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published 26/11/2017 | thedevilinme
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""He's a looney....just like his tunes""

Baby Driver (DVD)

Baby Driver (DVD)

Star – Kevin Spacey
Genre – Action
Run Time – 1 hr 52 minutes
Certificate – 18
Country – U.S.A
Awards – 5 Wins & 2 Nominations
Amazon – £9.90 - DVD £13.30Blue Ray

So ‘Baby Driver’, from writer-director Edgar Wright, he of the Simon Peg & Nick Frost comedy stuff. It’s been a twenty year dream of his to make this movie and that dream was first adapted into a 2003 music video he directed for Mint Royale's "Blue Song", which starred Noel Fielding as a music-loving getaway driver for a group of bank robbers, and now Baby Driver the movie. Once he became big enough in Hollywood he could make that movie how he really wanted it. His other inspirations for the film came from the films Straight Time, Point Break, Reservoir Dogs, Heat and, most importantly, The Driver (1978) with Ryan O’Neal. Interestingly nearly all of the cast for Baby Driver come from a musical background and all play an instrument, Wright, wanting the cast to get his idea and click their fingers in their spoken performance to the rhythm of those tunes in the movie. Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of those cast.

In Wrights previous films it was very much about him and the boys building the story around scenes they could pay homage to through previous movies they loved, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead very much their best work. But this time there is no Pegg and Frost and it’s the music soundtrack that drives the movie, every scene designed to by symbiotic with the tune playing at that time, be it in an Ipod, the car radio or a HiFi system somewhere, a bold idea that just about gets away with it. It’s certainly an original idea and moved the Quentin Tarantino thing on some. The film certainly hangs on Edgar Wright’s music choice, which is not mine.


• Ansel Elgort….Baby
• Kevin Spacey…Doc
• Lily James…Debora
• Jon Bernthal…Griff
• Eiza González…Darling
• Jon Hamm…Buddy
• Jamie Foxx…Bats
• Sky Ferreira…Baby's Mom
• Lance Palmer…Baby's Dad
• Lanny Joon…JD • CJ Jones….Joseph
• Hudson Meek…Young Baby


Baby is a young teenage getaway driver in Atlanta, Georgia, hence the name. When he was a child, he suffered a terrible accident and it left him with the ear ringing tinnitus, which he blocks out by listening to music on those iPods, home music systems and car radios etc. He drive for crews of hardcore armed robbers assembled by a man called Doc (Kevin Spacey), a heist mastermind, to pay off a debt he has been burdened with after stealing one of Doc's cars full of no good back in the days of his delinquent youth. His hobby away from violent crime is to create tape cassette remixes from snippets of conversations he records on his Dictaphone and cutting in his own beats and tunes, whilst caring for his conveniently deaf foster father Joseph (CJ Jones), who he lives with.

After a violent but successful job on a bank, relaxing alone in a diner he meets a pretty waitress, Debora (Lily James), and they start dating. With psycho crew members Batts (Jamie Foxx), Griff (Jon Bernthal) and his hot partner ‘Darling’ (Eiza González) on board, Baby's next robbery goes awry after an armed bystander chases them down, but Baby just about evading him and the police with his awesome driving skills. But having paid his debt to Doc, Baby thinks he can quit his life of crime as promised by Doc and walk away and so starts delivering pizzas to pay his rent. But guys like Doc don’t let their best men walk away and Baby offered a lucrative job on a Post Office truck he simply can’t refuse, making it quite clear to the kid what will happen if he does - to him, Debora and Joseph….

First of all my thoughts on Kevin Spacey is he is being attacked because he is gay and an easy target, more importantly, because he didn’t come out as gay until now. A lot of these people in show biz making claims of sexual abuse about stars seem to have waited until the star was older and grayer and the looks were going and maximized the accusers publicity in the process when making that accusation, accusations ‘mostly’ trivial to them but career ending for the star. Funny how women in showbiz don’t want that prized immunity feminist crave in court for women in sexual abuse cases.. Men cant win. It does make you think about what American Beauty was really about though.

So back to the film and all good fun although not one I would watch again. For all its attempts to be cool and hip with that attempted Tarantino chat and groovy soundtrack it’s still a generic heist movie in its narrative and scripting. If you really buy into that thing with the music then you will get more from this but I didn’t. I don’t think it made a lot of difference, mainly because they were not my favorite tunes. But critics did and raved about it and topped many movie people’s action movie lists. Its ironically the case that a cool soundtrack would have made this film better.

Edgar Wright applied the Paul Greengrass stunt originality to his film, Jason Bourne style, with little or no CGI or green screen used to film the integral car chase sequences, which are pretty darn cool and imaginative. The driving is all practically done and they burned through 125 cars in the process. Most, if not all of the gun shots in the film are in time with beat of the music.

It’s very much style over substance with a gorgeous cast and some slick back the hair with the comb dialogue and more comedy than out-and-out action movie feel. Unknown Ansel Elgor is good in the lead with a bit of Josh Hartnett about him. Kevin Spacey is Kevin Spacey in every film he has done.

Although fresh and original in places Wright borrows heavily from other directors with noticeable signature shots, like the camera above the skyscrapers at night looking down on high, a shot in most action movies these days. But he gets the car stuff right and you can’t help thinking of Ryan Goslings film ‘Drive’ when he does.
All in all a solid car chase crime noir but not quite the finished product. It did great money for its $34M though with $226 Million gross in the cinema with the DVD out this week. It will certainly mean Edgar Wright can be trusted with decent studio budgets and so his next film could be really big, maybe someone can actually make a decent DC Comics movie.

RATINGS –7.8 /10.0 (212,324votes) – 87% critic’s approval – 86% critic’s approval


Special Features

-Directors commentary-

Edgar Wright and writer Bill Pope discuss the film.

-Deleted Scenes-

Not many

-Behind the scenes of Baby Driver-

Cast & Crew (not Spacey) chat happily about the completed film.

LA Times – ‘Wright has tapped a fuel-injected line into cinematic innovation. It's supercharged storytelling at its best’
Starburst Magazine –‘Baby Driver may not quite hit the heights of Shaun or Hot Fuzz, but it's bursting with invention, stunning action and killer tune’.
Film Fare Magazine –‘Its obnoxious title aside, Edgar Wright's Baby Driver is possibly the heist, action film that modern pop culture was waiting for’.
Film Comment - At its best, it affects us like adrenaline mixed with laughing gas. But when Baby Driver, like the Energizer bunny, keeps going and going and going (as with half of Wright's other films, it's 20 minutes too long), it manages to run on fumes.
Chicago Sun Times -Edgar Wright's Baby Driver is one of the most entertaining thrill rides of this year, this decade’. ==========

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