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published 31/07/2009 | 1st2thebar
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"Alas, let's kill all the lawyers"

Alas, let's kill all the lawyers - 'Shakespeare quote' - 120th most famous one

I'm not preaching any Shakespeare fermented dribble, but he does have a point with upstairs quotation. Yet he alas was no doubt laced with opium extracts when the thought arrived; alas, I am not.

The BBC are our preachers, they have been for over the past half century. Their re-enactments of Shakespearian plays are as frequent as losing the dibber; while caste in a body engulfed sofa. There fascination of using Dante's work - oops sorry Shakespeare famous works is rather baffling. It maybe a patriotic claim that he was once British and therefore stands a foot taller than all other more talented writers. Then again maybe the BBC look as if they have forfeited any fees on copyrights since they were established; especially as Shakespeare has long past been late for over 393 years. I can expect such action today as copyright fees would be delayed for at least another 6 months due to the current economic climate. No such thing as a Milky Bar kid surviving on copyright fees on this channel. So, I guess Shakespeare is sighing a huge relief into his snuff-box.

It is tough to get away without having a BBC license these days, now that the database of the whole UK is now available for the licensing enforcers who supposedly roam around in white vans, instead of them doing aimlessly across the UK looking for a lack of a signal from a BBC receptor directly from your analogue TV, the BBC enforcers now keep warm in a box room collecting the BBC license villains and their post-codes. They now have a database of pin-point accuracy like an US bombardment of Basra. The only decision required is who is going to make that knock on the door; no doubt decided by a toss of a Scottish 20.00 GBP note; thorny side-up. - The only problem is the person whose got to move his rear by losing the toss will miss his or her chance of viewing the third repeat of 'New Tricks' - and seeing Waterman moan and wince as per usual with every single character he portrays on the TV, bordering on the alcoholic womanizer he so is, in reality. - That alone is not worth a penny. At least Ken Stotts 'Rebus' carries a thunderous attitude and looks as if he has a nasty hang-over. - It maybe is worth 0.01p to view, or to download.

There currently is a seemingly pointless BBC advert - reminding us UK citizens 'that it's all in the database' so no-one is safe from detection. I believe that Big Brother is watching and no for sure that there is a sad pot-bellied double chinned enforcer just about to jump out from is van out of breathe trying to catch you in. Well, it happened to me. I was caught out during my student days all before the lovely advertisements reminding us all to get a license. I was stung for 17.50 GBP of course I was one of 5 long-haired louts who claimed we only watched Independent TV only. The fact we couldn't even get a proper picture and showed the enforcer our BBC reception difficulties, it bared no fruit and didn't even get through his cabbage designed lobes. I was angry at the time, but now feel honored that we were giving jobs out for people who could not possibly prosper in any other profession. What other profession could you think of which just requires you to look loutish and just shrug all the time?

Now that we are in the 21st Century the actual license fee for the BBC has continued to rise, even though most of the UK population just could watch the same programs online for free; with the broadband speeds increasing, it truly looks as if the license will be fazed-out. Still who am I kidding! such nonsense may be a thing of the past. BBC programmes can now be viewed online as they're broadcast. So why buy a 139.50 GBP license? I tell you why? Because they have you on their database and unless you are in the Bora Bora mountains they can still get a heavy duty enforcer to your door, just when your about to pop out to get some electric with your electric key.

The BBC iPlayer service, which is now one year old, has already been a runaway success. It received an average of more than one million viewing requests every day in November 2007. Figures from BBC Vision show that up to the end of that month there were no less than 237 million requests for its online content. - This is no surprise, as I feel that through digital media the internet sources out this media for everyone at anytime, so you are not restricted to watching a program under a time schedule, but to your request, and on your availability. Again, this makes the license appear obsolete and I can see BBC bargaining with Apple before too long and introduce an iTune styled option as per view. No doubt the license won't be scrapped and eventually you will be paying twice for the same service; as per the norm.

