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Review of "BBC1 - Eastenders"

published 09/11/2009 | danielleg1989
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Thanks for the reads and rates :) Not got much time for reviewing at the moment as I am currently in the process of training my beautiful cocker spaniel puppy but will return any rates, as always, asap. xx
Pro Good Characters. Some Good Storylines
Cons Some Completely Crap storylines.
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"Incredibly Depressing Yet Somehow Still Entertaining."

BBC1 - Eastenders

BBC1 - Eastenders

My Opinion

This is a show that I love and hate all at the same time. I can find just as many bad things to say about it as I can good ones. I think that the bad points by far outweigh the good ones though. I avoid shows that are constantly negative because I believe what we see and do effects how we feel. This show is quite depressing at most parts and I think its the sort of thing that if you have had a brilliant day, you sit down and turn this on. The smile that once was on your face will more than likely soon fade. I also have been irritated by recent storyline's and how they have turned out. I especially disliked the story with Ronnie Mitchell and her daughter. I think that they dragged that storyline out way to much. They did it to a point were by the time it had got to the climax. I had thought it would at least eventually turn out good and become more interesting but it didn't. I don't know what they were thinking when they decided to kill her off. I believe that there could have been a much better storyline continued on from there but it was cut to a terribly silly and not well thought out end. I also think that some of the storyline's are far too unrealistic to believe and I think sometimes it is very easy to lose interest in it altogether. I find sometimes I watch it every time that it is on and then other times I go weeks without bothering with it at all.

I would not recommend this if you are looking to be "cheered up" or to laugh a lot because it will not cheer you up and the laughs are few and far in-between. Some of the stories lines are interesting but it seems there is always a new disaster or a disaster just waiting to happen. You would think this makes it entertaining and maybe some people do think it does. To me though it seems like they are running out of ideas and trying too hard. This is in some ways like "every other soap" in the sense that they are all set around one place. EastEnders is in Albert Square and Neighbours, in Ramsay street etc. The idea of EastEnders is that it is supposed to be based on real life events but they must be based on real life on alternate planet because very rarely are the storyline's in touch with true reality on this one. I don't know why because I have ruled out the likes of Jeremy Kyle for being too negative and I never watch it any more. So considering that you would think that this would be on my list of shows to avoid but somehow I always end up watching it. Perhaps it is so bad that it is good?

I don't know what it is and sometimes I have swore that I would never watch it again. Particularly after seeing some ridiculous storyline's and beyond awful, unconvincing endings. These included people getting wiped out like fly's and I have often thought it could be just to boost ratings. I have felt that at points that happens and sometimes it doesn't seem that they have even put any real thought into it at all. Some of the deaths in it were so silly in the way that they happened. So much so that to say the timing for them was off would be a understatement. I also think they get rid of thier best characters (almost of as often as the x factor this year are kicking out all the good ones) and the storyline's are often ones that leave you thinking hmm "I think I have seen this before" and then you remember you have done. The only difference being that it was in another soap with different characters. They repeat so often and I would love to see them get some stories that have not been pinched from elsewhere. There is not any situations that EastEnders seems hesitant to explore and that is even if it will be controversial and shock people. I don't find any overly shocking myself but many have given it criticism because of it. I think that it is hard to be shocked by EastEnders considering some of the stuff on TV nowadays.

My mum and my grandparents never miss an episode of this. They are big fans of the show. I don't consider myself a big fan and I think that shows such as Family Guy and American Dad are far more entertaining and not to mention funny! I don't religiously watch it and I am not fussed if I miss out on anything either. I especially hate Sunday re-runs because even if everyone in my house has seen the episodes throughout the week. I end up stuck watching repeats on Sunday as well. I mean watching each episode once is bearable but twice? Hell no! There are some characters that I really think are good but even they are seemingly disappearing one by one. I really hate when something does not end in a way that I expected or even worse is when it ends making no sense at all. I hate that! And that does happen quite often in this show. I found the story ages ago that was based around little Mo and Trevor to be incredibly depressing to watch because my idea of fun is not watching someone being battered.

