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published 07/06/2002 | chunka
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"Easy on the Cranberry"

One of my favourite drinks is now sat in the fridge chilling out, only it won’t be there for long, I’ll have it before you greedy lot lay your hands on it!

Bacardi Breezer has a wide and long history with me. I’m not in any way advertising this to the younger ones but my first incident with Bacardi was severe.

One weekend I had the house to myself, and like you do you hold a party. Only I was 14. I invited 4 friends and of course my girlfriend. It was only small as the crap council houses built here have the slimmest of walls.

I managed to get hold of 16 Bacardi Breezers- Watermelon flavour. So yeah, we drank them all, I took too much advantage and drank all my mums cider and shots and ended up flat on the floor.

Me and girlfriend back then, had great sex, unbelievable sex actually, she took the role as I were really done in and I have to say that was amazing.

Anyway, woke up in the morning with nasty crap stuff next to me- sick, with my girlfriend clearing me up. I felt so bad that morning, but most of it had to be down to the cider.

My mum never found out, luckily, and she still doesn’t know how, I don’t know neither, all her drink was missing! Still. This is where I got my first taste for the soft rum experience.

I couldn’t remember much that night, so until recently, 6 month ago at Christmas, I took Christmas as an excuse to sneak some of my mums Cranberry Breezers into my massive mouth.

Christmas was on my side, I had plenty of this! The taste is so ummm... It’s a rich flavour tasting like normal cranberry juice except with the added Rum Bacardi, things taste a little sweeter.

It does also have a slight watery taste, but not too much, just enough to put you at ease and convince you that you WILL NOT get drunk.

It leaves a sort of taste after its swept into your big bellies, its a sort of refreshing taste which I only have one way of describing; you know when your chewing gum flavour is running out and your up to something naughty and your mum comes in, you spit it out and your left with a refreshed breath with a died down flavour.

That's the only way I can manage to put my stupid thoughts across about the after-taste.

I’m not really into spirits, I prefer to have shots and drink Kronenbourg 1664 which as we all know, is simply the finest even though it’s French.

Last time I brought a bottle of this was last night down ‘Yates’ a well known bar/club. The little bugger cost me only £1.85, as they’ve got loads of deals on, Becks £1.50 and Reef £1.80.

If your not sure about how much too drink then let me tell you greedy lot that its a 275ml bottle with an average vol of 5.4% Vol. That’s fair enough eh?

It’s not really a drink to get slaughtered on, but that’s what I like about it, it’s just like drinking water only more expensive and a huge better taste. In fact, did you know that this contains Sparkling water? I didn’t but then I’m slightly barmy!

The cheapest I’ve seen this for single is £1.19 at Asda, most expensive, a pub- The Manor. It cost me £2.65. Bump!

I calmed down since my RAMPANT mood with The Manor and now I’m back living life to the full.

Talking of this, to any under 18’s reading this right now- ITS WRONG TO DRINK and again ITS WRONG TO DRINK! I have to tell you that or I’d get a Ciao BEATING by everyone including DEANO and MORTIMUS!

I enjoy drinking this and anyone who hasn’t yet woke up and had a small sip of this - SHOULD!

Bacradi have started making huge single bottles of Bacardi Rum and they have of course now made many little kiddies by the name of Breezers, which come in many flavours such as Orange, Watermelon and this one!

Of all the spirits, this is my favourite! One little trademark I love about Bacardi is the black bat on the top lid and on the sticker highlighting the flavour.

This is a supposed ‘Limited Edition’ but it still seems to be getting round, so buy and taste before it goes. If you want to know more about Bacardi then please visit :

One final message, if you don’t happen to like it, remember that I have a BIG mouth and I’m never too far away!

Cheers for reading, hope your not drunk!


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  • anjib published 27/06/2002
    Apart from cranberries the fruit, I love cranberry flavoured things. Trouble is with this stuff, it is very refreshing and you can drink it like pop - and get very drunk. Is the watermelon flavoured one a bit sickly or not???
  • Dickie_3_quiffs published 25/06/2002
    Not so keen on this brand - Bacardi Breezers are a little to fizzy for me, but maybe that is because I only really drink bottles in downing competitions and the bubbles make this task a hell of a lot harder! The best bottle to down as a strawpedo is the watermelon Hooch - I found my quickest time with these (2.6 secs) and this little flavour got me free drinks all night long!! hehehe! Great op, Ric.
  • MorganForever published 20/06/2002
    I think they've made the Cranberry a permenant flavour now, haven't they?! Yaay, its the best one - I love it!! Great op, Morgan XxXxX
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