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published 05/09/2011 | Deesrev
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Cons Debating with my grand-daughter who is going to apply the product!
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"'Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave'!"

Avon Kids Detangling Spray

Avon Kids Detangling Spray

Reason For Purchase ~ ‘You've been tangoed’…(or tangled, random eh :D)

When my grand-daughter stays over, after her bath-time routine, we come to the task of combing the tangles from her hair. My grand-daughter’s lengthy hair is straight and very thick. Her hair becomes very tangled throughout the day, much to do with the hair styles she likes to adorn herself with :D Detangling my grand-daughter’s hair can present ‘tantrums and tiaras’ so this product had been on my list for the next visit from my Avon rep!

The Product ~ ‘Let your hair down’

This product comes in a plastic container with a fun label and is part of a range of children’s hygiene goods that Avon provides. The detangling spray’s fragrance is in watermelon and kiwi, with a practical 200ml measure. The reverse of the container briefly indicates, in no less than fifteen languages, how to apply this ‘no more tears’ formula and safety warning of keeping out ‘of the reach of young children’! The product has a twelve month shelf life, though frequent usage will ensure this is used up long before this time!

How This Product Works~ ‘Cut and dried’

Although this product is focused towards children, I have used it myself to see if it is suitable for adults too; it is! The detangling spray is simply a gentler composition for young scalps and hair consistency but works as well with my hair, though I will add that mine is finer and far less thick. Apologies for stating the obvious but, detangling spray is a product that is used by people who have an array of various hair types, such as, thick, curly or very easily tangled hair. These products work by coating the stem of each follicle to enable them to easily separate and comb apart. Without using these types of formulas can result in damage to the hair, not to mention the discomfort in brushing, by stretching, pulling and even breaking the strands of hair. Of course, one can simply wet the hair before attempting to remove the tangles, though in my grand-daughter’s case, simply shampooing the hair causes tangling anyway! But wetting the hair does increase the elasticity of the hair but doesn’t work enough to detangle in many hair types.

As I mentioned previously concerning using this product on myself, it can be used by folk of all ages, but this formula is specifically for children; young ones often have hair that is much finer than adult hair. Additionally, youngsters generally have scalps that are far more sensitive than adults; therefore, the procedure to remove tangled hair can feel especially uncomfortable to children. This detangling spray helps to make the tangles untwist more easily. My grand-daughter has little patience in waiting for her hair to be brushed and combed without snarls and knots so at times like these, the task is a delight for everyone concerned! :D

Although, the spray does work in my grand-daughter’s case as well as my own, for extraordinarily thick knots and matted hair this detangling spray may not work. A more extreme measure may be needed, if you catch my drift! Again, please excuse my noting the obvious, but using this detangling spray perhaps a few times a day to manage particularly resistant easy matted hair may be beneficial. Added to this, consistent trims, washing and combing will cut down (excuse the pun) the problem.

Usage Experience ~ ‘The secret of my success is my hairspray’ {Richard Gere!!!

1) I generally wash my grand-daughter’s hair with a specially formulated shampoo for children’s hair. After rinsing well, I carefully towel dry to avoid adding to the already tangled hair.

2) This spray can be used on wet or dry hair which I find is a real plus. On special occasions, my daughter likes me to plait both her and my grand-daughter’s hair; not one or two times, but around 80 to 100 very thin plaits, often with colourful beads attached too! This procedure can take anything between three to four hours! Imagine what fun it is keeping a five year old content while I work on her hair for that amount of time! Therefore, when it comes to taking out such tightly braided hair, this product has proved its weight in gold!

3) Back to the recently washed hair; after towel drying, I sit my grand-daughter on a stool in front of my chair with the towel around her shoulders. I tend to spray the hair in sections, and deal with each portion in turn. I spray the watery fluid out approximately six inches away, focusing on the tangles. The watermelon and kiwi fragrance smells more like very ripe sweet strawberries to me, very pleasant. The spray comes out of the nozzle in fast spurts with an ample range that covers a good part of the strands.

4) I then begin to use my wide toothed comb to pick at the knots in the hair, gently breaking them up to smaller sections. Each time, working my way through the tangles, working from the outer layers of the knots to the center. A couple of short burst from the spray is often enough to assist the process of detangling of each matted section, but for particularly stubborn entanglements, a couple more shots of the product works very well.

5) Each section of the hair where I have removed the tangles is then gripped up upon the scalp using large plastic clips to avoid getting in the way of the process of un-matting the rest of the hair. Combing the hair from the scalp tends to produce even more tangles so I only begin at the problem area, and only after these portions have been dealt with, I then gently use my soft textured brush to comb through the hair. For very stubborn tangles, I like to hold the section of hair I’m working on, with my other hand on the upper end of the hair, an inch or so beneath the scalp to avoid uncomfortable pulling on my grand-daughter’s head. As long as the whole task is done slowly and with care, this really can be a ‘no more tears’ chore!

6) Another one of the great benefits of this gentle product is that one doesn’t need to wash it out. After I have finished detangling my grand-daughter’s hair, it is left shiny and smooth from the formula. When I’ve awoken my grand-daughter the next day…or more accurately, when she’s awoken me, I tend to pop her hair into her chosen style that day. Her hair retains the fragrance and manageable strands from the evening before. My daughter also uses this product now during every hair wash of my grand-daughter's hair. The bottle has lasted me months as I only normally wash my grand-daughter’s hair once a week. But, although my daughter uses the product far more frequently, she confirms that her 200ml bottle has lasted very well too.

Would I Recommend? ~ ‘Hair is vitally personal to children. They weep vigorously when it is cut for the first time; no matter how it grows, bushy, straight or curly, they feel they are being shorn of a part of their personality’ {Charles Chaplin, My Autobiography, 1964

Most definitely! This product continues to work well on my stubborn grand-daughter…opps I mean her stubborn hair! :D It leaves her very thick and easily tangled hair beautiful smooth and easy to comb. The product’s wonderful aroma remains many hours after being applied, which adds to the delight of my grand-daughter. Even at full price of £2.60, the Avon Kids Detangling Spray is excellent value. It is currently on offer online or through your local Avon representative for £1.30. Please see http://avonshop.co.uk for the online availability.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review xXx

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  • chrisandmark_is_here published 10/10/2011
    I buy this for my kids Dee, it's fab stuff. Also brilliant for when the little ones get an attack of the nits. ;) x
  • pink_champagne published 25/09/2011
    I always used to love having detangling spray in my hair as a kid, it always made me feel grown up!
  • Aken published 09/09/2011
    An E. Well reviewed x
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