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Review of "BBC1 - Eastenders"

published 27/02/2006 | me_and_my_teddybear
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"Who's who in Eastenders"

queen vic

queen vic

I am a great fan of Eastenders. I watch it every time its on, know the story line and the characters inside out so I think I have enough to write a great (I hope) review.

Here I am going to give you a bit about each character and who plays them. There are so many I can see this taking forever Its not going to be completed in just one day so I’m giving you the time and date that I started.

Here goes.!!

Wendy Richard AKA Pauline Fowler

Wendy Richard, was born on 20th July 1943 in Middlesborough, England as Wendy Emerton.

Wendy first joined the screens in the 1960's as Joyce Harker in the TV sitcom " The Newcomers". But it wasn't until she joined the sitcom "Are you being served?" in the 1970's playing a slow-witted sales representative Miss Shirley Brahms that she really found her fame. When the sitcom finished Wendy joined Eastenders playing her part as Pauline Fowler who she has played since 1985 when the very first show of Eastenders appeared on our TV working in the Laundrette with Dot.

Pauline is the daughter of Lou Beale. She is known for wearing cardigans and drinking a nice cup of tea. She is a very family orientated lady, who loves to sit down once in a while and reflect back on old family members and family past times. Although things have not been plain sailing for her. She lost her Husband Arthur in 1996, due to despair and adultery. Her Daughter Michelle left for America with her Grand-daughter Vikki after Pauline did nothing but harass her. Not learning by her past she still interferes with her other son Martins and Daughter-in-laws love life. Her eldest son Mark finally passed away a few years ago after being diagnosed with HIV.

Her worst enemy was Den Watt's for getting her Daughter Michelle pregnant at the very young age of just 16 whilst he was married. She never did forgive him, little does she know though that it was her cast Iron Dog doorstop that finally finished him off.

Her best friend of all time has got to be Dot Branning or Dot Cotton as she was once called.

In August 2005 Pauline met and became very good friends with her salsa dance partner Joe Macer. Instantly Joe fell for Pauline and as time went on, Pauline started to realise that she felt the same. But she kept this feeling to herself and when in a crowded Queen Vic Joe proposed to her she instantly said No. Joe wasn’t about to give up though, leaving her letters in her home and in the Laundrette Pauline finally gave into Joe and accepted his proposal of marriage. They finally tied the knot on Friday 17th February 2006. Pauline didn't want to let Arthur down so she decided to keep her name as Fowler. Pauline still lives in the same family home of 45 Albert Square.

Adam Woodyatt AKA Ian Beale

Adam was born on 28th June 1968. He has also been in the show since it very first started in 1985. He has made guest appearances on many different programmes in relation to Eastenders giving brief talks and some behind the scene information.

Ian Beale is a very selfish and greedy man. His parents are Pete and Cathy Beale. Cathy left our screens with her son Ben (Phil Mitchell's son) a couple of years ago to make a new life for herself. He has got 3 children Peter, Lucy and baby Bobby, but was made to believe that Steven who he brought up from birth was is own son but found that this was not the case when Steven decided to go to live with his real dad. Ian has not has it easy, he has been marries twice and has been in 2 bad relationships. Ian lives at 55 Victoria Road

Cindy Williams was Ian's first wives, he married her when she became pregnant which is why he was led to believe that Steven was his own but he actually turned out to bed the son of Ian's half brother Simon Wicks who Cindy had an affair with.
Cindy fell pregnant again this time they were Ian's kids, Peter and Lucy but not long after Cindy ran of with David Wick's, Simon and Ian's half brother.
She was madly in love with David that she had Ian shot to get him right out of the picture but Ian survived.
She tried to take the kids from Ian and run away with David but he got cold feet and left her alone. After Ian tracked her down and took the kids back to Albert Square Cindy was arrested and but died whilst giving birth to her Daughter Cindy Jr.

Melanie was his 2nd wife, she proposed to him in August 1999 whilst they were watching the Eclipse. She got cold feet but Ian was determined for them to get married so when Lucy fell ill with suspected cancer Ian used it against Mel to say Lucy did have Cancer in order for her so go ahead with the marriage. But Ian was left alone on there wedding night on New years eve 1999 when Melanie found out about Ian's wicked and Evil lie against Lucy and left him as the clock struck midnight.

