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A paraplegic ex-marine war veteran is unwillingly sent to establish a human settlement on the distant planet of Pandora, only to find himself battling...

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Review of "Avatar(DVD)"

published 13/02/2010 | DixieChick10
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About me :
Site seems to be as crap as always. Looks like I won't be back this summer or ever. After a year away, I can truly say, I really don't care now. :P
Pro Amazing, Visually it was one of the best films I've ever seen. Amazing attention to Detail
Cons The Plot was slightly weak and It does have a few problems.
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"Enter the World"

Avatar (DVD)

Avatar (DVD)

Back in December I wasn’t really one of those cinema goers that was looking forward to Avatar. Sure it sounded brilliant, but did I really want to pay £9 to see a film which was directed by the person that annoyingly gave us Titanic, the film I was forced to spend most of my childhood watching. I do pay attention to a lot of movie news and every little bit of news I heard about this film was saying the same thing; this film is one to watch. Armed with my last paycheck I decided to waste £9 of it and take the trip to the cinema.

Warning: I apologise in advanced for the words used in this review, points will go to the people who can count how many times I use the words, amazing, awesome, remarkable and even ‘attention to detail’. I really do hope my passion for this film did come through though.

The Plot

Set around 150 years in the future, Jake a paraplegic war veteran is given the chance to walk again. He is brought to the planet Pandora, where he is able to control the body of an Avatar. He is then sent into Pandora’s forest and into the lives of the inhabitants of the planet, called the Na’vi. Can Jake be accepted as a Na’vi and in the process do his job of negotiating them away from the fuel that the military want?

The Cast

Sam Worthington- Jake Sully
Zoe Saldana- Neytiri
Sigourney Weaver- Dr Grace Augustine
Stephen Lang- Colonel Miles Quaritch
Joel Moore- Norm Spellman
Giovanni Ribisi- Parker Selfridge

My Opinion

Avatar is easily the best film I have seen in a long time, it had many problems, but any real lover of cinema will see that this film is the new benchmark for the ‘teenies’ or whatever they’re calling this next decade. This is the film that people like Speilberg, Soderberg, Burton and Bay will look at and probably will expand on. This is the film that we will be comparing the new generation of CGI based films on, and it’s very likely going to be the film that to be honest, nothing will likely match up to.

Here is why this film is just remarkable:

Story behind Avatar

One of the reason why us film buffs love the idea of this film, is the fact that it’s been talked about on the radar for about 15 years now. Back before I had even started first school, Cameron had wrote a script which he had planned to film and release after Titanic. He however needed a stupid amount of money to even get the film off the ground and no Production Company would fund it.

10 years after he was supposed to release it, Project 880 started floating around the internet. Project 880 later turned out to be Avatar. The script sounds like it originally must have taken ages, however the basic script apparently had only taken 2 weeks to produce. The script you and I now know, which includes a whole new language which was created specifically for this movie is one that took ages to perfect to become this masterpiece on screen.

Plot Thoughts

I don’t usually talk about the plot in much detail but this film has had so much against the plot in other reviews that I thought I’d give my two cents on it. When watching the film, I had no problems with the plots, if I’m watching a bad movie, I usually sit and analyse the movie there and then, and however no thoughts about the plot actually happened until the car journey home.

I think basically the plot of the movie is generally not the best that you’ve ever seen. You have a lot of problems, the idea that you are just meant to believe everything on screen without any of the normal questions that you would usually ask being answered is the first problem. The second problem is the clique love story within the film, from the get go you knew it had to happen and when everything falls apart you still know what’s going to happen. There is no element of surprise and I think Avatar would have been perfect if there was that.

The reason why I’m not giving this film a stupidly low rate because I didn’t like certain things about it, is because everything else makes up for it. Just think at how long it must have taken for that Na’vi language to have been scripted, how long it must have taken to create the almost lame love story, when you think of it like that, the plot is good.


