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published 15/02/2007 | grafter123
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In the 1960's my Mum was a member of a local health scheme. It was called Something like Hull Voluntary Health(If I ever remember the exact name I shall update this). The member paid regular contributions and could claim a limited amount back towards new spectacles, dental treatment and the like.

As an adult I paid into this scheme, although it was then known as the Hull Health Scheme. I left for a while and rejoined in 2000 when I started working for the NHS. In the last couple of years this scheme has been renamed again and is now called BHSF Limited. I think this has either been a take over or an amalgamation of other schemes. This is a very worthwhile scheme to pay into and I will review it as it is now, showing my personal experience.

* * * * * * * * *

As I work for the NHS I have mixed feelings about private treatment. The NHS these days though has long waiting lists for such treatments as Phsiotherapy and Podiatry. So much so that it can help both the patient and the service to go private. Of course this can be expensive but most Health Schemes pay at least fifty percent of your payments up to a maximum threshhold. I also took into consideration the fact that, as both myself and my husband now wear spectacles, always need dental treatment throughout each year, and are at an age when who knows what the next creak may bring, a Health scheme would be a good idea. It could never replace the NHS treatment but may help with some of the additional expenses.

When you first join this scheme you usually have to wait six months before you can make a claim. They do however have special enrolment days when this time limit is temporarily cancelled. I joined on one of these days which was held in the hospital canteen, where I work. Obviously certain maternity benefits would not be payable straight away if you were already pregnant.

At one time our local scheme was mainly offered through employers such as the local council or the NHS, but quite rightly BHSF is open to anyone.

You can sign up for different levels of benefit depending on your monthly contribution. You can opt to pay for yourself alone, both you and your partner or for the whole family. There is a minimum contribution start rate which increases depending what level of cover you prefer.

I used to pay through my salary, for myself and my husband, the sum of £11.30 a month. That provided us with the minimum level of cover. Among the benefits either of us can claim, we are entitled to:-
Up to £60 back from any spectacles purchase.
Up to £66 back from any dental treatment both in each year.

When BHSF first took over reimbursements could be slow but they have definitely sorted that one out. When you need to make a claim you need to request a claim form. They usually send you half a dozen so you have a future stock. You can opt to have the money paid straight into your bank account or alternatively you can request a cheque. If you go for the bank alternative the claim forms will already have these details on them.

With your completed claim form you need to send a valid receipt for any treatment. This is not usually anything such as a switch receipt. You will have to tell to your dentist that you need a receipt valid for a health scheme and they will oblige. When I am sending receipts for both of us I have to send a claim form for each of us. Also although my payment goes into bank my husband's, although I pay for it, comes in a cheque to him. Something wrong there, I think.

Although I receive up to £66 dental and £60 spectacle cover it is paid as a percentage, up to 75%. So if my receipt was for £100 and 75% would of course be more than the £60 or £66, I would receive either £60 or £66 back. That would be my years entitlement gone. Their claim year runs January to January. You can claim as many times as you need throughout the year but obviously once you have used your allowance that's it till the next financial year.

Now I think I was paying £135.60 for a year. If both myself and my husband claim our £126 back for dental treatment and glasses you can easily see that we are quids in. I know this won't be true for everyone but there are lots of other benefits available with help towards costs for:-

Physiotherapy treatment.
Maternity Benefits.
Consultant fees.
Hospital inpatient benefit.
Day case hospital benefit.
Home Help.
Home Nursing.
Recuperation Grant.
Also if you recommend a friend you will receive a £10 voucher.

There are many more benefits and if you visit the BHSF website you can request an information pack. Their website is BHSF is based in Gamgee House, 2 Darnley Road, Birmingham, B16 8TE and the telephone is, 0121 4543601 .

BHSFThey also have optional travel insurance and accident insurance benefits.

* * * * * * * * * *

I can't recommend them enough and if you are looking for this type of health insurance you really should check BHSF out.

I'll just mention a couple more claims that we have had, as a good reference. When my hubby needed an endoscopy, and then needed day surgery afterwards, he received £15 for each admission. Not a lot I know but as it was only one day's treatment and we only pay the minimum cover we were quite happy. It paid for taxis if nothing else. I also received the £15 day case payment for a procedure I was admitted to hospital for. Finally a few years ago when hubby had been waiting a lifetime to see a consultant we opted to see her privately. Her fee was £100 but as we were covered for anything up to 50% we only actually paid £50.

If you are unlucky enough to have to be an inpatient in hospital overnight you can claim £21 for each night of your stay. Again that's the minimum level but for anyone with poor sick pay at work that could be a godsend. It is worth noting though that benefit is only payable on discharge from hospital.You may not be covered for some per-exsisting conditions so check out the fine print before joining.

Rates of contributions and benefits usually increase yearly to cover all costs so they may be in the process of changing and will definitely be different to the ones that I have quoted. Contributions only usually increase by a small amount though.

I think some existing conditions may exclude you from certain benefits but it's still worth considering. As my optician recommends that I change my glasses yearly we are never out of pocket with our contributions.

I know not everyone will need these benfits but then we never no what's round the corner do we? I hope this review has helped anyone looking for such a scheme and I give BHSF a 10/10.

Thanks for reading
Copyright Eiley

I have put on-line site as average, as I did not enrol using it , I don't know how good it is.

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  • rainbow86 published 07/03/2007
    Brilliant review!
  • beevorm published 18/02/2007
    Great review Eiley. Mike x
  • MALDIVEDIVER published 17/02/2007
    great I am looking into health insurance at the mo- I will chec\k out the web site thanks very much - Mary
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