As a result of Ian's selfishness, he lost out on thousands of pounds when in 2005 just before Chrissie was to be arrested he did a deal with her to buy the Queen Vic at a very very low price. But that soon backfired on him when Phil Mitchell Ian's worst enemy of all time and Sharon Watts (Rickman) saw his face drop as they told him that the pub was still in Den's name so Chrissie had no right to sell it. The contract was worth nothing.

Ian owns the local chip shop and the local cafe. If Ian has a problem with anyone he tells them that is of course except Phil Mitchell. He will run a mile and hide with his tail behind his legs if he sees him in the street.

June Brown AKA Dot Branning

June was born on 16th February 1967. She is now a director and an English actress. She first started the role of Do back in 1985 when Leslie Grantham (Den Watts) recommended she would be the perfect part. June Brown has played the part of Dot since the very first showing of her in 1985.

Dot Branning also know as Dot Cotton lives at 25 Albert Square and has worked with Pauline her bestest friend since Eastenders started. In 1993 Dot moved away with her son Nick but soon returned in 1997 after her four years out of the square.
Dot is a very religious person, she knows every verse from the bible, who said them and each and every chapter. You will always see Dot with a Cigarette in her hand, and helping those who are in need.

Due to Dots first husband Charlie Cotton and their only child Nick Dot has suffered from a very difficult life. They have both stolen from her, lied to her, left and come back to her. But whilst Charlie was away from Walford he died in a lorry accident.

Nick didn't make things and easier for her, even when his father died. He was worse than Charlie ever was, being involved in drugs, murder and robbery. He even tried to end Dots life by giving her an overdose all for the sake of a few quid of her bingo money. But Nick backed out and couldn’t do it.

Nick's son Ashley, Dots grandson was killed in a motorbike accident. This was all down to Nick and Dot never forgave him, which ended up with Dot disowning him, and he finally left Walford for good.

When Dot met Jim Branning he made it very clear that he was very fond of her but Dot showed no interest in him at all. But when Jim took her for a day out on the London Eye and proposed to her she instantly accepted and they married on Valentines Day 2002 and have had some very happy moments together. Jim is the only one to call her by her full name of Dorothy.

Although Denis Rickman, the son of Den Watts made himself out to be a bad boy Dot looked at him in a very different way and they had a very strong relationship. She always gave him the best advice she cold in his times of need. When Dot had suspected cancer he saved her life by pleading with her to go ahead with Chemotherapy if she was was to be diagnosed with it. She only ever confided in Denis about the cancer at first, but taking his advice she took the chemotherapy and seem to have made a full recovery. But Dots world came to a Holt on New Years Eve 2005 when Denis was stabbed and killed. Leaving behind his pregnant wife Sharon.

James Alexandrou AKA Martin Fowler
James is an English Cypriot actor who was born on 12th April 1985.
James auditioned for the role as Martin Fowler after years studying Drama and was offered the position in 1996. Before James got the part as Martin the former role was player by Jon Peyton Price who was in it from 1985 as a baby till Martins teenager years when James took over the role.

Martin who lives at 45 Albert Square with his mum Pauline had got in with the wrong crowd and started making life very had for her. He was getting into all kinds of trouble with the police and friends and neighbours of the square. This included Phil Mitchell as Martin has Grafittied all over one of his businesses.

He took drugs from Nick but when his broth Martin found out went after Nick and left him paralysed. As Martin got older he used his dead dad's (Arthur) allotment sheds to grow some of his own illegal substances. Martin had already been in trouble with the police too many times so he let the family friend Derek take the blame.

In 2003 he was led to trouble once again with Phil Mitchell for driving whilst drunk knocking down and killing Jamie Phil's nephew. Martin, as a result of this was sent to prison.

Martin ended up having a 1-night stand with Sonia (Jamie’s fiancé) getting her pregnant. When she finally gave birth they both though it would be best to give the baby up for adoption so that’s what they did.
When Martin was released from prison he wanted to prove to Sonia just how terrible he felt and how sorry he was for the murder of her fiancé. As time went on Sonia and Martin got closer and finally ended up getting married in 2004

Pam St.Clement AKA Pat Evans
Pam was born in Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex, England on 12th May 1942. She has played Pat since 1986 when she first started. Pam supports and sponsors many charities including The Global Wildlife Fund. In her spare time she enjoys Horse Riding. Pam has also starred in Emmerdale and The Tripods.

