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"For dogs who don't like sausages!"

Having a puppy in the house means that on shopping day my eyes always scan the shelves for a tasty treat to add to her doggy cupboard collection so that when Angel's been a good girl or indeed I'm bowled over by those loving eye expressions that pull at your heart strings saying 'go on you do love me mum, giz a treat' I can open the cupboard and without feeling like Old Mother Hubbard offer her a tasty morsel of some shape, size and indeed pong to either nibble or sink her teeth into, depending on how good or how daft the eyes.

BAKERS CHOICE CHOPS - meaty treats

It won't surprise most that I found these in my local Poundland store and for the obvious price I thought it to be a bargain considering they're a leading brand and not cheap rubbish, therefore you're assured great quality which to most pet owners is paramount when trying to keep their pets on a high standard and healthy diet, as I'm sure none of us would like our dogs to turn out roly poly style and wobble their way around the local dog walking field, puffing and panting as their rolls of fat wobble and swing underneath them.

They come in a small plastic packet that once torn open along the top is resealable by a plastic strip that you click together and run your fingers along, helping to keep them fresh right until the last chop is scoffed.

The front of the packet has a picture of the Bakers mascot dog that you see on the adverts (resembles Pippin from the children's programme, for those parents amongst us), the description and pictures of the chops inside. Can't say they make me drool personally as I've had a few stomach upsets due to chops in the past, but I'm sure Angel approves.

These are only meant as a complimentary food for your canine chum and although I completely forgot to count how many you get in the packet (as was too keen to offer Angel one) I'm sure you wouldn't go overboard when you consider for the cheapest price being £1 for a 125g bag it could work out quite expensive when compared to other treats, if you're the sort of person that dishes them out willy nilly and own one of the large breeds of mans best friend, although they are low in fat.

Now being chops, they're obviously shaped and coloured like a chop, being red (the meat) with a small white bit in the centre (the bone) and then white all around the edge (the fat) and fairly soft to the touch, with a great chewy texture. On the subject of chewy… if you're not one to enjoy the sounds of anybody eating and wafting their food around before swallowing, perhaps put the radio on or leave the room before you offer one of these to your hound as they make some awful slurpy noises whilst devouring these, and if you're lucky might even finish with a small doggy burp! (yep, Angel is such a lady I tell you!) Just remember though, that, I guess, is their equivalent to the human cliché of 'appreciation of good food' lol.

The ingredients although not extensive are listed in full on the back of the packet but I have to say although I trust this brand, the fact it states minimum 4% meat doesn't sound a hell of a lot of MEAT in a MEATY treat bursting with MEATiness, but I'm in a good mood so won't get on my soap box about it today… perhaps they need to add a little more meat in their meat treats don't you think?

The typical analysis for these is; protein 17%, oil 5%, ash 4%, fibre 1% (phew!), moisture 22% which is obviously where the soft chewy texture comes from.

As with all animal products there is a feeding guideline (idiots guide) in a small easy to read table and it simply advises on how many per day you should offer your dog according to his/her breed with a handful of breeds listed. However, should your breed of dog not be listed, don't panic, it's clear to see it's merely listed in 3 categories according to adult breed size and so small breeds weighing up to 15kg can have maximum 2 per day, medium from 15-30kg 4 per day and large 30kg and above 5 per day. As Angel is still only a puppy she only has one of these as an occasional treat so for all other times she sticks to her little puppy treats, but once fully grown she'll be chuffed to know she can have up to 4 per day of these… if I win the lottery that is.

These treats are ideal to feed at any time of day, although I personally avoid offering around meal times (not that it would affect Angel cleaning her bowl out to a high shine as always) and although it also says they're great to offer as rewards, it is recommended that you offer small tasty morsel treats that your dog can instantly chew and swallow when on any kind of training regime as they're not only easy to carry in quantities, quick to grab and offer to your dog, but also quick for them to chew and digest which is very important when trying to teach your dog the link between good behaviour and reward, so bare this in mind as it would also make training a very expensive process too.

Overall Angel loves to chew on a chop and being a larger treat than her little nibbles it takes her a couple of minutes to polish one off which is ideal if I'm trying to do something that involves 'human' food and she's getting under my feet. I simply give one of these and she wanders to her bed (should've called her Waynetta) and she stays put until every last crumb and dribble has vanished before returning to trip me up and bounce up at the work top once again and thankfully she's not had any problems either whilst eating them, such as choking, as they're soft or indeed any nasty repercussions once digested.

As far as doggy meaty treats go, these are quite strong in the smell department but pleasant enough, they're quite soft and so easy for the dog to eat without getting bored and leaving it wet and stuck to the floor for you to tread on, they're a decent size so your pet can actually see them AND taste them without it going down and not touching the sides, they're not overly expensive if given as recommended and most of all they're low in fat which is very important to keep your pal fit and healthy.

There are other treats available from Bakers such as bacon sizzlers, chicken drummers and the meaty twist which are all pictured on the back of the packet and I'm sure available from many stores, from not only pet shops but leading supermarkets also.

And so to summarise Old Mother Hubbard's verdict is these come highly recommended as not only the packet states but I'd say Angel agrees that these little chops are truly bursting with meatiness and are mouth watering doggylicious!! Woof!

If you have any queries, comments or are unsatisfied with your chops you can contact them in the following ways:

Nestle Purina PetCare (UK) Ltd.
PO Box 297
New Malden

Nestle Purina PetCare
3030 Lake-Drive
City West Business Campus
Dublin 24

Or alternatively you could call the following dedicated petcare team for advice or to answer your questions on UK: 0871 230 2325 / ROI: 012 477705 (Monday - Friday 8am-6pm).

For further details on other Purina Bakers products, news, fun and competitions visit

I haven't visited their website as yet, but will surely be tempted to at some stage, if only to enter the odd competition. Angel will think it's Christmas if I can win her some doggy treats, the pauper puppy that she is.

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