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Pro Cheap product which works great.
Cons Avon are useless with instructions and also aren't clear about what is in the product.
very helpful
Does it dehydrate your skin?
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"Avon Clearskin Pore penetrating clay mask."

My friend is an Avon representative so i often buy from her. She is always telling me about what she has tried out and what she recommends to me and this pore penetrating clay mask was one she insisted that i tried, so I took her advice and then ordered it from her as i am always up for trying something new, and i also like to look after my skin and think that face masks can be a fun way of doing that!

This clay mask comes at a great price of just £3, more often than not it is also on offer for £1.75! I personally believe that both prices are excellent for a 75ml tube of clay mask when you consider that if you was to go buy face masks individually they could cost you around £1 each! So this is a great money saver. The product comes in a mainly white tube, with a green circle pattern on and also a clear lid which can get very dirty. The tube has the avon logo in small writing in the near the top of the tube towards the left, and underneath that has 'clearskin' printed onto the tube in larger grey writing this is rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Next to this in the centre of the tube in bold dark green lettering says 'pore penetrating' then underneath this in a smaller, thinner and lime colored lettering says 'Clay Mask' also underneath this it says 'Masque visage a l'argile' I am guessing that this says 'Clay mask' in a different language. Then underneath this the product says that it contains 0.5% of Salicylic Acid, I have heard that salicylic acid is great for getting rid of Acne! The back of the tube basically tells you how you must use the product in a number of different languages!

I personally only get the occasional few spots here and there, but who wants them at all? So that was my reasoning for trying out this product. However it clears all your pores out, which means it should stop any kind of blemishes, spots blackheads etc. This product claims it has pore firming technology too help make pores visably clearer and refined. Unfortunately the product does not include a list of what is actually in it, which is a huge disadvantage, as you do not have a clue what you are using apart from 0.5% of Salicylic Acid. I have found with many Avon products that they are absolutely useless for putting this on! Also they never seem to have instructions either! Which i really dislike about avon because sometimes i will order a product and by the time it has come i am not quite sure what it is and how to use it!! But i can't argue with this product as it does tell you how to use it, however there isn't a great deal of instructions.

The actual clay mask is a light minty green color. It is very thick and can be hard to squeeze out the tube, however this may be because i need to clean up the dry bits of clay mask which have been left on my lid!! Once the clay mask dries it goes a very light color and is possibly more white than green. The clay mask smells gorgeous and has a very fresh scent too it! So it is easy to relax with it on your face.

How to use-
All the product tells you to do is the following. 'Apply a thin layer to face, allow to dry for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use 2-3 times a week. CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes, keep out of reach of children'.
Now I really do not think that is enough information. There is a lot of questions to which can be asked such as 'What do i apply the face mask with?' 'How much do i use?' 'Do i rinse it with cold or warm water?' and probably many more questions! You could think it was blatantly obvious how to use the product but it may not be that easy in everybody's eyes, especially for someone who may be using a clay mask for the very first time.
The way i would personally recommend using this face mask is very simple.
Firstly i would clean my face with either a facial wipe or warm water, next i would squeeze the tube and put a very small amount of the clay mask onto my fingertips, then rub it into my face and gradually add more clay mask to my face until my face is fully covered. BUT this is not including the lips or eyes, i leave a large area around my eyes. The product does warn you avoid contact with eyes however my friend did not leave much space between her eyes and the face mask which then made her eyes water, sting and also go blood shocked! So i certainly recommend put this no where near your eyes. Then simply leave the product for 5 minutes. As you leave the product for the 5 minutes it will feel as if you face is being pulled and goes very tight! It is certainly a very strange feeling but do not worry about it, it is just the clay mask hardening up. This particular clay mask hardens very fast! Lastly once the clay mask has been on for 5 minutes (It doesn't matter if you leave it longer) I then fill my sink up with warm water and get a flannel or small sponge, wet it and rub my face until all of the clay mask has come off. This usually takes me around a few minutes as it can be quite hard to get off, however warm water is the best way to get it off. I have also tried to get it off with facial masks which took me a lot longer time!! Next just simply dab your face dry with a towel. Then feel your face and it should feel silky smooth! I always love the feel of my face once i have used this clay mask.

I personally believe this clay mask does help penetrate your pores! I think it has worked excellently on my skin and always makes my skin feel as soft as a babies bottom! Since i have been using this clay mask I have noticed that i get a lot less spots and blemishes, which makes me very happy. Me and my friends often get together and have 'pamper' nights and this is a product that i take whilst we do this, all of my friends that have borrowed this product also absolutely loved it (apart from the one who got it a bit too close to her eye!) and they have all asked where it is from as they now want it! So i would certainly recommend that you try this product out! It is a great price and works great so you certainly can't argue with it! I will certainly be purchasing this product again, and possibly will try out more from the clearskin range at Avon.

Thank you for reading my review. :) This is also published on dooyoo under the same name.

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  • AnneLorraine1 published 17/06/2013
    Well reviewed. I hate getting these off!
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    Nicely done x
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