Pat is one of the characters that has been most married in the whole of Eastenders. She has been married a total of 4 times.
Despite having two children with him, her 1st marriage to Pete Beale ended up in the two of them getting a Divorce. Pete had found out that Pat had slept with his brother Kenny.

Her 2nd husband was to be Brian Wicks, Brian was always very drunk and tended to have a thing about woman beating and always showed his fist to Pats face. Pat couldn't take anymore and found the courage to leave him returning to Walford. Once again, this ended in a Divorce.

After a fling at the seaside Pat, at the age of 18 found love with Frank Butcher. Although this fling only lasted as long as their holiday did. Frank was to return home to his fiancée whop was pregnant with his child. Pat was heartbroken but a few years later Frank returned and asked Pat to marry him, she accepted making him her 3rd husband and they were married. Only to once again be left with a broken heart as Frank left her with nothing except a huge big Debt after his businesses went bankrupt.

Roy was next to marry Pat, making him her 4th and final (so far) husband. When they married Pat couldn't have been happier. He was the one she had been waiting for all her life. That was until Frank returned once again but this time, he ended up marrying Peggy. Pat couldn't help herself from flirting with Frank and they ended up having and affaire. They decided to run away together but Peggy found out and ended everything. Roy though, found it in his heart to forgive Pat and gave her a second chance. Unfortunately this was not meant to be for Pat as in 2003 Roy was sadly taken from her dying of a heart attack.

Pat works in the bookies at present and also work for the Trueman's. She was living in a grotty little bed sit with no money. Pats former Husband Roy had a son Barry who married Frank Butchers daughter Janine. Janine was not in love with Barry though this was a scam that she had planned with her lover Paul Trueman. They were planning to take all his money and own everything her did. Once married Janine and the happy husband Barry who knew nothing about what she was doing to him set off on a honeymoon where Janine took him to the cliff tops and told him about her affaire and what she was planning to do to him but he told her that he loved her and would forgive anything she had done but as he came closer to her she pushed him over the cliff killing him.
Janine then became aggressive to Ian Beales wife Laura. She made nasty comments to her and after street fight Janine was seen heading to Laura’s flat.. Pat and Laura had become very good friends as Laura was living above Pats flat. Pat found Laura’s body not long after Janine was there so Pat was Janine’s only alibi but Pat wanted revenge for what she has done to her step-son Barry and told the police that she hadn't seen Janine leaving the house. Janine was arrested.

In December 2005 Pat was called upon to be a witness at Janine’s trial. Frank, being Janine’s dad who Pat had not seen now for over 5 years was there and begged and pleaded with Pat to change are story to save Janine. They ended up going to Franks room to talk things over but one thing led to another and Pat finally agreed to let Janine go free. But once the trial was over and Janine had gone Frank said he wanted nothing more to do with the once again heart broken Pat.

To date, Pat has since been caught by Stacy Slater kissing Patrick Trueman. Stacy has ruined everything and told Patrick’s wife and the whole entire pub everything.

Natalie Cassidy AKA Sonia Fowler
Natalie was born in Islington, London on 13th May 1983. Her middle name is Ann. In 2001 Natalie won the Best Actress award at the British Soap Awards. She has been in Eastenders ever since she was 10 years old and is still to this day there. Natalie is two years older than Sonia, her character.

Sonia made her 1st appearance in Eastenders in 1993 when her family moved to Walford. She moved there with her mum Carol and her step dad Alan. Plus her stepbrother and sisters Bianca, Robbie and Billy. Her only blood related family in the square is her granddad Jim.

Sonia's character was much known for her trumpet playing, she didn’t have much of a story line when she first began but it was all to change in 1997 when her half brother Billy was kidnapped. Billy has been a witness to a robbery and the robbers kidnapped him so he couldn't go the police. Once they finally had him back safe and sound the Jackson family were moved away from walford to go into witness protection.

The Jackson's returned just 2 years later but Alan and Billy remained where they were. Upon returning Sonia had a 1-night stand with Martin Fowler whilst she was under age. Her mum finally left but Sonia stayed. She had found love with Jamie Mitchell but in 2002 she gave birth to a little girl that she never even knew she was carrying until she had her. Chloe, Sonia’s baby Martin Fowlers baby, this happened when they had their 1 nightstand. But both of them felt too young and gave Chloe up for adoption.

