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How easily is it absorbed?
Value for money

"Fresh, soft skin from Anew"

Avon Anew Vitale Day Cream after 1 month of use

Avon Anew Vitale Day Cream after 1 month of use

Avon Anew Vitale Day Cream

The Product Range

Anew Vitale is a range of skin care available by Avon, the range includes the Anew Vitale Day Cream, Anew Vitale Night Cream, Anew Vitale Eye cream, Anew Vitale Visible Perfection Instant Blurring Cream and Anew Vitale BB Cream SPF 20. Avon Anew offers 4 age ranges in their skin care products
  • Avon Anew Vitale 25+
  • Avon Anew Reversalist 40+
  • Avon Anew Ultimate 50+
  • Avon Anew Platinum 60+

Each range concentrating on different aspects of ageing to keep skin youthful and fresh.

Anew Vitale Claims

This range is aimed at ages 25+ plus but can be used before to combat signs of ageing earlier. Avon's caption from the current campaign catalogue (C05 2017) say "flawless-looking skin, everyday". And in fine print "Out of 161 Boots No7 users questioned, 72% preferred Anew when comparing like-for-like products".

The website's description on the UK site is very vague compared to the US website so I'll show both.

From the Avon UK website

"With Perfect Cell Complex to help to maximise skin cell turnover, for improved skin quality. SPF 25. 50ml."
From the US Website


"Revive the look and feel of tired skin with Anew Vitale Day Cream. Formulated with VitaTone Complex, it evens out skin tone, while returning vibrancy, reducing dullness and improving clarity. This day cream with SPF protection helps your skin look beautiful and protect it from further sun damage. Comes in a 1.7 oz jar and is suitable for all skin tones."

• VitaTone Complex evens skin tone out and improves clarity
• Relieves skin dryness and hydrates skin instantly  
• Immediately boosts skin’s hydration by 178%
• Provides broad spectrum SPF 25 protection
• Oil-free
• Non comedogenic and non acnegic 
• Allergy-tested and dermatologist-tested 

• Apply upward and outward on cheeks, face and neck in the morning

Made in USA

Price and Availability

The Anew range is exclusive to Avon as a brand but can be found widely online on many independent sites if you put the name of the cream into google but I'd advise buying it from the Avon website if you choose online because you don't know how long it's been sitting in a warehouse coming from somewhere else. If you buy online you can either have it delivered by Avon or you can choose to have it delivered by a near by representative.

You can also buy it from a catalogue through an Avon Representative. There are many Avon Reps around the country and if you can find one near you and get a catalogue then you're more likely to see when there is a special offer on this cream.

This cream comes in at £20 for a 50ml tub, but if you hold out for a special offer you can often get it half price. Sometimes you get an offer where you can buy Day, Night and Eye cream for the price of the day cream alone. They also offer a travel size tub which is 15ml and usually costs around £5 but isn't always available. Sometimes you can get the skin care kit which has 15ml day cream, 15ml night cream and the eye cream for £10 which is a great deal (the eye cream alone is £16).

The Packaging

The cream comes in a pink glass jar with a plastic screw off lid. Although the jar is glass I don't think there's any danger of it smashing easily as I've dropped mine a few times, it's quite thick glass. the lid is easy to remove and reveals a large opening at the top so it's easy to access the cream whether you're a 1 finger dipper or a scooper. The jar comes in a pink box that is also sturdy but personally I don't keep the box.


Active ingredients:
Other ingredients:


The cream itself is quite a thick consistency and is white in colour. Only a little is needed and should be applied to face and neck daily in the morning. It can be used along with other Vitale products. It has a slight scent (quite a pleasant one) to it, but not an over powering one, you only really smell it when you initially apply it. Once the cream is absorbed into the skin, I don't smell it.

My Story

So, I'll keep this brief. I do a lot with my time, I'm 26 and I work full-time in a casino which involves a lot of night shift hours, I'm a self employed hairdresser on days off and I am an Avon Representative during my very little free time.

I have a combination skin, it tends to be oily around my forehead and chin and more dry on my cheeks and nose. My skin is slightly olive in tone so I'm prone to darker patches below my eyes when overly tired (most of the time!). I have early signs of fine wrinkles and one deep frown line on my forehead (I guess I get annoyed at drunks in work and frown at them haha). I don't have overly sensitive skin but I do get breakouts or blotches on my skin with certain products so I have to be careful what I use.
The lack of sleep and the deathly hours have a massive effect on my skin, if I'm not sleeping enough then my eyes become very dark and bags appear. When I'm exhausted I can break out in spots around my chin and forehead, where my skin is most oily.

So I needed a cream that would be good for combination skin, fight these early wrinkles and not make my face itch or go red. I found it with this cream.

My Experience

Personally, if I'm completely honest, I don't use this cream daily, or in the morning. I use it at least 5 days a week before going to work. Due to working night shift I just apply it when I'm getting ready for work onto cleansed skin. I always use the Vitale eye cream first around my eyes (I used to use a Guerlain eye cream that cost £70 for 15ml, I now use Vitale!). I usually dab my finger in the tub and apply 5 dots to my face (forehead, nose, chin and both cheeks), I then put 2 or 3 dabs on my neck area. I gently rub the cream in starting with my neck to chin in upwards motions followed by my cheeks, nose and finally my forehead, when I get to my forehead, I rub upwards from the side of my eyes to where my fingers will meet in the middle. I don't think it takes too much rubbing in, my entire facial routine takes about 5 minutes.

The cream is pretty quick to absorb providing you don't use too much of it. When I first started using this product I used too much and found that my forehead and chin (my oily areas of skin) felt really greasy even 5-6 hours into a shift. Once I used less product, I found it felt much lighter on the skin. So a little really does go a long way with this cream. I find it makes my skin feel very soft and keeps the dry parts of my face moisturised while I'm at work. I do however pair it with the night cream which helps my skin even more.

I first tried the cream by buying a skin care kit which had the 15ml pots in it, it lasted me about 4 months with my semi-regular use. I've had my 50ml pot open since about New Year and it's barely got a dent in it so in my opinion it's great value for money even if you were to pay the full price of £20 for the pot. As an Avon representative I get mine slightly discounted and I bought it while it was on an offer so I paid just £12 for the 50ml Day cream and a 50ml Night cream but as I said in the price section of my review, you can pick it up on great deals quite often.

I don't wear make-up to work but on the very rare occasion that I do wear make-up, I still apply my face cream first. I don't use foundation, I only use pearls and it works as a great base for those.

I've used this cream now for about 5 months and it has been great for my skin, it's cheap compared to some of the designer brands I've previously used at only a fraction of the price and I can honestly say my skin feels the same, if not better using Anew Vitale.

Do I Recommend?

Yes I recommend this day cream to anyone looking to keep their skin bright and soft for a very affordable price. I recommend using it with the Eye Cream and the Night Cream, and not just because I'm an Avon Representative because, let's face it, you're not going to be buying it from me for me to make money! Haha. I genuinely believe in this product and its results. Although it doesn't seem to have made a massive difference to my frown line on my forehead, it hasn't gotten any worse and no more fine lines have appeared. They say you should start with your lotions and potions early to slow down signs of ageing rather than try to reverse them when it's too late and I'd say the Anew Vitale range is a great way to do so.

Five stars from me!

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