, and the Universe. There are twelve signs of the Zodiac - does this mean that there are twelve basic personality types, or that the stars somehow have a bearing on our lives? The sheer arrogance of the second statement is staggering. A star is a massive ball of superhot helium and hydrogen. It generates a huge amount of energy ..." Read review

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