Jamie and Sonia managed to work things out and fell even more in love. They got engaged but Jamie had an affair with Zoe Slater causing constant rows between them splitting them up. She began dating Gus, the local bin man. Gus was in love with Sonia and wanted to ask her to marry him but he soon realised that Sonia didn’t feel the same when she broke his heart telling him she still loved Jamie and they were going to try again. The pair got re-engaged but this was a tragedy waiting to happen. Martin knocked Jamie over in the street, he was rushed to hospital where Sonia sat at his bedside until he finally slipped away on Christmas Day. (God, that was so sad) Martin was sent to prison as a result of this.

When Martin was released from prison, after trying so hard to get Sonia to forgive him and realise how sorry he was they finally declared their love for each other and married and Sonia moved into the family home of 45 Albert Square.

Martin was led to believe that he had slept with a girl he had met at Scarlets on a drunken night out. Her name was Sarah, Sonia became very good friends with her. Sarah told Sonia that Martin didn’t love her anymore and that her wanted to be with her. Hoping this would make Sonia and Martin split up she told Sonia that they had spent the night together but Sonia forgave Martin. When they both confronted Sarah and told her how much they loved each other Sarah snapped and in a rage admitted that they hadn't slept together. They had shared the same bed but Martin had fallen asleep. In a tearful rage Sarah ran towards Sonia with a knife but she moved out of the way only for Sarah to imbed the knife in Martin. Sarah was arrested and Martin survived with no serious damage.

Their adopted Daughter Chloe’s parents had been killed in a car crash. This put an even bigger strain on them as Sonia couldn't help but worried about her. They both decided to act as friends of the family and convincing Chloe’s (now Rebecca’s) adoptive grandmother they were allowed in to see her. But when she found out the truth about who they were she kicked them out telling them never to go back. Sonia broke down.

With their marriage still on rocks Sonia confided in her newfound college friend Naomi. After a big row between the couple Sonia ended up kissing lesbian Naomi. Martin found out and the couple decided it was time to split as they both wanted different things out of life but yet again something stopped them. Chloe otherwise know as Rebecca was brought to stay with the Fowlers as her grandmother had been taken into hospital seriously ill. Although they had not long split they were soon brought back together by having their daughter around them.

Barbara Winsor AKA Peggy Mitchell
Barbara was born on 6th August 1937 as Barbara-Ann Deeks.
She is not only known for her role as Peggy in Eastenders but for her appearances in carry-on-films. Her 1st appearance was in the 1954's film The Belles of St. Trinian's. In 1963 she picked up an award at the Bafta for Best British Film Actress. Her first carry on film was Carry On Spying and her last was to be Carry On Dick.

Peggy entered Walford in 1991 played by Jo Warne but Barbara Winsor continued the part as Peggy in 1994.

Having won the battle of breast cancer in 1994 Peggy became Landlady of the Queen Victoria when she married the former landlord Frank.

In November 2002 Peggy was devastated to find that Frank and her friend Pat were having an affair and had plans to run away together. Frank had left Peggy a note to tell her that he was leaving her for Pat but she found the letter before the pair had left and in a crowded pub she slapped them both across the face.

She has got three Children Phil, Grant and Sam. Peggy’s boys have caused her nothing in life but trouble. They were known as the hard men of Walford.

During an armed robbery set up by Den and Denis to get Phil arrested Den and Denis disappeared leaving Phil the only one there for when the Police arrived. As a result of this Phil left Walford in December 2003 whilst on the run from custody.

Grant on the other hand had a car crash in October 1999 and was known to have been killed but really he had fled the country to start a new life in Rio De Janerio.

Sam was the good one of the three and always did what she could to help her mum out and keep her clam when the boys did wrong. She fell in Love with Gangster Andy Hunter who she married but was devastated when she found that he had only married her for her money and to try to win the Mitchell's businesses. He was later found Dead.

In 2003 Peggy's character was very quickly written out of Walford as Barbara Winsor, who plays her was diagnosed with Epstein Barr. She returned to Walford full time in September 2005

John Bardon AKA Jim Branning
John was born on 25th August 1939 in Brentfor, Middlesex. He is a British actor. He shared the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award with Emil Wolk in 1998 for best actor in a musical.
He first appeared in Eastenders for a brief showing in 1996 as Carol Jackson's dad. But he soon returned full time in 1999.
John has also appeared in two showings of the earlier Coronation Street episodes in the 90's.