Not once throughout the film did I go, ‘my god they can’t act’. I don’t even remember if the actors were good or not, that is not what you are paying attention to. Cameron made a fantastic choice in choosing relatively unknowns for the lead characters (except Weaver of course), this meant that you wern’t looking at say Angelina Jolie in blue throughout the film thinking ‘idiot’ throughout the film. These unknowns meant that 99% of the audience will have no pre-conception of the cast and I think this was very important as the cast is not important within this film.

Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver are the only cast worth talking about briefly, even with the fact that a lot of the audience know Weaver, she didn’t ruin what almost called be called ‘newness’ within the film.

James Cameron

Cameron has had this film running around in his mind for decades now, and even wanted it to be made 10 years ago, however due to no studio picking it up at the time due to the $400 million budget he wanted; he had to put it to the side for 10 years. Thank god he did, can you imagine if this was made in the 90’s? The attention to detail which makes this film so amazing would have not really have happened. I can’t see the film becoming what it is now if he had released this 2 years after Titanic and not 12 years later.

What Cameron and his team have done is create a film where every single little detail is amazing, sure I’m sure I’ll probably be changing this when I see it again, but you really do feel like you are in Pandora. You are really witnessing a monumental piece in cinema here, not only is it a good film but the fact that Cameron has gone completely out of the box and made a film like this, really deserves all the nods he’ll be getting in the coming months for this film.

CGI/Cinematography/Special Effects

These three things are the reason why this film is fantastic, the cinematography throughout the film was stunning, I hate to sound like I’m almost insane here, but in a weird way, you feel like you are transported into Pandora, this new amazing imaginative land where everything is well blue and beautiful.

The CGI in the film is stunning, a lot of the film follows a very strong moral message, and it’s one of the reasons why it’s got a bit of stick. The ‘environment’ is the biggest moral message within the film for me and I’m sure it was meant that way. The way they project this message to you is done so beautifully that to be honest, you don’t care that you’re almost being preached at about it. The people who in the trailers to me looked quite cartoonish, but in the film you forget that they are ‘blue’, you forget that these people are different and you actually find yourself wanting to be a Na’vi.

The attention to detail within the film is just fantastic, the Na’vi environment is just stunning, they live in the forest and their whole lives is based around the flora and fauna of the rainforest they live in. You will, if you allow yourself to open your mind and not go in with a negative thought about this film then you will find yourself excepting this habitat and planet and even find yourself getting involved and wanting to be a part of this wonderful world.

The Good Points


When we walked into the cinema we were really expecting to be quite annoyed by the film as the rating was only a 12 A. Usually this means, you get little 8 year olds laughing when someone laughs on screen and you also get the weird feeling of throwing your popcorn quite hard at them. However, despite the fact that when we watched this film, that every seat was taken, and even the ones at the bottom that no one wants to sit in, we had no problems from anyone within the film. No one talked, no one laughed inappropriately, and they were all absorbed by this wonderful world of Avatar. Peace and Quiet is what we all want at the cinema and generally when it comes to 12 or lower rated films, you never get it.

Attention to Detail

Okay, he forgot about the plot, and a few other things, but all of the visionary details, all of the important things in my mind were amazing. If you take a look closer you will see things like the minuet details of scales on the Na’vi’s skin, to the details on the flora and fauna, you will see how much time and effort has gone into everything to do with this film. If I do get it on DVD, I’m sure I’ll see a lot more goofs, but at the moment I couldn’t see any.

The Bad Points


I agree with pretty much everyone who saw this film and has an opinion on it, the Plot was just terrible. There wasn’t much substance or depth to go with and for me, this is always niggling at the back of your mind throughout the film, however ignore that niggling and the plot becomes unimportant and something that is minuet compared to the rest of the film.


I spent most of the movie with my glasses off, the idiot that is me, didn’t realise that I would need my other glasses when watching a 3D film. From watching the film sort of in 2D I think the people saying ‘You Have To Watch This in 3D’ are slightly wrong, you pay an extra £3 for a film which doesn’t make as brilliant use of the 3D as I would have expected, I think if you do get a little motion sickness then it would be better to try and watch it in 2D.

