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published 04/11/2003 | ElizaF
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Pro Organic, effective, biogegradable packaging.
Cons Pricey. Hard to find locally.
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"Malva number fiiiiiiiiiiiive"

Aveda - Black Malva Shampoo

The company behind the products:
Aveda was founded in 1978 by Horst Rechelbacher, an Austrian who wanted to start a plant-based cosmetics company run on ethical employment principles. He made the company remit to sell personal grooming aids untested on animals made with ingredients sourced on fair-trade principles.

All very lofty and admirable aims, I am sure you will agree.

Today, Aveda are considered the trail blazers in the organic and ethical side of the beauty business. They are the ones who laid down the path for others to follow in order to make a profit in the ‘green’ area of the market.

For example, not only were their hairsprays environmentally friendly on the inside, made from organic, ethical ingredients but on the outside as well, propelled by air-infused technology rather than the ozone layer destroying CFC’s used in other canisters of the period.

My first experience with their products was when my Mother-in-law-to-be included a sample bottle of their Hydrating Lotion in my Christmas stocking one year. I was converted to this lurvely brand when I woke up 13 hours after first applying it and still had that super-soft feeling on my skin as if I has just come out of a mineral spa. Obviously with an experience this good with one product, I was left very well disposed towards the brand in general.

Shampoo "Flavours" available:
Aveda Black Malva Pure Plant Shampoo for very dark brown or black hair.
Aveda Camomile Pure Plant Shampoo for blonde to mid brown hair.
Aveda Clove Pure Plant Shampoo for brown hair.
Aveda Madder Root Pure Plant Shampoo for dark or red hair.
Aveda Blue Malva Pure Plant Shampoo for all hair types, takes brassy tones out of the hair. Also recommended for grey hair to brighten it up and make it silvery

So what is this stuff supposed to do?:

(Company claims –NOT directly quoted, choice extracts only)

will “enrich natural & tinted dark hair”, hide the appearance of red/copper tones in deeper shades of hair. It has moisturising “emollient properties”

So does it do the business?:
I bought this shampoo after putting a disastrous 99p ‘copper tones’ rinse in my hair. Yes, yes, I know, I deserved all I got. Anyhow when I towelled my hair dry, I resembled a milk bottle white freckled Rastafarian that someone had thrown a bucket of maroon paint over. Not only has this "valu" rinse turned my hair the colour of a particuliarly horrible school uniform, it had also dried out my wavy locks and left me with a disgrace of a barnet. All I needed was to paint a vivid upside-down smile on my face and I could have joined a clown troop!

Stop laughing, if that is going to be your attitude, you can go somewhere else.

Oh and since I am telling all, I have to add that things got worse before they got better. I needed a hat to put on in order to go out and get something else to get this muck out of my hair. The only one in the house was a ‘Millwall’ wolly cap that we were going to use for our Guy Falkes dummy. It was a close thing but the hat rather than the hair won, so I wore it out.

Ok, you can laugh now.

I had washed the disaster area a few times but it only took some of the glare off it and I was supposed to go to a special dinner that night. I was going to buy another dye to put over it but the chemist, God / Allah/ Budda bless ‘er (or whoever your deity of choice is) recommended that I used this shampoo to calm down the red tones and moisturise my frizzy locks.

Being partial to Aveda anyway, I agreed to give it a go.

It worked so well, I couldn’t make it up. My normally dark brown fuzzy (and now multi-coloured) hair became this luxuriant sheet of shiny waves. Even the small bits of blonde frizz that normally live around my temples after the Summer were darkened after the wash and actually looked like they did belong on my head. I had to look really carefully in the mirror to find the red streaks and I am sure when I found them I only imagined them.

The shampoo does not actually dye your hair, the change is not that dramatic, as far as I can make out, it emphasises the dominant colour in your hair and really makes it stand out under night-time lighting. For those reasons it may be worth trying one of two of the shampoos surrounding your own shade to find the one that has the effect that you like the best.

Now, we all know what happens when there is no ‘shampoo for dry hair’ around and we use our partners shampoo hoping for the best! Aveda pure plant shampoos are made for hair colours and not hair types but can be used no matter what state your hair is inclined to get into as they contain no chemicals and will do nothing to upset the balance of your hair.

What does it smell like?
Very herbally and shampoo like. It has that smooth clean smell that all shampoos have with a smell like wet herbs, not too astringent and not too sweet or floral-like.

wild-crafted black malva, organically grown aloe and black tea.

Portions available:

So where can I get this wonderful stuff from?:
1000ml on special offer, reduced from £21.00 to £20.15

250ml for £7.00

For your nearest individual stockist: ring 02074101600

Related tit-bits:
Malva is a favourite food of butterflies.
Organically grown aloe grows a much deeper shade of green than the non-organic version.

Related URLS:
http://www.aveda.com (Manufacturer’s website)
http://www.aveda.com/products/product.asp?ITEM=21106 (product related portion of (Manufacturer’s website)
(Picture of the Malva plant)

United Kingdom contact details:
Aveda Ltd.
Holborn Hall, 3rd Floor
193/197 High Holborn
London WC1V 7DB
United Kingdom
Tel: + 44.20.7297.6350
Fax: + 44.20.7297.6351
Serving: United Kingdom and Ireland

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  • cep19 published 27/01/2008
    Fantastically funny and informative review - was considering buying some of this and think I definitely will now, could be handy when the next home-colour goes wrong!!
  • vixsta14 published 15/07/2006
    Great review am in need of a new shampoo and conditioner combo so will look out for this xx
  • gypsyangel published 10/01/2005
    This sounds freally good but it's a bit pricey to use everyday.Good review.
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