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... One of the drinks I bought was Bacardi’s ready to serve Mojito Classic. I rarely drink cocktails nowadays but Mojito is one that I like so I thought it would be nice to have one without bothering on making it. Price and where to buy -------------------------------- I saw it in Sainsbury’s ... Read review

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Bacardi Mojito / Classic Cocktails

Bacardi Mojito / Classic Cocktails

70cl / 14.9% - A ready made Mojito cocktail from Bacardi, combining mint, sugar, lime ... more

juice and their superior rum. It's designed to be
easily served, simply poured over crushed ice with
a mint garnish.

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Postage & Packaging:  £4.95
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BACARDI Classic Mojito Classic Cocktail 75cl Bottle

BACARDI Classic Mojito Classic Cocktail 75cl Bottle

From the creators of the original Mojito cocktail, this classic bottle is prepared using ... more

Bacardi's superior rum, fresh mint and zesty

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Postage & Packaging:  £11.95
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Advantagesalmost ready to serve

Disadvantagesyou need mint, lime, soda and ice to serve it properly

"...alcopop drinks. The products of Bacardi are available almost all over the world. They sell around 200 million bottles of drinks a year. The company acquires smaller spirits companies and by now Bacardi became one of the largest spirits companies in the world owning such brands as Bacardi rum, Martini vermouth, Grey Goose vodka, Dewar’s Blend Scotch whiskey, Bombay Sapphire gin, Eristoff vodka and so on. The company occasionally comes with some new ..." Read review

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~It's Mojito Tiiime~ Review with images



"...these 70 cl bottles of Bacardi Mojito were on offer in Tesco's for £22 for two bottles. This is a little saving as they are usually £15 a bottle. I think the usual price is a little expensive seeing as you really only get four tall glasses of the drink (when mixed with a ton of ice) but the taste is well worth it. I had tried to Smirnoff vodka version of the Mojito but it didn’t taste no where near as nice as this proper Bacardi white rum version ..." Read review

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EAN 5010677210102
Manufacturer Bacardi


Listed on Ciao since 07/05/2010

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