Jim is the grandfather to Sonia, Bianca, Robbie and Billy and the father of Carol. He has been married twice, although he never did actually love his first wife Reenie, so he tells Dot anyway. His second wife came to be Dot Cotton, now under his name as they are married of Dot Branning. They are very well suited and are still happily living together in their home of 25 Albert Square. Jim proposed to Dot in London on the London Eye and she said yes.

Jim works in The Queen Vic collecting glasses. This is a great way for Jim to sneak himself a free drink in when the others are not looking.

He is best friend with Patrick Trueman, so when Dot wants to find him she just needs to look for Patrick as they are always together.

They are both very addicted gambling and can often be found spending their money in the Bookies.

Perry Fenwick AKA Billy Mitchell
Perry was born in 1962 in Wanstead, London. Not only has he appeared in Eastenders but he has also appeared in the likes of Inspector Morse, Minder and Bergerac.
He has been in a number of film too that include Greenwich Mean Time, Janice Beard and The Winslow Boy. Perry is married to Angela Lonsdale who played Curly Watts wife Emma Watts in Coronation Street.

Billy, or should I say William entered Eastenders as Jamie Mitchell’s abusive Uncle. He is the distant cousin to Phil, Grant and Sam.

When he was just a child Billy's parents left him and he was taken into a Childs home. Whilst he was there he suffered from terrible abuse by the Staff. As a result of this he took out his anger on his nephew Jamie Mitchell who he was now Guardian too since his brother and sister in law, Jamie’s parents had died.

Phil, has realised what was happening and took Jamie in to look after him, Phil had told Jamie not to let him get away with it so the next time Billy attacked Jamie, he attacked back.

Little Mo was a friend to Billy and the more time they spent together the more he felt for her, but there was one problem she was married. This wasn't your usual kind of relationship though, Trevor, Little Mo's husband used to beat her up and be verbally abusive to her. At one point he even raped her. When Billy found out what she had been through he was devastated for her. But when Little Mo's divorce finally came through Billy asked Little Mo to marry him by proposing to her with Alphabet Spaghetti. She accepted and they got engaged.

On Christmas Day 2002 on the same day as his nephew Jamie had died Little Mo and Billy got married.

But to everyone’s dis belief Litte Mo was raped again, this time by the family friend Graham. He used to play darts with her dad Charlie. Billy asked her to have a abortion after finding out that she was pregnant as a result of the rape but Little Mo being the sweet and innocent person that she is couldn't bring herself to do it. She had always wanted children, although in better circumstances.

Billy couldn’t handle the fact that she was going to have another mans baby and they had a separation when Little Mo left Walford. Billy was over the moon when he heard that she had returned but was soon kicked back down when he was told that she had had the baby. Billy was willing to give Little Mo and baby Freddie a go to see of they could work through it but Billy later confessed everything to Little Mo about how he really felt and the fact that every time he looked at Freddie he saw Graham. He told her he couldn't go on lying to her anymore.

Although they both still remain very good and very close friends Billy has now found himself in another relationship with Honey who in November 2005 he got a job for behind the bar of The Vic.
When Billy found out that Honey was pregnant with his baby he was ecstatic. He was so happy, he just couldn't believe it. He then realised that she was the one and asked her to marry him with an out bursting proposal in The Vic and a very upset little Mo, Honey said yes.

Derek Martin AKA Charlie Slater
Derek was born in Bow, London on 11th April 1933. He started his showbiz career as a stunt man in Elizabeth R but he soon turned to acting when he broke his collarbone with filming Elizabeth R.

Derek has also appeared in The Chinese Detective, Eldorado and The Governor plus TV comedy such as only fools and horses and Little Britain.

Charlie first appeared in Eastenders briefly in 2001 played by Jason Mcgregor but is now played by Derek Martin. Living at number 23 Albert Square Charlie's daughters have run him ragged with all the heartbreak and up sets that they have brought to him. He is as good a mother to them as he is father since their mother, Charlie’s wife Viv died.

His most character changing transformation begun when Little Mo, Charlie’s daughter was raped by his so called Darts player friend Graham and the terrible violent relationship she had with ex-husband Trevor.