I know that maybe it made people more aware but aren't people already aware? Do we really need to watch storyline's like this because yes! It is real to life in that instance but I do not want to watch it happen. In my opinion TV should be entertaining because when I watch it. It is at a time when I am looking to relax. I hate that some of the things that I have seen in this happen to people and I hope the people get help but to put it in a TV show? To me they are supposed to be entertaining and that just isnt! I am sure everyone has heard the EastEnders theme at one point or another. I find it quite irritating and sometimes I hate to hear that familiar tune coming from the TV particularly on Sundays. It seems when a story is good it is really excellent but when it is bad it is awful! And I think the awful storyline's outweigh the excellent ones. I think it would take far to long to go into detail of my opinions on most of the character's so i will choose just a few and say what I think.

Some Characters

Archie Mitchell

I think that Larry Lamb is very convincing as the sleeked, evil and conniving Archie and he does a excellent job acting the role. I cant say I like his character though because I really dislike people who are like the character he is playing.

Max Branning

Max is played by Jake Wood I really do not like him for similar reason's to why I dislike Archie's character but he plays the role very well. I think that the storyline with Max and Tanya was unrealistic and if that happened in real life that they wouldn't even be within a mile of each other.
Ian Beale

There is no way that I could go without mentioning him because in my opinion he is one of the only sources of real humour in this show. He has been in the show a very long time and is one of my favourite characters. I think he is someone that people love to hate.

Dot Branning

Dot has been in this show for a very long time and she is probably my favourite because when I think of the show she is the main character I associate with it and I believe when she does leave it she will not be forgotten. She is one of the most likeable characters in my opinion and she plays the role of Dot very convincingly.
Stacey Slater

I think that Lacey Turner just keeps getting better and better as the episodes go along in terms of how well she plays her character. The storyline surrounding her at the minute, although it is depressing is still amazing and it must be a difficult one to act as convincingly as she does.

Peggy Mitchell

Another memorable character and one that will not be forgotten in a hurry. She has made her mark as Peggy Mitchell. Barbara Windsor is very convincing as Peggy and is in my opinion one of the people who makes EastEnders what it is. I also think she has been quite funny in certain parts of episodes that have been shown.

Ronnie Mitchell

I like the character of Ronnie in this and I think Samantha Womack does a excellent job of playing her. Ronnie is the sister of Roxy who is also great in this. I think that the story with Ronnie and her daughter was stretched out too much though and because of that I assumed that there would at least be this big, really good storyline and that it would progress from there, but no! They came up with a really crap ending and it turned into one of the worst storyline's yet!
Denise Wicks

Denise is played by Diane Parish I find the storyline surrounding her at the moment to be one of the most interesting and I think she is convincing in her role. The fact that she thinks her ex is dangerous when she is with a fanatical bible quoting murderer is ironic.


I have missed mentioning a lot of characters because it would take forever for me to mention them all and I decided to just mention the ones that have stood out to me most so far and who I think are the most interesting. I don't hate this show and I cant deny that it is very interesting at times as well. I do however wish it was a bit less focused on constantly negative things and that it was a bit more light hearted at times. I also think some of the situations the characters find themselves in are very odd. I don't think that it is in anyway like every day life either. It is certainly worth watching and that is odd for me to say because I usually hate anything of a similar idea but it does manage to pull you in at times. That being when it has a really good storyline but I wish there was a funny storyline for once instead of all of the doom and gloom that surrounds the show like a big dark cloud is hovering above the characters heads. This is good when there is nothing that you would rather watch on but don't expect an uplifting viewing experience if you do decide to watch it.. LOL

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  • 2mennycds published 10/12/2015
    well reviewed, though the trailers of it are enough for me!
  • Kristoph23 published 25/01/2012
    Well reviewed
  • atlantis140 published 14/11/2009
    This is a show I avoid but well reviewed none the less!
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