It is well reported that the BBC never releases any detailed information about our detection methods, it is recognized as undermining sources of the effectiveness of our enforcement operation. - This is BBC language, in other words; helping evaders from paying the fee. The word 'license' in itself is old-hat. It is last century legalities that deems all people across the land has to have one otherwise the wrath will be sent. By the BBC not giving out any detection information implies to me that they still have the license, land- law firmly fixed to their detection ethics, combined with the electorate database. This is ok, but only if it is used correctly, and at no point should be sold to any governmental organizations or other third parties which, I however, fear is all the time.

The BBC licensing polls are not healthy, as many people feel it is very outdated, showing consistent opposition to the 139.50 GBP per annum fee. Yet, the government has said the license will go on and on, rising faster than the rate of inflation and enforced by criminal sanctions against those who do not wish to pay it. - Hard-lines from the government as expected, seeing that they invented it not surprisingly. I'm not against a 'pay per view' option but sadly it isn't even a matter in the House of Commons. The reason, because the government want some hand in what will be broadcasted. The infamous 'Hutton report' was a remarkable case that spun so much towards the governments creditability that the BBC was left no choice but to make quick fire resignations. The 'Hutton Report' was nothing less than a farcical play-ground at the BBC's expense.

The BBC television license is an UK anachronism which would bemuse the citizens of most countries of the world. - The BBC news teams and reporters are of the highest quality and are known as the best reporting mechanism on the planet. News is where the BBC excels and is the first point of call whether there is a humanitarian crisis or to the War on Terror. This is picked up in the most informative of all documentaries program 'Panorama'. The detail and broadcasting materials are compelling. - The only worrying fact I know is what happens to the safety of all the reports sources. Many individuals get promised big sums of money and then left out to dry, without any protection. - The BBC have a lot to answer for, for them content is everything, peoples lives are secondary. - there balance of providing proper protection is not even on the radar; the fact that a lot of the visual suspects appear all pixcellated is not enough. A voice of an actor is not enough for 100% protection. The BBC coverage and extreme detailed investigations always comes with a price; usually a human price and that is what we in the UK do not hear about. The chance of the BBC broadcasting derogative information condemning their own programs is non-existent.

They no longer produce programs that are of better quality than any other of the commercial stations. The fact that they have an inbred policy in their Human Resource team that seems to employ relatives of current employees or of famous presenters is a problem in my view. Hence, let us get the 'milk-maid' out on all of the superficial and condescending food, gardening, auctioneer and DIY programmes that invade their main-stream primetime TV slots. - It's obvious that the BBC need a re-vamp themselves; following a dead-wood employee clear-out that Nick Knowles would only be happy to do in a 60 minute make-over.

Here is some useful information regarding the BBC - Website URL link:

You can pay for a TV license by Direct Debit, by debit or credit card, in cash or by cheque. You can also pay online, at a Pay-Point outlet or by post.

For more information or further help, you can call at your own expense this number; 0844 800 5870 - or text-phone - 0844 800 6778.

The current cost of a colour TV license set by the government is; - £139.50. That works out at less than £12 per month - about 38p per day for each household.

A black and white TV license is £47.

The license (whether colour or black and white) is free if you are 75 or over, and half-price if you are registered blind, although you still need to apply.

Here is something to get slightly excited over - yes it has been reported that the license fee will drop, though sadly, not until 2012, and that is not until November 2012. - This will be in response after the digital switch-over; where-by media will be able to pass through the transmitters much quicker and therefore would not be so time consuming. - It is estimated that a £600m is earmarked for switch-over price; if there is any money left-over that figure it will go towards lower annual bills. - Don't hold your breathe though - unless you've got gills. The earmarked fee could be peanuts to the real cost; remember 2012 is Olympic year.

I appreciate any feedbacks, and hope it was a fascinating read. Thanks.

Copyright - 1st2thebar

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  • RICHADA published 20/07/2017
    A really interesting read retrospectively - especially in light of the salary scandal now at the top of their own news broadcasts. When first published I suspect we all expected the Licence Fee to have been dropped by now - but no, it continues its upward trajectory with more and more aggressive pursuit of non payers - even in my case corporate identities..........R.
  • hillhead published 20/08/2009
    The fee is too much. A great review!
  • paulpry118 published 07/08/2009
    I do think the fee is a little excessive but I do think the BBC made some very good period drama and when I look at how much we pay for sky and only watch a few channels from it, the cost does work out quite reasonable
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