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I have recently taken installation of BT's Homehighway product, after being initially disappointed with a new standard analogue line installation at my new property. At my previous address I was privileged enough to have an NTL cable modem – I took their base 128k package, which was great ... Read review

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Community Level 6alflavor


TAKE THE HIGH ROAD Diamond review

AdvantagesDigital connection, gives you a half decent line if no broadband in your town.

DisadvantagesRunning costs.

"...to speak, we had a BT line fitted the week we moved. Despite being asked if I was to use the internet, and the fact that the BT engineer that came out spent the best part of a day trying to find a spare phone line for us, we were told that they would have to split the line with a neighbours. This is perfectly within BT's obligations - an analogue or POTS (plain old telephone service) line – whilst capable of running a modem at up to 48k (56k is never ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Chadderz


Fast Connection

AdvantagesFast Connection

DisadvantagesOver priced compared to ADSL and Cable

"...only real option was the BT Home Highway package. BT Home highway has a very fast connection ( sub 3 seconds )time unlike dial up with a modem it is digital so no de modulation of the analouge signal is required. BT delivered the Fritz PCI ISDN card prompt via the gift of the post and the engineer arrived when BT said he would. The installation took no more than an hour, most of this time was spent with the engineer doing something technical ..." Read review

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Community Level 2calumc


Fast but expensive

AdvantagesSpeed when compared to 56k, Speed of connecting.


"...fact that for some reason, BT put a DACS (Digital Access Carrier System) in when they put in our second (normal) phone line, which for those of you who havnt had such experience, basically squeezes two lines into one pair of wires, unfortunately limiting you to 33.6k in the process (which they 'forget' to tell you at the time). So, rather than have all the hassle of trying to get them to give us a normal line which would work at 56k, we decided on ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Barningham2


How Fast???

AdvantagesExtremely Fast Access

DisadvantagesBT Internet Could Do With A Speed Boost

"I've have been with BT Home Highway for about 6 weeks, and I had to buy a BT Speedway ISDN Modem, just to be able to get online. I could have chosen other's, but this one was recommended. Anyway, the service guarantees 128k access to most ISP's which is true. Although, you may notice, if you have BT Home Highway, that you can actually connect at 230kbps at full speed (using 2 telephone lines), and 115kbps at their slow speed. Whenever I have ..." Read review

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Community Level 2andy1471


That cant connect me that fast can it



"I have recently had an ISDN line put in at home and found it is the best thing i have ever done. Before when i had to use my home line i found people were complaining they couldnt get through and i was always having trouble getting logged on and staying logged on which is very essential if you are downloading software. There is nothing more annoying than starting a download and getting to 90% and getting booted but with the ISDN line it connects so ..." Read review

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faster, cheaper
poor support, headless chickens in call centres, poor procedures, (*)
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