His other daughter Kat Slater was the loud mouthed, one who didn’t care what she looked like or what she got up to. He had to put up with her spending a night in prison for being drunk and disorderly and had to help Kat through her troubles times when splitting up with husband Alfie Moon

He was overwhelmed when daughter Lynne was expecting husband Garry's baby but he was there to support her and give her a shoulder to cry on when she has a miscarriage.

Charlie the Taxi drive was sued by Graham when he took him for a ride begging and threatening him into pleading Guilty. Charlie had his Taxi licence revoked and was shocked to see that the taxi drivers' licensing authority did not consider vigilante justice an appropriate use of his licence.

Charlie’s has had to look after his Great Niece Stacy Slater who came to stay with her Uncle Charlie after her mum was mentally ill and he has supported Zoe Slater his Grand daughter after she told him she has had a miscarriage when really she had an abortion.

Laila Morse AKA Mo Harris
Liala was born in London on 1st August 1945. She was born Maureen Morse and is sometime credited as Jackie Wyles. She was married to Gerald Bromfield from 1962 - 1970. They had 2 children Tracy and Gerry. Her brother is a British actor and goes by the name of Gary Oldman.

Mo lives at 23 Albert Square with the rest of the Slater family. She is a loud-mouthed big bird. If she can get something for nothing then she will. She is known for her dodgy dealings. If she sees something she wants she goes out of her way to get it, selling it to her friend and neighbours.

Mo appears to suffer from piles but she refers to them as "Farmer Giles".

If Mo doesn't like you, she will tell you. As Pat found out. Pat and Mo are defiantly enemy’s. You will usually catch them having a tiff whilst having a drink in The Vic.

Ricky Groves AKA Garry Hobbs
Ricky was born on April 23rd 1968 in East London. Best known for playing Garry Hobs in Eastenders this British actor got engaged to his former girlfriend Hannah Waterman in 2005.

Garry entered Eastenders as Lynne Slaters boyfriend. Although Garry found out that Lynne had slept with Beppe Di Marco and Lynne had found out that Garry had tried it on with her sister Kat they still decided to get engaged and finally got married in 2001.

When Laura Beale, Ian's wife confessed that she has slept with him when he was too drunk to even remember Garry was horrified. Even more so when Laura told him that she was pregnant and the baby was his. Garry and Lynne broke up as a result but he pleaded with her to forgive him claiming he knew nothing about sleeping with her as he was totally out of it.

Lynne finally gave into Garry and they decided to try again but things went from bad to worse for them when Laura gave birth to a baby boy. Laura had blood test done and was shocked at the results. It stated that Garry was not the natural father to her baby, which meant Ian was. But Laura kept this from them, still claiming Garry was Baby Bobbies dad.

It wasn’t until Laura had her accident falling down the stairs leaving her dead that Pat found Bobbies birth Certificate with Ian's name on it revealing the true father. At the time Garry had taken Bobbie to live with him, as he was the father. Lynne found it hard at first to bond with Bobbie but soon accepted him into the family as one of them. Then Garry was even more pleased when Lynne told him she was pregnant, and they was looking forward to a baby brother or sister for Bobbie.

Pat had no option but to tell Garry and Ian that Bobbie was actually Ian's son. Ian was less than happy at first and Garry was devastated and found it very hard when it came to handing him over to his biological father.

Garry started to accept Bobbies wasn't his son and concentrated on his expectant baby. Lynne and Garry decided to find out what they were going to have, when they found out they were to have a Daughter Garry suggested the name Vivian after Lynne and the Slater girl’s mother. But tragedy struck Walford when the Square had a summer parade and a fair ground ride fell and left Lynne in shock. She suffered major stress caused by the accident that Lynne lost her baby. Soon after this disaster Lynne and Garry split up and Lynne left Walford and divorced and heartbroken Garry.

Rudolph Walker AKA Patrick Trueman
Rudolph was born in Trinidad and Tobago on 28th September 1939. He first came to the Uk in 1960 starring in Love Thy Neighbour and The Thin Blue Line.

In 1969 he was also seen starring in Dr.Who. Rudolhp is very proud of his role that he played in Love Thy Neighbour.

