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Babyliss Beliss Styler

Babyliss Beliss Styler

Introduction and reason for purchase
I've had straight hair all of my life and whilst this is the trend these days I came in for a lot of stick aged 13/14 when all the girls in my class at school were having spiral perms, which were the 'in' thing in the early 90's. I've experimented with different hairstyles over the years though mostly I've stuck to having long hair with plenty of layers as this seems to suit and flatter my shape of face the most, but finding hair stylers to achieve a natural look without my hair being too poker straight hasn't always been easy.

I'm not against straighteners at all, though my hair needs some body as I have a lot of it but it is very fine, and straightening it makes it look too flat so a heated styler brush is normally the type of product I use. When my trusty heated roller brush broke 2 years ago I hunted around online until I saw something adequate and this is where the BaByliss BEliss Styler caught my eye. This is different from a 'regular old heated brush' so to speak as apart from it having the facility to be used in the same way as a heated roller brush it can also be used as a dryer and also a straightener.

I've been using this now for around 2 years, several times a week (on average 3 to 4 times) so I feel I've had plenty of time to get used to the product and mark it fairly.

*Whilst this review is written by myself in my own words there will be some 'technical' information displayed which can also be found on the official website*

My review will now discuss my usage of BaByliss BEliss Heated Styler..

What BaByliss have to say about their product
"..the BEliss styler from BaByliss is a revolutionary hot air styler that is designed to straighten, smooth and shine as you dry. It is perfect for shorter styles like today’s fashionable bob.

It may be easy for a professional hairdresser to create a perfectly smooth, sleek style in the salon using a combination of dryer, brushes and straightener, but it is very difficult to get that perfect salon finish at home. The brilliance of BEliss is that it does the job of dryer, brush and straightener all in one, to straighten, smooth and shine as you dry.."

The 'technical' info:

The features include:

~700W hot air styler that is perfect for shorter style
~9 straightening plates to grip and straighten your hair as you dry
~4 straightening settings for different hair types
~Ionic conditioning for frizz-free shine
~3 heat settings for extra control

Price & Availability
As I've owned this heated styler now for around the two year mark I can't comment on the packaging though suffice to say it arrived in a sturdy enough box at the time though as I had no need to retain this I disposed of it after a week or so. I purchased my styler from the Littlewoods catalogue where at the time it was priced roughly around £40 which I remember deeming quite expensive than I normally pay, but as it has the added bonus of doubling up as a dryer I felt it was worth parting my cash for in case my hair dryer decided to break at any point.

The BEliss styler can be bought from various outlets and is currently available on amazon from £60 - which has certainly risen in price since I bought mine, but after searching online the prices seem to vary greatly from between £45 to £70 so it really is a case of having a good search first before committing to buy from anywhere though as the price difference is so large.

The styler is approximately 9 1/2" long and has a cylinder design with the 'bristles' protruding at the top end. Unlike roller brushes this styler has 3 lines of 'prongs' and resembles an everyday hair brush in style. There is a robust plastic outer coating which covers the handle section as well as behind the bristled brush/ plated area. The burgundy colouring of the styler is quite eye catching and especially with the contrasting black panels it features the whole appearance is quite slick.

There is a moulded cord (approx 70" in length including plug) attached to the base which is more than adequate in length with moulded plug attached to the end. I've found once plugged in, the cord is long enough for reaching the back of my hair and unlike previous stylers the cord remains tangle free even after storing (I wind the cord around the styler and keep in a drawer). There is a small black button perched directly on top above the bristle area and this contains 4 settings for different hair types/ lengths but the numbers are very difficult to see and to be honest I've tried all the different settings since buying it and I can't tell any difference when using or afterwards.

Once plugged in there is a large easy to push 'on' switch that is situated below the bristles and this features 4 marked areas - 3 heat settings and a 0 to indicate off. Once the styler is turned on there is a small green light that appears just above the switch though there is no mistaking it's on as the motor is very noisy for such a small product.

My thoughts on using this styler
What initially drew me to the purchase of this styler was the fact it is ideal for shorter styles, and despite usually having long(ish) hair at the time my old roller brush broke I had just had my hair cut into a fairly short bob which was slightly inverted at the back. I could easily have just blow dried my hair with my rounded hair brush and 'trusty' hairdryer as the style at the back was so short only the sides and top needed straightening and styling and because I go through phases of growing my hair then having it cut I knew I would need some kind of heated styler eventually.

I found the BEliss very easy to use on such short hair, as the bristles are made up of three long lines - the two outer lines being made of a soft plastic with rounded ends and the inner line being larger plastic 'bristles' which house the ceramic plates. The brush style bristles grip the hair gently and the ceramic straightening plates get to work whilst the air drying action blasts through the gaps between the lines all helping to style and dry hair at the same time.

I continued to use my styler when I grew my hair and found it ideal as my style was longer but I had lots of layers cut in which made using this ideal. When used in a combing down action BEliss dries and straightens the hair poker straight almost, but if used underneath the hair and curling it round (similar to blow drying) it gives the hair body and more bounce which my hair definitely needs.

The heat settings go from 1 being warm and slow, 2 being hot with the motor sounding as if it will burn out any second to the 3 setting which is freezing cold and one I never use as it really feels freezing. The styler grips my hair perfectly without tearing or dragging and once my hair is fully dry it feels soft and smooth. The only negative really is I've used it to dry my hair from wet it leaves it too flyaway and I ned to use more serum and styling products than I would if simply blow drying so I try to use it on slightly damp hair only preferring to towel dry and blast with my regular hair dryer first.

I did find it came in very handy a few months ago when my regular hairdryer broke as it supplied enough heat and power to dry my hair and my sons until I was able to replace my broken dryer, though it's not something that could replace a hair dryer permanently as after a while of using the styler starts to give off an overworked smell and once or twice it's cut out temporarily as the motor as simply overheated.

The styler is easy to use but I've found the width around the handle makes it slightly cumbersome and bulky to hold compared to similar models I've owned in the past though I've since got used to it. The bristle 'area' emits a lot of heat when turned on though I have to say it feels only tepid when using on the hair and I've never once accidently burned my scalp, plus after using it cools instantly making it simple to store away so it scores highly with me on those points alone. Cleaning wise I dip the bristle end in soapy water every now and then (just the bristles I don't submerge it!) but mainly wipe over with a damp cloth to keep clean.

This is a fabulous styler that is more than suitable and adequate for my needs. Just because it's aimed for shorter hair styles I've used it successfully on my hair when its been long though it's easier admittedly on shorter lengths. It dries, straightens or gives body depending on use, smoothens and doesn't cause hair to frizz and actually gives hair a shine and is such a versatile product I don't where I'd be without mine.

Ideal hot hair styler especially for shorter styles.


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