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published 22/03/2002 | Solex
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Once again I have been at school and so I thought I should share some wisdom with what I do all day – that would be not paying attention, chewing my pen and getting it caught in my brace and dozing off at any given opportunity.

Oh and I do a bit of work – how could I miss that out. No, really I do work, so I thought it’d be an idea to write an op about what I have been doing in Media (my teacher thinks I could be on for an A or A* at GCSE).

We have been doing a lot about radio. You know, what is the style, when is the best time and who listens to them. This all goes down to me and my partner doing a radio show in front of the class (joy!). But I’ll back track and write an op on Radio 1, one of the most popular radio stations in the UK and indeed the world.

At 15, don’t expect the low-down on all the past shows, but I will talk about the history and what is happening now on Radio 1 and of course what I think….


Ever since Giorgio Marconi made his first radio broadcast in 1895, we have been fascinated with transmitting information, music, news and general chitchat and so radio was bound to grow from the depths and overtake TV as the most popular medium.

BBC Radio 1 made it’s debut in 1967 on the 30th September after the government took over radio and aimed at bringing listeners to the airwaves.

Over the years, BBC Radio 1 has grown and grown in popularity and has been the most popular radio station in the UK for many years, although it was overtaken recently by a resurgent Radio 2.

But of the two, Radio 1 is actually more popular around the world, as more people can tune in on the internet. Overall, in the UK, 11.2 million people switch the radio on and twiddle the knob to 97-99fm every week and listen to a wave of shows to smile too, laugh too, cry too and think towards. Radio can have that power.

But what of now? What are we listening too now? Is it good, is it bad, is it odd or is it ugly! I shall tell you.



This is the early morning show because it is in the early hours of the day. I have never, never got up to listen to this show. Poor bloke. He must have no social life if he starts work at 4.00am every morning. I feel for him. I can’t comment on whether I like it but Scott Mills seems okay when he does other shows, so he must bring a little bit of warmth and light when you wake up on that wet, dreary, dark, dingy, depressing – sorry, getting a bit carried away with our flippin weather!

7.00 – 10.00

Why oh why oh why do people like Sara Cox? Why is it when I turn the radio on all I can hear is her scratchy, eardrum melting voice early in the morning? Sorry, I can’t stand her! Zoe Ball was okay. I found her funny, but ‘Coxy’ is just irritating and doesn’t sound – literally – cut out for an early morning. Despite this her figures in the morning can’t deny that she is popular. She can attract 7.2 million listeners a week, which is a staggering amount and nothing to be ignored. So for that I salute her but otherwise she is just too intense in the morning.

10.00 – 1.00
JO WHILEY SHOW (I think that’s what it’s called)

A few years ago, I could not stand Jo Whiley. In the few years in the mid-nineties when Indie music was so popular she seemed really annoying and dedicated her music to such songs, but I have grown to quite like her. The music is good and she isn’t as annoying as Cox before her and she seems quite mellow and laid back and not in your face – or in your ears would be more appropriate – than some. There are competitions and there is the ‘Live Lounge’ which has become extremely popular over the years with acts like Basement Jaxx, Wheatus and even Sophie Ellis-Bextor locking themselves in a room by themselves with only their confidence and an instrument for company as millions of listeners ogle on in wonder and wish we had such a voice. Her early afternoon, late morning slot usually wakes me up on a lazy day on the holidays (which I am now on, yay!).

1.00 – 3.00

Every lunchtime when I am bored I get my walkman out at school and listen to something on the radio. Due to the lack of stations around East Anglia we have Vibe FM (great station), SGR (average local station) and Radio 1. And around this time it is the Mark & Lard show. Now I have tried to listen to it but I cant. I really hate the show! I feel sad for feeling so strong about it, but is there really anyone out there who thinks they are funny. I listened to it in the holidays when I couldn’t get anything else and I just found it so boring and not funny. For instance the ‘top 10 songs of….’ is well and good but when he keeps going ‘who!!’ every few seconds it grates like a bad headache and gets so on my nerves I have to turn over. I’d love to tell you more but I have already turned over….

3.00 – 5.45

I absolutely love this show. I think the 4 are great. Although some will call Chris Moyles a chauvinist pig or a sexist b*******, I think he is funny as long as you take his remarks with a pinch of salt. I listen to this when I walk home and when I get in. I am surprised that he gets away with what he says but the show is just so unrehearsed and so off the wall, it’s great. Moyles is good, Comedy Dave is funny, Will ‘the stupid grey haired old man’ Kinder is also great. Lizzie isn’t on the show enough. The show isn’t about music as such but there is always variety. They play games like ‘Guess Who?’ which is a game where the others have to guess what famous person the other had seen that day. But my favourite feature was a few weeks ago with ‘Wills music’. Will has his own music but other people can remix, fill in the gaps and generally mess around with it, send it into the show and some are really funny. Overall, they are by far my favourite on Radio 1.

6.00 – 8.00

Music is the name of the game here as Dave Pearce presents for half an hour requests of new tracks. You phone up vote for your favourite song and it’ll be on. However, I preferred the ‘top 6 at 6’, which fizzled out a couple of years ago. Dave Pearce is okay as a presenter and the music as good as his taste is similar to mine. Expect more dancey songs to be played. There is the latest news and entertainment as well as competitions for the listeners to phone up.

After that show I tend to listen to something else but there are more at the weekends….

SUNDAY 4.00 – 7.00 PM

Although I prefer the Pepsi chart personally, many listen to the official top 40 on Radio 1 to see who is top in the charts. This program is almost unchanged over the years and only additions of ‘what is out next week’ and the ‘top 10 album chart’ are the only obvious changes on the agenda for the show, which remains one of Radio 1’s most popular shows.


Of the 3 stations I listen to BBC Radio 1 has to be between Vibe FM and SGR. I really like Vibe FM because I prefer the music. Sara Cox and Mark & Lard are people Radio 1 could do without in my opinion as I find them irritating and not funny. It’s harsh but that’s what I think. I have also found that everytime I turn the radio on, it's usually Ja Rule coming out the other end of the speaker and after a while it gets extremely frustrating! Has anyone else noticed? The Chris Moyles show is great for a laugh and the top 40 is always okay to listen to, but overall Radio 1can be a bit boring and I find myself pushing the ‘off’ button when Radio 1 is on.

Thanks for reading,


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  • happeninbabe published 30/05/2002
    Great op. I listen to my local radio station BRMB more than radio one though. You chose media studies as one of your GCSE options too? That's wkd, I have chosen that one along with Health and social care. Maybe you could give me a few pointers? Thanks KB ;O)
  • djsteven published 23/04/2002
    Good op. I only listen to Radio 1 for Pete Tong, Judge Jules and (soon!) Fergie. I agree with you about some of the programmes being bad - as I hate the midweek schedule totally!
  • leniekbham published 19/04/2002
    what do you think of westwood and goldfinger? excellent op:) leniekbham
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