Patrick came to Walford in search of his long lost son's Paul and Anthony who he left when they were very young. He wanted to find them a make up the years. Anthony was easier to persuade then Paul who found it difficult to accept him back into his life after he betrayed them so many years ago. But he finally came round and manages not to fully forgive and forget but to get on.

Patrick met Yolande whilst he was on holiday in Trinidad. Bringing her back to Walford and introducing her to his son's and Albert Square resulted in Patrick marrying Yolande.

Patrick and Yolande fostered a little girl for a short period of time but due to Paul’s behaviour she was soon taken back into care. Patrick went on a search when his son Paul went missing and never returned. Patrick blamed Andy Hunter for the death of Paul and every time Andy stepped out side Patrick was waiting for him asking what had happened to his son.

Not so long ago Yolande has suspicions that Patrick was having an affaire so she hired a Honey Trap to try and catch him out. It was only when the trap failed that Yolande realised her mistake and apologized.

Jim, Patrick’s best friend talked him into owning his own business as a car dealer so he started to rent the car lot from the Mitchell's. Taking on Pat was a huge help for Patrick, as she knew all about selling cars and doing the books but also lead to a huge mistake. Pat wanted more in return for what she was doing and ended up sleeping with Patrick turning it into an affaire. Unaware that they had been seen by Stacy Pat and Patrick continues kissing outside the car lot. Stacy though it was only right that Yolande should know what they were getting up to so in a crowded Queen Vic due to the Wedding of Pauline and Joe, Stacey told all to Yolande. This ended up in a traditional Walford Punch up.

Cliff Parisi AKA Rick "Minty" Peterson
Cliffe is a British actor aged. He is probably best known to most as Minty from Eastenders.

Minty is a very old friend of Phil Mitchell’s, when he was introduced to Walford as Laura Beale and Janine Butcher's landlord they didn't like the way he s=demanded the rent on time each week so asked Phil to have a word with him. Being and old friend Phil just laughed at them and shrugged it off.

In November 2003 Minty was asked by Phil if he would look out for his sister Sam whilst he was in prison. Sam at the time was in charge of all Phil’s businesses.

Minty tries his hardest to do everything he could for Sam, but when Sam started falling for bad man Andy Hunter who wanted to take everything the Mitchell’s owned he could do no more. He started falling for Sam himself, she knew this but still insisted that Andy was the one for her. Even Minty proposing to her didn't change her mind. He was left with no other option than to call Peggy for her help in stopping Sam from marrying the wrong man, but once again this failed as Peggy was also taken in by Andy's charm and gave them the go ahead for their wedding.

When Andy was killed Sam was left with nothing, he has wiped her out of everything, she had no money, no home and none of The Mitchell's Businesses remained theirs. When Den Watts tricked her into selling The Vic Minty asked Sam to move in with him until se got herself sorted. And upon Sam’s exit from Walford Minty found it very hard to cope with.

He has since moved into a flat across the Square with his fellow workmate Garry and has since been joined by Naomi.

Mohammed George AKA Gus Smith
Mohammed was born in 1982 and has played the part of Gus Smith in Eastenders since May 2002.

Mohammed was in a relationship with Emma Archibald, and has a Daughter with her. They named they baby Olivia,
Olivia was a shock to all as Emma was un-aware that she was pregnant. Mohammed is now bringing daughter Olivia who was born in 2005 up alone.

Gus was first seen in Walford in May 2002. He at the time was working for a Bed Company.
This is when Gus met and fell for Sonia, they both disagreed on the bed that Sonia's Granddad Jim had brought.

Gus found the courage to tell Sonia how he felt but Sonia had decided to give things ago with Jamie, Gus was heartbroken.
Gus has not really had any girlfriend but he has got one thing to be proud of, and that’s his Poetry.
When Gus finally left working for the bed company he started working as the local Road Sweeper.

Gus is a good boy, who doesn’t like to see people get hurt and doesn’t like to get into trouble. Although he has done on a few occasions. He was caught red handed when Martin and Vikki broke into and stole from the minute mart. Gus had done nothing wrong except enter the minute mart to find out what had happened but when the police turned up Gus was the one to take the blame.

He has also had to put up with a lot from his brother Julie who is the opposite to Gus being the bad boy of the two, Gus is always covering for Julie when he gets into trouble and always bailing him out when he need some cash. The last time Juley got into trouble, Gus was the one who had to hide and get rid of the gun that he found in Juleys bag.