Another annoyance for me, Cameron was obviously quite smart as he knew that 3D blockbusters bring in more money than normal blockbusters, you are paying about £3 more for a 3D film.

Haven’t I Seen This Before?

One of the problems with this movie is the fact you do notice little bits of different films within it. Sure every visionary Director is going to use the work of his previous films or the work of his peers films and incorporate it, most Directors do this, but not as obvious as Cameron has done within this film. You will notice bits and pieces from Aliens and Apocalypse now, but for me it didn’t bother me as much as I know it bothered other people. Sure it could be called a cut and paste job, but I don’t remember Aliens or Apocalypse Now being that visually stunning and worth the price that I brought it for. (Aliens I brought for £1 at a boot sale so that’s saying something)


I have a very short attention span and any film over about 2 hours gets me antsy and a bit bored. This film is nearly 3 hours in length and about the 2 hour mark, it does begin to slow in pace and it could have been done with cutting a lot from that part of the film to make it a lot less.

Would You Recommend It To Friends?

Well technically I’ve recommended it to everyone I pretty much know, as soon as I got home, the fact that I had just been to see, which was possibly the best film made in the Noughties was up on my Facebook straight away. I have only met a handful of people who are not too sure about this film, but I don’t think anyone’s come to me and said it’s terrible. There is not many bad reviews I’ve seen on this film, nearly everyone is able to forget the negatives and loves the world you’re transformed into.


Director: James Cameron
Release Date: 17th December 2009
Run Time: 162 Minutes
UK: 12 A

Final Opinion

I can honestly say that I have only come out of the cinema 3 times now thinking, that was worth the price of the cinema ticket. Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers were the first two, and now Avatar is the third. Being around £9 at Cineworld Cinemas, it is an expensive film to watch at the cinema, even if you’ve already purchased the £0.80 3D glasses, but I really can’t see it being as good on a 15.6” computer screen or even a flat screen plasma screen.

The whole film needs to be watched without ANY negative thoughts at all, even one about Sigourney Weaver in my opinion could ruin the film for you. I think this is why Cameron chose relatively an unknown for his cast, if you go in thinking, the plot is supposed to be terrible, and let it run through your mind, and then the film may be ruined for you. Open your mind and allow yourself to be taken into this amazing world.

Cameron really is a true genius, and I really hate to say that about the guy that created Titanic.

Kirsty (2009)

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope you enjoyed this movie as much as I did.

Update 2/5/10

We managed to get the Avatar DVD from Morrisons for £5 the other day, and last night we sat down to watch it. I have never been so glad before that I spent the money to go to the cinema and watch a film. The difference in watching the film on the cinema screen in 3D to a normal wide screen TV was out of this world, the world of Pandora in my opinion was not as amazing, and the film lost a lot of its brillance.

At this particular time, the only one released is the 2D version of the film with no extras at all on the DVD, the reason they did this was for the same reason I'm sure they chose the 3D version, MONEY. I think if you have seen the film before, then buy the 2D version, however please, if you have not seen it, wait for 3D and rent it out. You will get the most amazing experiance that way, which I'm afraid I don't think you get in 2D.

Some of you may have noticed that I have changed the rating on this film because of this update, watching the film for a 2nd time has opened my eyes a little bit, I complained earlier about the length, but when you don't have the world of Pandora litterally in your living room, the length seems even longer. As well as that, watching it in 2D has proven to me, and I'm sure many others that the reason this film did work for many of us, was all of the extras that the 3D version provided. It was still stunning and it was a lot prettier than a lot of films, and I found I paid attention to the plot a lot more and it wasn't as weak as I thought it was originally.

If you have seen the film before and loved it, then go out and rent or buy the DVD, you won't be missing out, however if you haven't seen it in the cinema, then please wait. Save your money, and wait for 3D version. Not only will you get a lot of extras on the film, but you will see the film the way it was meant to be seen.

Hope this helps.

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