Gus has got a dog called Wellard who he loves to bits. But when Wellard bit Ian Beale by accident he was taken away from Gus and Ian took Gus to court in hope that he would have Wellard put down. Everyone in Walford was angry with Ian and pleaded with him to drop the charges as he knew as well as anyone else did that Wellard was a well-behaved and gentle Dog.

Dawn and Deano helped Gus along the way by designing t-shirts with a picture of Wellard and the phrase "Free Wellard"

On 12th January 2006 Wellard was released back to a very happy Gus, with a little help for Ian's wife,

Joseph Kpobie AKA Julie Smith
Joseph also known as Julie in Eastenders joined Walford in 2004 but soon left at the beginning of 2005. He rejoined in September and has stayed there since.

Joseph has also been know to have played a role as Mike Davis for a year from 92 - 93 in the School drama Grange Hill.

Juley set foot in Walford in July 2002 to be reunited with his brother Gus. Juley was a big problem for Gus, he was always getting into trouble. He was involved in a crime which led to him being left with a gun and he stole the charity money that was raised which resulted in him leaving Walford in 2005.

He then returned and went to France with his brother Gus, Garry, Minty and Mikey. Mickey’s dad saw straight through Julie and classed him as a big time con man. When they all returned to Walford Juley promised Gus that he would change and become a better person if only Gus would believe him and help him.

On 21st November 2005 Juley started to get a crush on little Ruby Allen. They decided that their relationship would be best kept a secret because of who Ruby's father was. When Ruby’s dad Johnny found out he was less pleased and told Juley to back off from his daughter but he didn’t listen and they continued to see each other. On 12th December, Despite Johnny's watchful eye and warnings to Juley the couple finally took the relationship one step further and slept together. After convincing her dad that they loved each other and wanted to be together Ruby moved out of her dad's and into Juleys.

It was revealed that Juley was working for Phil Mitchell. Phil was paying Julie to sleep with Ruby to get back at Johnny.

Juley started to fall in love with Ruby for real, he couldn't help his feeling and told Phil that he wanted to call the whole thing off, in which case Phil demanded every penny that he had given Juley back. Juley was unable to do this as he had used most of the money to pay for Gus to visit Wellard when taken away from him. Gus saw the money and asked Juley to tell him the truth, after all, he was a changed man.

In January Phil demanded Juley to end his relationship with Ruby or he would tell Johnny the truth about everything they had done to his precious daughter. Juley knew that if Phil did tell Johnny then he would be a dead man so he ended things with Ruby in the worst way he could by throwing her out of the flat and telling her her used her and never did love her. When Johnny was let out of hospital after nearly being Killed he got to her about what Phil and Juley had done and was told never to go near his daughter again, if he did he would be killed.

Joe Swash AKA Mickey Miller
Joe was born on 20th October 1982 and is the Brother of Shana Swash. Joe went to Highbury Grove school in Islington.
He is best known for playing his role as Mickey Miller in Eastenders.

Mickey was born Michael Swan after his dad but is known as Mickey. His dad Michael and his mum Rosie split up when mickey was 3 years old. He has got a sister Dawn and a half brother and sister Demi and Darren Miller who he grew up with from his mum's 2nd relationship with Keith.

Mickey has not seen his dad in years and classes Keith his mum’s partner as his dad. He even uses Keith's surname.

In 2003 Mickey came to Walford without his family and was seen selling dodgy good to Spencer Moon. He is now known as the sensitive young man with a heart of gold.

It wasn't until 2004 the Mickey’s family turned up in Walford. Mickey is a great brother to Dawn, Demi and Darren and a great son to Keith and Rosie. He fell in love with Kareena Ferreira but this was only short lived as Kareena decided she was going to leave Walford with the rest of her family rather than stay and live with Mickey.

Angela Wynter AKA Yolande Trueman
Angela joined Eastenders as Yolande on 16th October 2003. Her character is said to be based Marlene, her late sister.

Angela has also appeared in the likes of, The Bill, Cutting It, Murder Most Horrid and Holby City. She is also a member of the girl reggae group called Sista.

Yolande joined Eastendes on 16th October 2003 as Patrick's girlfriend. The two met when Patrick has visited his hometown in Trinidad. Yolande was married to an uptight, strict and religious Victor who saw women not as people but as objects.

Things change whe

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